Saturday, October 31, 2009

I need discipline. I really do need it. Really.

Ever since the semester begin, I also begin to whine and grunt on my utmost bad habit, PROCRASTINATION. I'll never gonna be a thousand-aire if I don't burn the bloody sick habit. Anyways, I need a reminders and warnings for myself.

  1. Finish my first assignment before logging into social sites.
  2. Make notes for my notes.
  3. Make a photo shoot for myself.
  4. Search for the best photoshop software.
  5. Read books.
  6. Remind my friends upon my next absentees.
For the time being, please be my police or guardian on my social sites. You must NOT see me in those websites, FB or Blogging.

This sick habit has been continuously torturing me. I need discipline.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hair cut

It's just one bloody haircut and I'm so bloody enthusiastic to announce to everyone that I cut my hair. Haha... For the sake of dad, I decided to get a hair cut and since I love my hair so much, I went up and down all over the internet to get the best hairstyle look. I'm tired of the straight cut and I love my hair to be in nice shape. I love short hair remember??? Never mind.

Before: After for so long straight cut

After: my bloody excitement

Honestly, I love my new hair style, I kept repeating the same line. You need to see me live for better view.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pets that are way too impossible

I've got three journals that need to be scheme and scan through for my assignment, summarize those 3 assignments into one page. Obviously, you can see me blogging and not doing the work. It's due by next week and it's not easy to do those donkey jobs.

Oh well, let me satisfy my needs of procrastination before I head to serious work. *yeah right*. Before that, I was reading some National Geographic magazines, which I really love to stare and appreciate the photographers' artwork. Mesmerizing. Most of the articles that I really read was about cultures and animals.

Animals huh... I never rare a pet before except for the digital ones, not counted. Hence, I made myself a list of my wanted pets.

1. Polar bear

They can be 9ft tall and weighing 1000kg for a warm blooded animal surviving in the icy continent. Nonetheless, don't be fool by their sharp fangs and ferocious sounds but they are gentle animal.

2. Humpback whale

If only I own a big big big aquarium just like the vast sea. Though they don't have cute features but they are indeed a mysterious largest mammal living in the sea. The sound they produce is serene.

3. Harp seal

Another adorable animal living in the icy world, their black eyes make me drop my knees. Surprisingly, their population had increased after the Canada's government had strictly outlaw seal hunting. After all, they are too adorable to be your fur coat.

4. Panda

China's animal and they are rare species. Plus, their birthrate has dropped after the Sichuan Earthquake last year, 12/5/2008. I always mistaken their big black spots on their head as their eyes.

5. Ok, this one is realistic pet compared to the previous four. It's easy to breed and smaller than others. Besides, it's my favourite pet and I don't really like dogs. CATS. They always portray themselves as mystery.

There, am I happy now???? Nope, because I want to sleep.

My fun TSUNAMI dream

Just want to post something for goodness sake.

I find Beyonce's Sweet Dream is really electrifying and ecstatic.

Due to this song, I dreamed about tsunami yesterday night. Believe me, the dream comes with proper sound effect of the gigantic waves and eerie scream of humans. But, I remembered vividly that the color of the sea is magnifying navy blue + sky blue... BEAUTIFUL. Death tolls in the dream... sorry, I didn't count them. I was standing somewhere high in a hotel building. All this sound effects was really good... in my dreams and in my room with no speakers or whatsoever to produce sound. For once, I loved this dream as my beautiful blue color struck my eye... after the waves hit the shores, the sea water remained blue which is unusual. Blue all the way. I can't believe my eyes.

That moment (waves hit the shores), was panicked and worried. I can only remember few peoples in the dream or maybe none. Anyways, it was an adventurous dream with the sound effect. Go to this website to listen to the real tsunami waves sound. TSUNAMI. Be sure to scroll down to number 3. Then, put it on very loud. Eerie or not, you decide but it's awesome.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm already immune and sick.

This is such a bitch. Speechless already. Luckily, I managed to ward off trembles and shivers.

And so... I found Haagen Dazs commercial to kill the speechless and emotionless in me.

The commercial looks seductive and tempting. No doubt, it's Haagen Dazs.

Second and fourth commercial looks lusty.

How ar.. I have to forgo my opportunities. How to convert my loan to scholarship when it's such a bitch.

