Friday, February 26, 2010


One hand grasping tissue papers.

One hand multi tasking by pressing the nose and typing.

One nose sneezing non stop.

One pair of eyes watching words adding up to a post.

One pair of ears listening to Interstella 5555.

One mouth is quenching for water.

Current status: Flu + Interstella 5555= Compensation

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30% sweet, 5% neutral and Majority bitter relationship.

Supposing to blog on Lunar celebration activities but these days I've been so fucking busy with so many stuff.

Being involve in a relationship can sometimes be sweet and bitter but generally sweet. As for my case, my relationship is mostly 30% sweet, 5% neutral and majority ... BITTER. Yeah, nothing comes sweet for me at this moment, but it's impossible to break this relationship cause I'm already committed in this sick relationship. Honestly, I've been in this relationship for almost three years and most of the time I've been comprehending and cooperating such stupid donkey works and love. No fair and I don't receive the same amount of love. Instead, I got myself even worse and it hurt so much till I'm immune.

The only time I was happy when good remarks and my sacrifices had not neglected. Plus, I'm neutral as in being immune these days. I tried thinking about the future and wishing that our relationship is gonna blossom and useful in being mutual for each other. I tried saying 'I love you' everyday but I'm too reluctant to open my golden mouth. Somehow, I will love our relationship everyday by not overlooking the future.


This never ending relationship probably and hopefully ends next year.

Nonetheless, my rocky relationship with my course... my bf...
BF... BF... BF... Banking and Finance.

What were you thinking? It's my relationship with this course I'm studying. I've to commit myself into it for the sake of my future.

Anyways, I'm so fucking busy and fucking deep shit with all the upcoming modifications, class events and DEADLINES. Not to forget, 3 bloody midterms in a week and yet I just couldn't read the fucking notes. The causes of my higher temperature and tension was due to one youngster to introduce some date which I was find it 'wu liao'.

Every donkey jobs are bulking and attacking me at the same time.

Fellows, ONE AT A TIME!

I'm not the Guan Yin with thousand hands, I don't have mutant power like Prof. X, I am not as fast as Flash (Justice League) and I don't possess Nightcrawler's ability of defying the law of time and space.

All in all, Stress la...

Will find the time to insert photos on Lunar New Year in my blog. Just want to see the pictures to syok myself la...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to reality and this is so TL lor... FYP chapter2 haven't started. Tomorrow is mum's birthday and the Jade Emperor's birthday.

  1. Sibeh sien, there are things awaiting me to finish and I finally saw the implementation of 'No free lunch'.
  2. Nabeh, dilemma comes back, adoi, why la dad has to do all these analysis when I tried less hassle thoughts. Should I stay or travel further?
  3. One has to depend on oneself to solve problems instead of being ostrich. Yea lor, all my fucking tedious procedures that I have to undergo. It's silly of me to dream of having people to clean up all my procedures and clear the bloody rocky road for me. In the end, I've to fall back to reality, do I have to blame the world for being cruel or blame myself for being lazy?
  4. Siao liao lor, ate, drank, played and gambled too much. I've got nothing best to do other than watching New Moon for the freaking-god-knows-how-many-times. In need for exercise. Aargh...
  5. This is so irritating, there are so many laotikos in FB.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Classic CNY

CNY is getting nearer as days passed.

One of my favourite past times is to drive around in the taman while switching radio stations. Dangerous driving... I know and will try to change the habit of settling to one radio station without constantly switching it while cornering on the road. played some CNY songs and those songs are super duper annoying, nor three nor four. Remixing and pandai2 letak beat, totally blast my ear off. Not mind blasting but ear blasting. I couldn't bear with it so I put certain classic CNY songs of my preferences. Only three though but the other one I couldn't find it as that song's lyrics is short.

Awaiting for CNY to be celebrate and to get over with it peacefully. Hopefully.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jammed in the brain

In the midst of getting started for Chapter 2 for FYP. My brain jammed in Chapter 1, that's editing only.

The boy is Satu biji, the little girl is Little Jade. I like the last picture, all red. Apparently, they don't need jackets. Wah.. I lost sial!

Anyways, wanting to upload few pics on my impromptu Genting's trip last Friday. But the bloody PC is having problem. It keeps restarting the whole PC itself. Fuck!
Yeah, riding Mercedes all the way to Genting. Plus, sleeping on the couch for five hours is just adding on the fun. Not to forget, I entered casino with the legal look at 5am, watching my grandpa betting with his persistence and determinants, after all, Lady Luck was with him all the time. Two annoying kiddos are breaking my tolerance whilst they broke our policies. Eating ice- cream midnight. Caffeine did not help me the next day. I didn't manage to place bets, mind only wants more sleeps. In the end, how hard can that be.. playing with two kiddos when I run out of energy.

