Thursday, January 29, 2009

It takes time to heal oneself

I still reluctant to face the reality and it takes time to heal oneself.
Taking time to heal oneself is indeed true. Well, half of it is true while the other half is how each individual view their sights and thoughts. How stubborn of me.

By the way, I'm here to blab so there are no pictures or event of my life to be tell yet. So, it is considered under vacationing. I dropped by here just to express my view which I can't resist to blog. I miss my blog...Haha.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

After days of pains and complaints, finally, Chinese New Year had come. A celebration where Chinese all around the world celebrate to welcome the New Year. Hopefully that will bring tonnes of luck, prosperity, health and many auspicious quotes.
So, here are the pictures I got while spring cleaning which is to shoo those bad lucks away (and I seriously 'need' it. Haha).

I've found stuffs that I've been always wondering the hideout of it. Yet, still reluctant to throw it away as I kept being sentimental. Yes and I know it does collect dusts if I still don't place them properly.
My brother's stuffs (they do collect dusts and not only me) which is even more than mine.
My brother's artworks. Mostly, his drawings are violent.

I find these cards are a waste of money!

My old friends...still remember this?

Apparently, this mini mahjong tiles are in brothers' room. Finally...found it.

My stuffs and I was being sentimental at that time.
My drawing which I think is the best among the rest.

Little Xuan left her hankie in my room.

Book that I flipped frequently

Can't believe I still have this

My rare chocolate wrappers

My watches casing

My collection of notebooks when I was in primary school.

I like this the best

I still keep this. My primary 4 birthday present. I still remember.

Then, we went to Tesco for groceries shopping. So called being environmental friendly and which is why I prefer to shop in Jusco.
Over usage of plastic bags

So, I am going to do my countdown with the firecrackers and fireworks around my housing area. Once again,

May all of you are bless with luck, happiness and in the pink of health especially my friends who are still in overseas. Susu, Juinn Ruei and few of them...
Enjoy your Lunar New Year in Chinatown. Haha

Last but not least, my blog will be vacationing for a week. I'll come back with pictures..which I again..say HOPEFULLY!

Thank you to those people who gave me hugs and kisses and supports.

You guys made me smiled and broaden my mind.

It might sound stupid and silly, but it shows that you people felt my presence. Gee...low self- esteem huh?

Was listening to Thank you- Dido

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Upon hearing the release of results for my 2nd semester, my heart thumped faster than riding the roller coaster. I took a deep breath to check my results. I was devastated for a moment.
Apparently, the results were very disappointing. My gpa dropped like hell. I was dumbfounded. It was at night when I checked my results which is also a good reason for me to get to bed early. In the end, I've nowhere else to shift my anger and I threw it out by crying. Yes, I cried. It's a shameful thing for me to say. I cried till I slept with songs and my eyes got puffy this morning. My parents did not acknowledge about it and they asked why are my eyes got puffy and I answered 'I overslept'. Oh boy...what a lie.

Last night, I thought and thought, where the hell had I gone wrong. What did I do to make god pissed me off (stole this from Juinn Ruei)?
I had attended all my classes.
I finished all my assignments early.
I put so much effort in all my assignments.
I studied and understood all my studies by studying extra hours.
I don't cheat in exams.
I took my academic seriously.
I did past year papers.
I visited my lecturers often which is quite unusual.
I did not gave up till the very last minute.
And this is what I deserved???

There are certain students out there who put less effort and they got what they shouldn't deserve.
A friend of mine had consoled me,' aiya, next sem can try harder. don't think so much.' That friend of mine was even success than me. How can I not think so much? I put so much effort. If I don't cry, it shows that I'm prepared for the worst. But, I cried as though I loss my loved ones.
Some of you might just think that it's no big deal. GPA can be earn next semester...Sorry, I don't think of it this way. I put all my efforts on my present days and like I always said,'I can't predict future.' Nobody knows how much important is it to me including that friend of mine. Sorry to say that but it's something that I'm trying to earn it back from the past.
I felt that I've let down my parents (I still have not mention it.)
I've sounded as if the world has end for me.
Nope...this morning, I tried to put on my happy mask but the sad mask just wouldn't want to come off.
I'm so weak even though I believe I can stay strong. Too bad. It goes the other way round.

