Monday, December 28, 2009

Black fingers

It happened during the finals days.

Possible 1: I'm over stress with all the finals, thus, I bite my fingers for distress. It bleed horrifyingly and applied some ointments on the finger. However, it got worst... the fingers were infested which turned black.

Possible 2: I tried tattoo a star on my hand but the ink spilled onto my fingers. It killed the mood on going with the activity.

Possible 3: I suffered from skin allergies where black sesames could kill me in seconds. Initially, I did not realize there was black sesame in my sushi. Luckily, I only had like one sesame, there goes my fingers. It got tainted by black.

Possible 4: I was helping my mum to dye her hair and the dye came off from the glove. The dye is too stubborn to come off from the hand after numerous times of washing.

Guess, Guess, Guess.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm exhausted and need a good chill time out. Travelling in the car with traffic jams. What more can I ask for?

Last night, I had a surprise dream and it took me a while to figure out if I was in reality. Sadly, I'm stuck in the lala land. Like Beyonce's Sweet Dreams,'Sweet dreams, oh, beautiful nightmare'. It was a big shock and a sweet nightmare. It's a dream only and it can never come true unless it's deja vu.

Now, flashbacks had came appearing out of nowhere in the brain's canvas. After realizing what I had done for my finals had made me felt stupid. All of my mistakes and carelessness had pulled down my confidence. I realized that my results are sure to be flush down. This shit never ends and it keeps continuing till I graduate. Tough Luck.

Signing out.

If you're missing me, do drop some messages in my comment box for the mean time.


Happy Holidays

Friday, December 25, 2009

This is for satisfaction and boredom

Just browsing through websites for new perceptions and concepts in interior designing. Just for the fun and making craps around here to fill my satisfaction.

My enthusiasm on the trip is coming soon and I'm travelling with little brats. Wow... this makes me feel, 'Danielle is in charge, you betta listen to her or you betta not be happy for travelling.' Hohoho...

Bah... should go to bed early for tomorrow's whatever surprise I'm going to encounter.

* I need a new profile picture for all my network. A good one.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My paper has over. Semester 2 has officially over.

Oh oh, I've changed my blog's title to 'MY COLORFUL ECSTASY'. There's nothing much further for you to understand anyways.

My last paper today was filled with rage. I felt as if I've got cheated by my lecturer but I manage to answer all of it. The only thing that's left to do is to pray hard for my paper to score well enough.

Typically, after exams, everyone needs some celebration for any reason. A celebration for me, Nik and Meera to bitch our finals processes.

We are the type of 'We-would-rather-spend-money-on-food' type and we had our freaking lunch for like 2 hours and an hour of dessert. As usual, we went to DP for US pizza... there's one outlet near our campus but because of our beloved ZEN and my lemon meringue pie which I'm craving for so much, explained that why we settle for lunch in DP.

Ok, if there's anyone wants to argue with me about pizzas outlet's preference, Pizza Hut sucks okay. The pizzas got little toppings and oily. Besides, the pizza is already made and frozen, which explains why the staffs are able to announce the time of serving upon orders, they only need to heat it up!

Sorry, no food photos. It's cliche. But the poses with our foods photos, might be (if Nik is willing to send me those photos).

An hour for dessert in ZEN, my lemon meringue pie.... oh what the fuck. Never had it and I came all the way with traffic jams... they told me lemon meringue pie is out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the only thing I wanna have. Gosh it sucks. So, I finally browse the menu for minutes to reorder and I settled down with Summer Berry Chocolate or whatever it is. I can get a chocolate cake anywhere and put my own strawberry yogurt toppings.

Gosh, why did I order that??? It tasted normal, Black forest taste better. Okay, I don't mean to be mean but I go all the way clogging with the traffic jams (Christmas Eve) just to have my lemon meringue pie. It sucks. Nik and Meera got what they wanted but.. sad case.

3pm... still early and then I don't know who came up with the idea of going to the beach. Melaka's beach.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't get me wrong, Melaka's beaches seems to be have eroded and it's gone ever since... God knows.

Still, we have to rest in Meera's house for a while and surprise, surprise, she owned a sugar glider for a pet. I'm ticklish towards rodents but I don't discriminate it. It's cute and I kept hearing Meera complaining how cheeky and naughty her Momo is. Momo is such a cute name, it means pink in Japanese. But, I swear her sugar glider is not pink in color. Google if you're curious. Then, we this and that.. finally, departing to the 'beach'.

