Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People

It is high listening to this song as per title. Seriously.

This leads me to start making crazy plans in this island. Since it is small and convenient, I would love to go around this island and understand the private property projects in this freaking island.

I'm clueless why the plan was made but it is certainly something I would love to go around and take a look.

Honestly, I'm trying to familiarize with the system and organization's culture inside the company but my mind always appear to be idle whenever they started their discussion. When the questions are coming to me, I just don't know how to put my answers in the proper sentence. It's like copying and pasting the words bit by bit.

Everyday the two male colleagues will chit chat and started gossiping.. wait, gossiping? hmmm... I don't think gossiping but would rather discuss about the corporate's affair and personal issues of other department's colleagues very publicly and loudly. It always makes me laugh when I came to think about it each time both of them discussing loudly in the office. I would always cover my mouth with my hand behind the monitor and showing uninterested in their conversations. Well, obviously, I wasn't eavesdropping as they were doing it in the public, their sounds happen to travel to my ears and everyone's ears.

Ok.. off for some reading materials! Night.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cade Veco- Bebel Gilberto

Each time after work, I usually spend some time thinking where to go for window shopping or hang outdoors. Yet, I always spend my time alone with myself.
Although in work place, I have people around me yet I still have problems with socializing with people. Do I have problems with myself?

While everywhere I could see people with their people and I'm alone with my custom made brown bag. Sometimes, with a book and an earphone attached to my handphone. 

Yet at times I feel contented to be alone with those two things but once I reach home, I'm always emotional.

I hate this but I've to sort it out for myself. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pickpocket in Disguise- Xavier Jamaux and Fred Avril

Been missing for some time and yeap, I'm finally settled down in Lion City in search for futures after the completion of my tertiary education.

Many episodes were created for the past few months. There's sweet and bitter in it and it all causes by my foolishness and stupidity. That time around, my ego was high till it touches the Emperor Jade's throne. After some this and that, I got to realize, you shouldn't mess around with ego. I'm still in the process of pushing my ego back down from the throne. 

I'm consider lucky to land myself a job which I have no idea on what's my responsibility till I finally step into the organization. It's a long and tedious process to land myself in Lion City yet I tried to tell myself everyday that I should appreciate with what I've right now. I wouldn't want to take things for granted as it costs a lot of... well, long story, it involves humans. Thus, zip it.

Although, just the first week of my job, I've already offended the top management people and I blown my chance to learn new stuff. Argh.. bodoh sial, I even defensed myself and I've no idea how Donald Trump appeared in my instincts telling me to defensed myself. Gosh, how rude and obviously, I'm disturbed by it... even my friend can tell I was disturbed by it. 

Everyday in work, I'm assessing myself in terms of every way.. such like my behavior, my attitude, my thoughts and many stuff. I am trying not to disappoint my manager and I am trying to work smartly. Hopefully, my brain comes alive. However, today I received a task that is totally in hand with my FYP, develop questions for after sale.... I was speechless but I cannot sigh since it's my task.

I'm trying to be positive with everything I see and experience.