So, to MMU friends of mine, please don't ask me regarding my results. I'm just too depress and dissappointed to say. Call me a sore loser for the time being. Please don't help me to trigger those unwanted moments to appear in my brain's canvas. Don't sympathy me. Help me by being a friend who is there for me.

Seriously, what have I done to pissed god?
I don't know how to start my new semester.

It's too late for me to cry over spilt milk.

Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.
Nobody knows how much important it is to me.

At least, I felt so much better after crying.

Listening to Panic at the disco- Northern Downpour and Why cry

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok..I just finished looking at the list of most desirable woman from Galaxy Blog. I couldn't believe Eva Mendes top the list. I thought it could be Jessica Alba (not listed at all), Scarlett Johanson (no.7) or maybe Megan Fox (she was the runner up). Come on..of all the women. I don't hate her but she looks kind of old and I don't think she can act. Even Anne Hathaway is better than her but she was placed in no.5. Eva Mendes..maybe she's got the almost perfect body but not her looks.

Then, I came up with Top 10 Most Desirable Men.

(Ringmaster's voice) Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly present you

TOP 10 MOST DESIRABLE MEN (Danielle's way)

1. Ananda Everingham (Cambodia + Australia= Thailand)

2. Daniel Wu (Shanghai + USA= Hong Kong)

3. Daniel Henney (USA ---> Korea)

4. Jake Gyllenhaal (USA)

5. Julian McMahon (Australia---> USA)

6. Hugh Jackman (Australia ---> USA)

7. Keanu Reeves (Canada ---> USA)

8. Owen Wilson (Canada ---> USA)

9. Johnny Depp (USA)

10. Shia LaBeouf (USA)

And few to name the rest
Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty)

Orlando Bloom

George Clooney

Vince Vaughn

John Krasinski (The Office)

It is obvious that most of the men were chosen are 'ah pek'. Yet, they are talented and good looking.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


My mind feels so CLARITY after I let go of some issues that I should have done it earlier.
I don't care and I just want my brain to stay this way.
Let live and live freely.
I won't allow any barriers to stop my way for my final destination.
If you love and care for me, I'll do the same to you
If you hate and bitch me, karma is always working

Life is short and I took the chance to shower my love for my loved ones. Seized every moment of every happiness.

I've been feeding my brains for 50++ songs to stay clear what's ahead of me. That's why a little bit emotional these few days.

Friends categorization

I was reading a random blogger's blog and it struck me when I scrolled to the posts stated there MATERIALISTIC. I scanned through one sentence,'they 'love' you because they need you', different ways of treatment, looks matter the most and money has become one of the necessities of life for the current century.

After I entered my uni, I can feel the materialistic atmosphere around me whether by looks or money. That time, I don't really have friends in my class and my buddy was in different class. Few weeks later, I noticed the friends categorization had formed for the materialistic ones. Guys who only care for the looks when making new friends are everywhere. Girls are the same too.
Damn! Maybe for my whole life, I've been too discrete in everything. I always tend to categorize things. Please allow me to be the philosophy of the day. I've already categorized FRIENDS.
Let's see.

Lost and Forgotten
Met before and forgotten them in the future where you regard it as Deja Vu whenever you met again.

You've been introduced to this stranger by a friend of yours. Both of you greeted, shook hands and smiled. That's the end. No conversation and interaction. So, whenever both of you bump again somewhere else, the opposition tend to ignore or doesn't know you even though you're ready to greet. That's why it's called glimpse.

Hi- Bye
The same condition but there are conversations and interactions. However, when both of you bump again, both of you greeted and that's the end of it. Simple greetings and manners conversation.

This kind of people can be seen in the materialistic world. They willing to betray their friends to achieve their goals. What a dirty way to achieve goals. The way they do it could be behind or directly. I prefer it it's fast and visible for me without driving me go paranoid days and nights. It can be your so- called best friend by wearing different kinds of masks in every situation just for you. A friend you 'need' the most and yes, I've encounter it. Hypocrites.

This, I regard it as a friend when you need them the most. Don't get me wrong. It's when each individual you met has different kinds of abilities and specialties. This is pretty straightforward whereby you called just for help. Basically, the conversation that you ever made are all about problems that you're facing and asking for help. At the same time, the opposition are okay about it. Problems about anything whether it is about social, work, money or love.

Childhood friends. I don't want to elaborate much about this as this is common. However, my primary and high school close friends are considered as childhood friends.