Suddenly, I have so many things to say and talk to my friend. Merely a glance and I'm already missing that friend. Oh wow... glad to see my friend is happy and finally found a good gang to fit in and not being a loner... at least, that is what the surface is telling me. Sadly, I'm just a tiny role in my friend's big circle.

Monday, February 8, 2010

sibeh sleepy lor

Nabeh, when I'm fully concentrating and NOT procrastinating, the sleepiness joins the so called exhilaration. When can I finish my chapter 1 and 2? So fucking shit condition, a little bit of torture lor...

A month before CNY is a mayhem to me. Everything is so imbalance including watching SNL. Please be considerate that I'm currently holding the responsibility to please everyone happy. So, don't fucking piss me off. I'm trying to be nice and after CNY, I live my life and you can scram!

Why almost everyday I'm whining about the donkey life I'm living and it's almost the same topic!

Ugh.. okay... going back to work for minutes and off to bed with revolutionary books. The time round, my reading time is merely visible. Oh no! I don't even have my own fucking time to explore things I currently fell for, not even downloading songs. The only songs I'm listening recently are CNY songs.

Why is the sky blue? Why clouds have to be shape like cotton candy? Does clouds taste like cotton candy? Why birds must fly? Why fishes swim? Why in the world do we exist at the first place? Why don't we have the lifespan like tortoises? Why do the earth needs catastrophes?


Saturday, February 6, 2010


So fucking restless and fatigue. One thing for sure... people may not perceive my businesses are prior on the list.

Tasks are so lag behind and undone.
Due dates are drawing nearer.
Fears are snowballing.
My stand are about to shatter.

Fuck, why do I always fall far behind than the rest?
I've always been there for care and concern.
Instead of kind words, insults are more likely on the ear.
Don't worry I'm used to your pointless insults.

"Meditating is on the verge"

I feel so much aged like a grandma when two stubborn kiddos are under my supervisions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the one million dollar question, WHAT IS LOVE, EXACTLY?

Not in the mood to finishing the FYP.

Having second thoughts on writing this post. Should I write or not? It's just my five cents.

A long time friend of mine had just announced to about her break up with her 2 years boyfriend.

Ironically, Nik and I were discussing about being love and care for our future during the noon.

Now, here comes my 1 million dollar question, WHAT IS LOVE? (not the family or peace love, it's the relationship love)

The noon is fine and thinking of love in the positive side.

The night... is trembling and shattering for my friend. Love is scary and waste. Likewise, wasting one's youth attaching to each other which is not fruitful till the end.


At this point of age, males are all still immature... maybe on the way to be mature. More likely, they are into love games... not real love. Again, WHAT IS LOVE?

*scratching head*

Era after era, humans perceptions and actions changed to bad or good, it depends on how one perceive. After all, humans these days are getting open minded unlike those days... arranged marriage where you usually know each other after getting married. Bahaha... imagine the bride and bridegroom playing ice breaking.

Somehow, humans are getting liberal and educated, they learned to fight for their rights in every way. For example, love.

Shit, just what the fuck am I crapping?

Somehow, my face and my attitude is predictable, everyone said I'm ending my single life late...bahahah.


To make life easier, love myself more than anyone else. I've seen and heard so much of dishonest and cheated love.

What's the point of pouring love away when you don't receive it.

Love is something locking your freedom at your most energetic age in life.

*In months time, I'll be reading this and delete it*

I'm so scrooge.

My name extracted from Urban Dictionary

I went to FB and saw my friend's status, type my name in the, just to see what fun can I get.

So, just for the fun,

Danielle... hmm.. the name, boyish name but with French element. The name is originally given by my high school friends. Ever since then, I like the name so much. Previously, my kindergarten teacher gave me a name called 'Eddie'.. totally boy's name. It's cool though but I don't really much like the pronunciation. Thus, I love the name Danielle and back then I had a big crush on Daniel Wu. Baahahah.

Danielle... so far... flattering unrealistic compliments.

Let's start off with the real definition.


A.)Traditional; Feminine form of Daniel, meaning 'Judged only by GOD.'
B.) Intense, firey female Possessing ability to affect person, place, and immediate surrounding environment. Frequently manifesting such conflicting extremes that the outcome is typically one of lucidity or confusion.
The conflict(s) can occur consecutively, concurrent or separate.
Other characteristics of Danielle are; abundance of curly locks of hair (red?), kalidescope eyes, descernible voice capable of pitch, tone and volume that cracks Ice, shatters glass, and renders those in ear-shot stunned for moments, Buckcherry released a song about Danielle titled "CRAZY BITCH" in 2006, Danielle is synonymous with Tardy i;e, NEVER EVER, ever on time generally DST (Danielle Standard Time) run's within a 3 hour conversion =/- ( due at 2 pm will not arrive prior to 2:30 PM but usually by 5PM or somewhere in between)
'DANIELLE' your mostfearless, strong and loyal friend for life, or your most feared, relentless mortal enemy.
Some guy was invading my personal space bubble on the dance floor and just wouldn't take a hint so he left me no choice but to pull a Danielle- the EMT's didn't know if he'd survive the ride to the hospital.