Yeah, Meera led the way and we're there merely 5 minutes. C'mon it's near to the Eye on Malaysia. Instead, we settled down at the rocks a.k.a. seaside. There's a stone gated area where the luxurious yachts are parked. Who cares. So, people are fishing, dating, cuddling, kissing and eating durians. It looks breathless and touching moment, luckily the weather is by our side. Cool and not so heavy drizzle. The endless horizontal line filled with ships had made us stayed even longer. It's really ... distressing. Next time, we might try tapau McD and eat there, in condition, cool weather like today. We complaint so much on Singapore kia. hoho

That's it.

I don't celebrate it but I would like to wish those who are celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy Holidays.

These videos are 10 times funny. 10 times you watch, 10 times you are gonna laugh so hard.

Watch the original before you watch the remix version. I must say that DJ is really creative by turning it into a song. Halfway through out my paper today, I couldn't help but to laugh inside like hell.


The remix version.

INTERSTELLA 555 HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a stalker but I respect each individuals' privacy.

Like I said, I'll start my studies tomorrow and right now, I'm suppose to go to bed early. Instead, I'm just too freaking bored to keep my profession in the closet. Guess what I'm doing?

I might sound pervert but I don't go to the extent of lunatic that scare the shits out of everyone.
Stalker is on board.

*Frown your eyebrows and start running the brain*

Well, yeah. Stalker in FB. Urm.. but stalking friends and friends' friends and hot guys??? Haha

If you want to call it keeping update, I would rather call it stalking. The reason with me is because... ask myself why am I being an anti- socialist.

Most of the people I know are in a relationship and some just gave into relationship. Indirectly, I lost, you happy now!

Some had broken up but unexpectedly got into relationship so fast.

Some are in a relationship but wouldn't want to reveal it.

Some are single. I'm not trying to be mean but posting up your status (relationship thingy) feels like kinda desperado.

Some relationship status are designated for fun like.. putting their friends' name as the children??? or tagging their same sex friends in the relationship status when they are straight.

Some are complicated... shouldn't that be called as 'Attached'? Complicated is just.. too complicated. Me don't understand.

Some of my long lost friends had changed for good but attitudes, God knows.

Some friends that I-don't- really know- them- well- but- I- pretty-much- sure- they- exist, such as the top notch class students back in high school.

Some profile pictures looks good, some don't change, some stay the same.

My cousin had not approve my friend request.

Then, I came stumbling upon their blogs which they posted their links in their profile.

Some are nice and artistic.

Some are just typical boring blog with their oh-i-had-so-much-fun-outing-with-friends and then they have their food photos as well.

Some blogs had not been updated since year 2007.

Some had nice skin for their blogs.

Some had nice profile pictures in their blogs.

Some has the juiciest gossips. *Winks*

Alright, I'm still stalking while blogging and I know I'm pretty good in multitasking for the wrong reasons. For some reason, I wonder how the chemistry of love works and how they deal with on-off relationships with multiple partners.

After stalking, I don't think I need to go and pop out the chat and insert such question,
"Hello, how are you?"
"Fine fine. What about you?"
*Silent pause
"So, are you still working or studying?"
"Studying. What about you?" (Most of them I know are studying)
"Same. What are you studying?"
"*engineering la, accounting la, economics la, terrorist la, bomb maker la, housewife la*"
"oh, I see"

*From there onwards, pause for a long moment and the pause never recover. It always happen and this shit has made me tired. It's so awkward anyways.
Again, ask myself for being anti- socialist. I can create some topics if I want to but I'm just sick and tired of the hypocrisy out there. But with the help of FB's photo albums that everyone is always keen to upload and update, I can just know how well they are doing.
I know which male is a buaya darat a.k.a. playboy and which female is a playgirl.
I know who is bisexual and homosexual.
I know which couple look compatible and which is not.
I know who is popular. *Judging by the numbers of their friends and gender
I know who is a pure soul with angelic looks.
I know who is a spoil brat.
I know who is evil.
I know who is bimbo.
I know who is smart ass.
I know who is a makeup freak.
I know who is courting who.

Basically, I know who is who. Simple, I only add friends I know and some are just for the sake of the games that I'm playing. Flirting is just not my cup of tea and not the right time yet, let's get straightforward until you're serious.