Watching the Wedding Date... Debra Messing. Wee...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A tedious day to begin my NEW SHORT semester

Apparently, today is the official day that I begin my classes for these extremely crazy short semester.

It's meant to be called the hectic and messy days as days are short to chase after the freaking deadlines and final exams. Despite all my complaints and whines, I still love to chase after the deadline through the last minute way. Well, you see... process is the most important and during the process, it's where the efforts count.

To begin, my tutorial classes had been changed unannounced. Thus, I have to go through the tedious routine of adding and withdrawing the freaking tutorial to smoothen the timetable's timeline. However, the system of subject registration manually had sped up and it's efficient. Kudos. This time around I had taken up the challenge with Nik by taking a hardcore subject, Mergers and Acquisitions. Tough subject? Amitabha. Our first assignment has been uploaded by our lecturer. I'm soon and about to love it.

Somehow, I find that today is really a chaotic day with all the unannounced of cancellation class (BFN) and sudden tutorial class (BRM). I've to take 3-4 trips from my house to the campus due to the sudden announcement and it ruined my routine. Exhausted. For goodness sake, our fate with Dr. Uche is still prolong. It's been the third semester we are bound to face him and so he was talking about his scary experience on Sushi.... <<<<bla bla bla.... his stomach irritation for freaking 6-7 hours after eating sushi..... RM 2 bonanza in Sushi King.... salmon, wasabi..... close and open of the boy's stomach for surgery.... always eat cooked food.... loves Sushi.... we are crazy if we love wasabi>>>> and these are the topics he had been talking in the tutorial class. Damn hilarious with the awkward mimics.

BIS class was just.. similar to my previous Business Information System subject, slightly deeper.

I love Meera's new hairstyle.
This nursery rhyme, 小白兔乖乖 , had been rounding my head ever since this morning and still going on.

Believe me, my mind is still hanging around somewhere else but here. I just couldn't believe that my time had passed just a glimpse. It's a hot and stuffy day. I tried to chill myself down and I did. So much description but where to begin?

I guess.... I'll let the time to prove everything. Just clueless where to start about.... EVERYTHING.

I hope I'm not lost and still in the correct path. Everyone is lost... I mean people around me.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Short summary of my HOLIDAYS

Holidays was... *you put it yourself*

Mine was KL trip that I was over ecstatic for the past two weeks. Pictures that worth thousand of words. By the way, Rachel has not send me the photos... Good pictures there and I mean it. Rach, Me and MINI.

Was in a Hotel somewhere in KL.

In the _I_I car! Lucky

I don't mean to offend the fans of Zac Efron (I still find him overrated and look is just so-so) but he's under the category of HORROR by a bookstore.

Fairlady Z that I mistaken as Bentley. Stupid me.

I saw 2 biawak from 11th floor of a condominium. Humongous.

If you're happy then you clap your hands.

Because of this darling, I've learnt to sing some nursery rhymes.

These are my favourites, there are more but I only chose my choice.

That alphabet song was hilarious when I see her sing. Adorable.

  1. Sports and exotic cars are everywhere on the road for 24/7.
  2. OLD TOWN Franchise is everywhere, similar to Starbucks in New York. * cannibalism*
  3. One of the dark alley in Bukit Bintang are notorious for hookers and whores.
  4. Storms are like tornado storms.
  5. There are restaurants and foods everywhere but to have a good food is hard to find.
How reluctant and sad for me to leave KL so soon and waving goodbye to them is extremely sad.

I was cleaning my room one day and I found my silly collections back when 2006's FIFA WORLD CUP and also 2004's EURO CUP. Those were back during high school.

My friends and I were so crazy about these prepaid cards that we kept asking around almost everyone and everyday. Yea, it was a fanatic collection to us that time. If you were to ask me if I would throw away and collect for the upcoming FIFA....

Nope, I'll pass it down to my brothers and yes, I'll collect them again to collect dust.

Again, effing scare for the day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Was surprise to see his brother is even good looking than him

Yo peeps, I'm in KL. I hopped on to uncle's car to KL. Lucky me.

The whole day I attended my granduncle's funeral. Grandma told me to attend the funeral as she knew it's my first one.

From the surface, the whole funeral looks neither somber or sad. However, I can feel the presence of sadness at the surrounding. Although, my relations towards granduncle wasn't that familiar and close but I can felt the sadness around me. Yet, the guests' expressions look as if it's normal. Oh well, I don't know how to describe it but the presence I felt wasn't something....