This one is really flattering.. hahaha... except I don't have any rapping skills.
Danielle is the prettiest most amazing girl ever. She's so funny and makes me laugh all the time. All guys fall for her and she is really amazing. I'm jealous of her awesomely cool face and her rapping skills.
Hey that girl is awesome, she must be a Danielle!
I'm short but I feel tall... wanna spend your whole life with me?
a danielle is a girl whos really short.
a danielle loves to slap people
she has an AMAZINGG personatlity.
you'll be lucky to be even her friend
shes very friendly and kind at times

she loves to hug people
she smells really good
she has the best lips ever in a girl
shes a girl who you would want for your whole life
shes beautiful in many ways
shes may have flaws but who doesnt?
i truely wanna spend the rest of my life w. her.
That danielle is amazing

See, who says I'm devil. I can be an angel too.

An Angel of love.
My girlfriend is Danielle.

I've big ass... so true. Sometimes, I'm sexy in a way. Bahahaha

The sexiest girl known to man. She is also the perfect girl. Danielle has an ass larger than the earth itself, but in a good way. She is the blackest white girl you will ever meet.
That ass is so phat, it's gotta be Danielle's.

This chick is perfect like Danielle.

Oh.. this is devil and a loveable bitch!

The devil in its flesh.
A crazy nutjob with the mindset of a maniac!
A loveable bitch!
See that crazy girl over there, she is a Danielle.

My haters. I can be a bitch and dolphin.

Danielle is the largest species of the dolphin family. It is found in all the world's oceans, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic regions to warm, tropical seas. Danielle is a versatile and opportunistic predator. Some populations feed mostly on other girls self-esteem, and other populations hunt mexicans, white males and even large black men. They are considered the apex predator of the Tech world. There are up to five distinct Killer Whale types, some of which may be separate races, subspecies or even species. The dumb social behavior, hunting techniques, and vocal behavior of Danielle have been described as manifestations of culture.

Although the
Bitch Population as a whole is not considered to be an endangered species, some local populations are considered threatened or endangered due to STDs and whorish behavior. In late 2007, the Danielle known as the Southern Resident Killer Whale, was placed on the Endangered Species list.

Wild Danielles are usually not considered a threat to humans. There have, however, been isolated reports of captive Danielles attacking and, in at least one instance, killing their handlers at their trailer parks. There is also a level of confusion surrounding the term "whale". Danielle Whales are members of the dolphin family, they, and all other members of the dolphin family, are members of the sub-order Odontoceti and the order Cetacea, meaning "Toothed whale" and "Whale", respectively.

Although this whale may seem friendly at first...

Someone hated the other Danielle and wrote this shit stuff.

Fat stupid whore, who is secretly a lesbian. Self-centered
and copies anyone who seems worthy.
Omg, she's so lame. She must be a Danielle. or She's
holding hands with a Fat ass lesbian. She must be a Danielle.

Anyways there's problem with the font and format
so read if you like or leave if you want.

P/S: I just want to listen to CNY songs!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second time, what else is there to burn?

This is the bloody 2nd time of open burning this bloody hot night.

Somehow, it happened for me to discover the culprit. As I was driving the airport way, far across the road I saw a building on construction and a big grey clouds of BLOODY smoke puffing.

My guess: some developers are trying to burn down the remaining trees that used to be forest for their malicious greed of expanding the area.

It's obvious that breezy wind always blow during the beginning of the new year.

Again, it's really suffocating and smokes are trapping the heat. Today is one hell of hot day, what's worst, the open burning from the uncivilized people had adding the temperature.

The fan, again, it's at its highest speed and my body temperature has not cool down to the optimum level, neither the rest of my family.

Wait till I expose the malicious and uncivilized fucking developer. This is unethical, c'mon, second time round and you still wanna burn at night. WHAT IS THERE FOR YOU TO BURN?????

The forest are already almost vanishing. WHAT IS THERE LEFT FOR YOU TO BURN?
Ah long burning illegal porno CDs (burning proofs)? Kalo bleh, buat collection kat rumah la!
Pedophile sobbing while burning child photos before police comes? Aiyo, lain kali buat softcopies la!

Walao, so KNN. Mother nature is so sick, please stop burning.
I won't be surprise if the developer is a hypocrite.