All in all, no hot guys in my FB and it sucks.

Okies, I'm done with stalking but don't worry, I don't give away people's privacy as I respect each of individuals' privacy unless you got on to my nerves. That's when I tell you to go to hell, aight. Privacy, to me, it matters the most.
By the time I finish blogging, I would want to settle down for Stephen Chow's movies. Adios.

I miss blogging but this is a messy post. I'm so tired (physically).

This is gonna be a long post of my random messy thoughts. I miss blogging.

Ever since last week, the rain had been pouring down heavily, I was shivering every night due to the coldness that's beyond the words. Even, Genting Highlands ain't that cold.

I've got one more paper to settle down on Christmas Eve which I hope there's lemon meringue pie left for me in Zen. 2 killer subjects had gone.

What's the messed up part? Today's paper was speechless, I just don't understand how my brain works at all. Whatever goes into my brain, it does make sure it comes out from the other part of the brain. In conclusion, study= no study at all. What do you expect me to do with all these bombastic and high end computer terms. I'm not an IT geek. *sigh*. I even forgo my trip to Tangkak that eventually so many fun road trips and good foodies with my relatives, just to study these shit computer terms. Apparently, those terms did not circling round my memory, it just 'POOF'. Honestly, I hope my scarification worth. Wait, this is not the end of my finals, I still got one more paper to go. I'll start tomorrow, I can't help but to feel sleepy. I'm lack of sleep though I didn't really stay up late night, 2am.

But, four days after my finals, I'm going to depart to Singapore with my cousins and Kelly and then celebrate XX birthday in Tangkak. Singapore only ma.. yea I know it's not that impressive but a luxury travel ain't that bad.

Upcoming holidays, a month I think. Let's see, CNY is coming so I got spring cleaning to do, shopping for CNY stuff, my FYP, movies and... let's just say I want to spend my holidays to the fullest. Interstella 5555 is awaiting for me.

Lately, I've found a website for me to distress which is awing at all those 'impossible!-But-they-made-it' houses. So chic and high end to the max. I can't believe I still have the awe silent feeling just like when I was a child. The houses are stunning incredibly beautiful. I don't know how much they worth but I know it's a price that comes with 7-10 zeros. Spot for dornob link in my blog.

I wanna express gratitude to Nik, Nisak and Meera for making this semester with laughs on things that we bitch and bullshit. Thank you.

I also want to thank the bastard for making me 'happy', yeah right. I couldn't be more 'happier'. Donkey all the way! Speaking of that bastard, I do really concern about his behaviors, it's just that...

Much anticipating winter solstice celebration had arrived and tomorrow shall mark the countdown to the CNY. I can't wait for CNY! Fireworks, firecrackers, illegal gambling, mahjong, grand dinner, road trip to the rural area, bird nests (free!) and so lot more. Never underestimate rural areas, they can be cool just like the urban city if you're not a spoil brat.

Oh yeah, I had rolled all the dough into tiny round balls, green red and white. It took me three hours to roll them but with Russell Peters, the doughs finish faster than I thought. I roll them all by myself and they comes in different shapes and sizes. Tang Yuan should be complement with ginger soup and peanuts! The green color extract from Pandan juice... haha.. I blended the leaves to get the essence and color. Cool right?

Due to the excessive rain these days, I gotta confess, I miss gardening in my mum's tiny garden near the big drain. I love to pick up soils with my bare hands.

I've been humming 'Something about Us'- Daft Punk for whole day and the lyrics are just so bloody emotional.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interstella 5555

This is a post to motivate me which after I've all the dulls in my mind. I will settle down with chips and sodas on my table to watch this animated movie by Daft Punk, after my finals. I rely on Rotten Tomatoes to give me good movies which they denote Interstella 5555 as 83%. How cool is that!

'Something about us'- Little lyrics but really emotional. How magical can that be!

Check it out!

At the mean time, I'll have to stop blogging for the time being.

Friday, December 18, 2009

SNL portraits. I really like these photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still wants SNL portraits in my blog. I don't care and I don't give it a damn. Just pictures for me.

Can you guess who are they???
Jon Heder looks stunning!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm all fine now. Thanks to YOU guys! You know who you are.

And so my positive emotions had come alive, it's been dead for two days. I still can't figure out what made me this way but I'm glad its over. Thank you peeps for dropping me concerns which I really need it and of course, you know who you are. Merci!