And so... the other sibling of his attend but not himself. I wasn't disappointed but rather emotionless. Why was I blind back then? Perhaps, INNOCENT and NAIVE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alright... I need to sleep, last post for today.

An hour ago, my brothers and I with a cockroach were having battle. We won! Only using anti bug spray and a newspaper.

The other day I was suffering from ear sore and today, I'm suffering from eye sore. I can feel the slight pain and itch around the eye bags. LOL.

Seriously, I procrastinate for too long and I miss my very own photo shoot for myself today. Eeks... I guess I'll have to do it again after I come back. *Sigh*

So much things to do but the Lazy Fairy is twinkling around me. Ugh!

I'll see you when I see you people.

Good night world

My random communications

Holy cow! This is my first time having such ON-OFF headaches. I can feel my blood is clotting around the brain stem and the rest of the parts are screaming for frigging O2. Freaking scary.

Last night:

I was chatting with my friend whose flight got DELAYED for one freaking day. My friend said thanks to AAsia, Everyone can Fly.... With Delay. Haha...

So we chatted about some fucker and porno. Yeah, the habits of watching porno. No doubt. LOL.

Nik sms-ed me, telling me to come back earlier from my KL trip. Miss you to the max.

I told Rachel that Shah Rukh Khan is a pretty boy who received Datuk-ship by coming down to Melaka for movie- shooting. What about the casts of 'Little Nyonya'? Racist.

I received a SMS from a friend. 'LOL, I nearly died in a river.' Very optimistic.

Argh, I haven't pack my bags and I might be going to Tangkak later. So little time for my LBP.

My bro didn't know his semester had begun YESTERDAY and he's still wondering why there are people in the campus TODAY. Hahaha...

Eeeks. Gotta go for packing bags. I procrastinate for too too long. I'm going to play LBP later. Weee...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oooh... too many FML in this post but I love my life!

Last night, I was blog hunting and browsing and I found Singapore kia's blog. Rich spoiled brat's blog that whines about their fucking boring life which all they ever did was clubbing, partying and boozing. They are all still in their high school. Whiners. Rich spoiled brats. I love my life you whiners!

I went to buy my bus ticket to KL today. Hours later, dad informed that he's going to KL on Wednesday too. FML. At least, I got back half of my full refund.
I went to ZEN today too. I stood in front of the food display and realized I'm still full. After all, I only had one fold of tuna salad paratha for lunch. FML. My lemon meringue pie.

I'm beginning to love the new game 'Little Big Planet' that my brother just bought. It won the game of the year award. Cute and very community game. Every location of the world has different genre of song. Me love it. Rag doll.
I intend to do a photoshoot with my wardrobe later but I'm too tired to do so despite all the cleaning and driving. I want to watch some movies.

This morning's 'final's aftermath cleaning' shook me. I've got so many junks in the cupboard and reluctant to throw them, sentimental value. I've been collecting junks since primary school. Now, I am trying to turn them to gold. My beloved friends, my next birthday, I would like to advise you people, Don't get me presents with fancy wrappers or birthday card or 'for decoration' present. I'm a typical Taurus. Please get me something realistic... like MONEY. Too much stuff in the cupboard. :D

The whole family received a bad and mundane news. Our very last granduncle had passed away today. Condolences to his family. All his good deeds shall be remembered. RIP.

Few days ago, I saw a duplicative look of another person that I knew. From there onwards, I begun to encounter sweet nightmares. LOL.

I'm feeling lazy recently and all I ever want to do is just sit down and have fun. Ugh!

I want to smooch Al Pacino during his younger days. What the fuck.

I need to read books, I'm sensing that my vocabulary is deteriorating. Boo hoo!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Classic Oldies

Oh hell, I miss out something super duper extraordinary best stuff today. ARGH! My once in a lifetime to see the whole process of the grand and extraordinary flow. ARGH! Effing shit.

In the end, I stayed here to solemn myself with the oldies. Really frustrating to come and think about it. Seriously. My once in a life time chance. Effing bullshit.

Firstly, Audrey Hepburn. Her classic and simple has shown how elegant she can be. Simple black dress that can blow everyone off. She's versatile when it comes to hairstyle. Can you believe it, she actually owned a pixie hair style.. COOL!