Close Friends
They are the ones that really care and concern you but not as close as buddies.

They are the ones that are willing to go crazy and while with you. Not only, they knew everything about you but they can spot the sadness and joyous through a look of everywhere they can spot on your face expression.

That's it. I'm probably too tired...Damn! I splurged excessively on myself today. Heart Pain.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Genting Highlands with Little Yu

View from the top

Uncle came by and popped up surprise by dragging me to Genting Highlands with my gramps and little Yu (Xiao Ke's youngest sister) which happened to be yesterday.
Well...going to Genting was true but popping up the surprise all of the sudden was joking. Both of my grandparents wanted to go to Genting Highlands so he brought us there. Only 6 of us. Uncle, Little Yu (his daughter), grandpa, grandma and me.
On the highway, we made room reservations in the car that day itself. The whole process of calling and booking room is just damn troublesome and troubling. Yet, we managed to get a room.
So, we tried to get the largest room in that particular hotel. WorldClub Room and is worth it. Since it's weekdays, the whole place which is usually crowded with 'people mountain people sea' but it's kind of empty. It feels good..not queue cutting and is a little bit quiet which I enjoyed. The Chinese New Year atmosphere was thick too.

CNY atmosphere
Yada, yada, yada, yada and yada.
During evening, I brought Little Yu to play indoor rides as she wanted to play so much and I've got nothing to do. It was fun hanging out with her as I took the chance to know her better apart from listening to her all over again about her siblings whereabouts.

The food she can't finish and I've helped her to finish it

She and her carousel

Yeah..the view from the Reindeer ride

The visitor finds her cute and wanted to take a picture of her.

This little brat broke her teeth.

List of this spoiled brat's expenses
Tickets for both of us- RM 50.00
Dinner for both of us- RM 32.80 (she couldn't manage to finish it and there are many leftovers from her!)
Cotton Candy (to make her shut up and obedient)- RM 2.50 (doesn't look fresh and grandma helped her to finish it)
Coke- RM 2.50 (she refused to drink plain water)
Watching her playing happily and joyfully- PRICELESS

She is such as a picker eater and nags non stop (even worse than grandma)
Since, Little Yu can't ride the indoor rollercoaster, I made her waited for me a while with Aunt Kelly and I took the chance to ride it. So, it wasn't as thrilling as I thought. Short ride..short.
I found Bert from Sesame Streets which is very rare (usually there is Elmo)

Aunt Kelly came at night to see grandparents and join the fun too. She brought Little Xuan and she looks adorable in her oversize sweater (is meant for 4-5 years old toddler). She, finally, can stand quickly. It's been 3 weeks and she learned it fast. She even skipped the process of crawling. Anyways, Little Xuan was laughing happily when CNY songs were turned on. She danced, she bounced and she clapped. her to bits. I've to say thanks to Aunt Kelly for all her gifts and accompany. Her family went back before midnight.

Next morning, Uncle, Little Yu and me went for buffet breakfast at the penthouse which is specially for the WorldClub room guests. That whole lounge is absolutely fantastic. Clear view from the highest floor, scrumptious breakfast, friendly and efficient service and I seized every moment of it. I like the sunshine that shines in. Throughout the whole view from the top, it is obvious that I'm above those clouds.
The entrance

The view of the lounge
I love to be on the top of the clouds

After breakfast, I made Little Yu to follow me for my shopping. I can't wait to reward and pamper myself. I went here and there while Little Yu gave me opinions. She is such a busybody but thank goodness she made my shopping easier. At the end of the shopping, I bought things for myself as I, seriously, lack of time for real shopping. I only managed to shop for myself.'s damn seriously thick

By noon, we checked out and headed back home. The whole journey from the highland to the 'half- mountain', the whole road was full of thick cloud which is very serious.
Anyways, the whole journey to and from was full of fun and laughter. I paid attention to grandma's story, learned patience and handle one spoiled brat.

I did not forget to take the opportunity to take shots while waiting for her.

*I can say that I'm still learning on taking great shots and pics randomly.

Thanks to Uncle for dragging me to there
Thanks to gramps for adding the laughter in the car
Thanks to Little Yu for letting me to babysit her
Thanks to Aunt Kelly and her husband for coming all the way up to Genting Highlands.

I've got a list to do a whole personalities description on Little Yu. We made the staffs there laugh, smile and adore Little Yu and she is merely 5 years old.