I'm taking five here, I'm stumbling over websites more likely to learn how to appreciate arts. To be honest, I can't understand the terms of high end sophisticate bombastic terms in Information System... Management Information System. It drives me nuts.

Whatever it is... here's what I'm currently looking now.

Ta da... Claudia Schiffer. I find her face is unique and her body, though it's a bit skinny but gorgeous. I don't get why the magazines love Kate Moss, her looks is now haggard. She's not even curvy or skinny.

Here's another strips of Pregnancy tips. Now, tell me, who would do that.

What about this? Try pronounce or understand it. Ya don't have to crack your head. Lesson: learn English before you become a laughing stock.

People, you gotta go to this website and check it out. This talented photographer, Mary Ellen Matthews has captured shots of SNL casts. FYI, SNL= Saturday Night Live.

I love the portraits she shots as she catches their expressions perfectly and properly. I miss that show, SNL. You gotta watch out for Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), he's not as geek as he looks. Cute.

Alright. I think that's all I can share.

Wee... Finally, a trip to Singapore, not really impressive but at least, getting out of Malaysia for short vacation before New Year with cousins, Kelly and XX.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drop me concerns coz I'm depress

My brain is a bit cuckoo today.

I purposely took a long walk under the hot sun. Girls were busy opening the umbrellas and guys were non stop complaining about the heat. Me, I was nuts, walking under the scorching hot sun without umbrella, sunblock and whine. To be precise, walking like a zombie. So many thoughts and scenes trespassed my brain and my thoughts are all absurd. It's not about sobering some stupid man but just couldn't understand what made me feel depressed at the first place. Stress? I walked around to relieve the depress.

What can I do to feel special?

Please drop me concerns in my comment box. I would love it and appreciate it.

Danielle is depress today. It had prolonged ever since last night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not a Christian so please don't wish me Merry Christmas. :)

I'm not gonna complain about how today is so improper. Is it the correct term, improper? Whatever it is, bad luck. Nope, I ain't gonna complain about it.

I vow not to touch my games until my finals are over, which ends on Christmas Eve. I don't celebrate Christmas so please don't wish me Merry Christmas.

Sometimes, I wonder if the real world appreciates effort or they would rather appreciate sweet mouth people?
I've seen how one's effort had been washed down to the drain just like that. Despite the time, energy and spirit were invested in accomplishing their tasks, yet they did not deserve what they are suppose to receive.
On the other hand, the kissing ass people, receive the bonus and rewards with merely using their mouth and super brain by sweet talking to the higher authorities.
That's the short cut to a short run success.
What if the rewards and good things never falls on the effort that they've planted in?

All in all, work smartly these days.

Monday, December 14, 2009

White elephant, I didn't see that coming. Potong stim betul.

Today is a short day that begins with a long long story. Long enough to make me feel emotionless anymore. I wouldn't claim it as bad luck but rather it's meant for it.

This morning my _l_ got stung by a wasp or bee, I am unsure of it. Luckily, mum called and I asked her if there's anything to get rid of the swollen, use my saliva to the swollen area. Ok.. that's old wive tales but the finger is fine now. Amazingly, it got recovered within 4 hours. Thoughts came by, what if a radioactive wasp stung me and when I go to sleep tonight, I might turn into... something like Spiderman except.. I'm WaspWoman. Well, anything could happen. Superhero comes alive. Haha.

Another part of this day is my teamwork project that looks sophisticated with flaws. Oh boy, that ruined my day. All my plans failed to realize and I've got no more energy to whine and fret. Whatever I did was like a white elephant. I knew it. Bad day has come and I hopefully it's just a short phase. I hadn't even step into the comfort zone. Potong stim betul. More of like Donkey Jobs for me, bah, should've pray to Donkey God to bless me with free donkey jobs.

The much anticipate largest Jusco in Malaysia had finally rose to fame before it's officially open. Fame for the bad reason. It begins with an explosion in the noon that tragically killed one Chinese man and 16 people were seriously hurt. Big News for everyone and my FB news feed is filled with links and articles on that news. Supposing to be officially open on the 17th of this month but I guess it'll be extended for months for inspection. Police suspect of gas leak, let's just hope that's true.

I saw something that I didn't expect it to happen. Sadly it's true.