Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flashing Lights- Kanye West

i ain't want to be another sober for my peer's life.

i live my life and i choose my way to live it. i may be sober, depress, bipolar, happy, ecstatic and nuts. yet, i don't give one fucking damn to everything that happens around.

that's cos i'm the ruler of my life. i see peers were mutually agreeing with each other on some shit stuff, i walk off and give pffft.
to be honest, i'm the most fucking awesome person in the world.
i have no lover, i have no best friends, i have no pets but i have my family. most of all, i have the big heart in me.

Apart from achieving successions in life, drums are my next dream.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Around the World- Daft Punk

Today had a clear and simple fun day.

an hour ago, i made my own cocktail that is with vodka grapefruit + soda water + sunkist orange = awesome. the real fact is i bought the wrong flavor of vodka and it tasted like medicine so much that i don't even feel like touching it tho the bottle is beautiful.

i went for grocery shopping today coz i'm making soba mee tomorrow yo, with miso soup.

sadly, there's a weird transition between me and the person. so, it's weird and i think i've fallen for the trap. need to find a way out of the trap.

received good news today, hopefully able to travel to europe and xx can recover fast so we can go together.

look ghostly due to lack of exercise. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Always- Panic at The Disco

is still feeling like dumbass for being a real loser.

mum nags for being single.
dad asks about the future career.

what kind of feelings should i project?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy

very fucked up right now.

career fair is tomorrow and decided to do a resume or simply take my previous resume that i've done for my previous training. yet, where the fuck is my resume?

now, i guess i've to do it all over again by day time. and it is really frustrating and feeling fuck up while everyone is submitting on the first day of the event.

real fuck up.

2 more assignments to go and i just barely reading the information given. feeling like a loser, i've not achieved anything in life gloriously. i've got no talents or special skills but procrastination. my future is so fucking blur and maybe one day i'll be taking public transports for life, living on breads and can of tuna for 3 meals daily, could only afford new clothes for CNY purposes, hunting for discounts and sales in the retail stores and buying fake goods..... but i want a better life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

海阔天空- Band version

somehow at this point of my any other ordinary day, i'm feeling fucking zombie.

1. ASSignments to rush for deadlines.
2. energy fucking burn out, thanks to endless of thrills and fun in the outdoor theme park.
3. insufficient sleep and on the weakest week of the month. FUCK.

i just realized that i wasn't born for quick fame due to my big ego issues and that will tear me down if i don't keep my ego aside.

fucking confuse and lost with my assignments. meltdown. till the last semester, i've to suffer all these fucking bullshits.

finally, i'm at some place where i can finally enjoy the music.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She had the world but she wants the entire universe

I hope I am not the only one that's suffering the paranoia.
She's not even on her deathbed but only wishing for her loved ones to spend her last time with her.
Yet, the one she loved the most was the one that robbed/will be robbing her as always.
The Queen only wished for her princesses and princes to grow up and be a fine person.
Yet, her beloved rebellious princess always been trading her love for materials underground.
The Queen showered mountains and mountains of love for her beloved princess,
Yet her princess did not return any of them, not even a single tree,
Yet, the princess is still asking for the whole world.
As the Queen age, people and events revolve around her do not seems to flow smoothly.
God please bless the King and Queen.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trade Mistakes- Panic ! At the Disco

If I could I would like to trade mistakes for falling for you,

If I knew it would happen this way, I would leave all the miseries away,

If I could travel back the time machine, I would use all the opportunities to lead the way,

If I knew it wouldn't bring any of us to a place, I would not have start anything at all,

If by trading mistakes would save me away, I would trade it with all my sheep,

If I could travel back time, I would not repeat the same incident again.