Here's another classic actress with extraordinary talent in acting. Unfortunately, she died at a young age but she's indeed a wonderful actress. Natalie Wood. Actually, I've come to know her through a remake of her life in Hallmark.

Ok, I've already mentioned James Dean in my previous post. Too bad he died in a car accident, terribly. He called his driving machine, Little Bastard. He was 24 when he died.

Elvis Presley, a song called, "Can't Help Falling in Love" and this song had been remake by different artists and the original is still the best.

Nat King Cole's voice is remarkable soothing and jazzy. It makes me fall in love. Whoa! Stunning. Upon hearing L.O.V.E. and Unforgettable, I was shocked by his masterpieces.

That LOVE song is very cute and catchy which I think it's classic and makes you fantasizing yourself and your lover having fun with each other. Jess Stone did a remake of this song and so does Natalie Cole (his daughter).

Frank Sinatra. He's also another talented man with beautiful musics.

Those of you who've heard the Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams version, sorry to say that the original comes from Frank Sinatra.

So far, those are the classics that I'm stuck on to. Freaking shit boring. Doubts and dilemmas arose in my brain.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eeks.. tell me, will you still date them?

Officially on holidays (mind was on holidays days ago, damn!) which leaves me to rot at home forming spider webs. I've got few plans to make full use of my holidays before I regret.

Turn my junks into golds

Blog browsing

Must try Maggie Mee + Mayonnaise

Play more games to activate my half malfunction brains

Learn to be resourceful

Dreaming of money

Watch movies again and again

Going up to KL and have fun

Any better ideas?

During the evening, I was driving back home and my ears begin to sore and the pain is so excruciating pain. The pain is so brutal till my tears flow down. Flashbacks occur and I was beginning to flashbacking about words that describing myself from the past experience. Arrogance. Ignorance. Mad and so on.

Last night, I was chatting with my friend and along the way, I realized that I'm a typical Taurus. I'm proud of it.

Shit bore. Now, after all the chaotic exams are over, I'm feeling aimless and helpless. Tell me what to do right now. I'm too exhausted to find new websites. I'm currently so stuck between FB's game and my beloved blog. Ooops.

What's with the reciprocal of my cravings???? I can't have it and I was dreaming of it last night. Even today's TV is demonstrating it. It's my lemon meringue pie that's reminding me to eat it. I failed to have it and I've planned it long long time ago.

*Sigh* I'm beginning to miss my coursemates. My ultimate adrenaline rush source.

Thou shall stop spouting for the moment. Let me give you guys some pictures of ... you decide.

Look at all these fresh faces back when...

Richard Gere

David Hasslehoff

Dennis Quaid

Jean Claude Van Damme

Matt Dillon

Alec Baldwin

Al Pacino (Godfather 1)

Ok. Back when 80s the phenomena was like how people these days go va va voom over Robert Pattinson and Zac Effron. I must say Al Pacino looks the best among the rest although he's belong to 70s. He looks like someone I knew but couldn't recall. Alec Baldwin ain't that bad but wait till you scroll down. Then, you decide if you still want to date them now. Haha...

Now, they are not fresh faces anymore... ripe faces

Richard Gere

David Hasslehoff

Dennis Quaid

Jean Claude Van Damme

Kevin Costner

Matt Dillon

Alec Baldwin

Al Pacino

The aging really sucks. Wrinkles starting to form as the number for age gets larger. Six packs degraded to one pack. Signs of baldness. Shakespeare wrote in the Sonnet 18 where the beauty don't last long. Indeed. So, Al Pacino was the one I rooted for and look at him now. Eeeks.... All of these guys are old. Haha... But, Matt Dillon's pretty face shows not much sign of aging.


James Dean. Then.

James Dean. Now.

James Dean died at an early age. He has the looks and talents. Hence, with the technology, people did a photoshop of him when he's still alive till this era. Haha...

Ladies that still look fabulous as the age goes

Cate Blanchett

Drew Barrymore

Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Kate Winslet

You see, all these ladies are wonderful and beautiful people with beautiful soul. Angelina Jolie wasn't there because she's overrated and those who knew me well, I hate overrating stuff.

Oh well, the neck and ear immense pain is bulking. Need to sleep. Night yo.