Friday, April 30, 2010

i don't have the discipline. fuck! how ar???

I tried spending my time studying at home but I just don't have much discipline on myself. This is what I did with my bro's lappy. Doing shit stuff that completely drown my time away. !@#$%. Fuck, Nabeh, Niamah! I haven't complete a subject though. Fuck!

Been downloading these emoticons to overcome my pathetic.

How long do I have to feel pathetic for myself?

Do you know how pathetic am I?

Why it always happened?

I fucking hate these nonsense.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A ---> L

[A] Sekarang, aku tidak khuatir pada finals... tapi aku masih sangat takut.

[B] Bro 2: CCB, MCB, CB. I said I want to listen again so that she can download the fucking song.

Bro 1: Fuck you. Tak bleh tunggu ar. Baru nak buka la!

Me: TMD... What song you want???

[C] I kept repeating, 'Enough now, Enough'.

[D] So, what's the real plan for the coming Friday and Saturday?

[E] I suppose I'm going to be loner.

[F] Aku sedih sebab tak ada orang sedar apa yang aku cuba buat.

[G] I managed to glance for once and I'm satisfied. Why am I not greedy?


Skidamarink a dinky dink,
Skidamarink a doo,
I Love You,

I love you in the morning,
and in the afternoon,
I love you in the evening,
and underneath the moon.

Oh, Skidamarink a dinky dink,
Skidamarink a doo,

Dedicate to XX. She knows how to say I love you. *clap clap*

[I]p Man 2!!!


[K]NN... The Day after Tomorrow is showing later on. Jake G.

[L] Aku hari- hari tengah jiwang pada waktu ini. xxx xxx xxxx Move on la!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jiwang babi giler \m/

[1] Kepala aku sungguh sakit dan pening!

[2] The line today pissed me off, I'm already down with headaches. SCREAMYX!

[3] Because of the fucking slow line, I couldn't play Bejeweled. TMD.

[4] The library had tortured my mental AGAIN! Luckily, my friend, Jacqueline had earphones with her. I want to so bloody get an earphone ASAP!!!!

[5] What I want today did not came true but was satisfied and relieved for my eyes.

[6] I just couldn't sit still to study for my upcoming finals. FUCK!

[7] I did learned some bad words these few days. Diu.

[8] I WANT to watch movies!

[9] I thank GOD for making me happy by realizing my tiny dreams temporarily but can I have it FOREVER?

[10] Mum: Both of your 17 years old cousins have boyfriends but you don't have.
Me: So what?

*Deep down in the heart, I do care after all.

[11] Pimples are residing on my forehead and cheeks. Nabeh!

[12] I want to scream and shout!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A conversation that I would most be happy to avoid among aunties

If there's one thing to avoid on conversation topics, it's best to avoid aunties talk, especially on [pak tor stuff] love relationship.

Look, it wasn't a purpose to avoid this topic, in fact, I find it interesting at times but I hate it while they were chatting and suddenly, their eyesights were glaring at me! It's irritating and pathetic.

All these annoyance made myself felt pathetic as 17 years old teenage girls are into all these relationships while those aunties start shooting their eyesights on me. [What do you expect when I am the only unmarried among the aunties?]. As I tried walking away, their eyeballs will never let go of me and I'm just gonna pretend not knowing anything.

The flow of the conversation is like this:

1. who and who's teenage/early adulthood daughters are in a relationship with tom, dick and harry.

2. a demographic background of the tom, dick and harry like who and who's son, brief description of the residence, the age and etc etc.

3. the education background comparison of the girl and boy.

4. the working background comparison of the girl and boy. (if they do have)

5. their behavior and habits of dating

6. a slight history of how they met

7. [THE MAIN POINT] the wealth background of the male

8. the male's father's job, usually from what i always heard... ah long, some rich businessmen and not so high prolific job but has the ability to generate money legally.

9. how long have they been together

10. aunties starting to quote those how their destiny has been decided by the fate or they will keep repeating the same phrase, ' she has good fate, some might have it and some might not'. [Try translate in Hokkien]

11. *it's where I start walking away* *chats are still there*

I'm just in my early 20s... imagine in the mid 20s, if they still question me such thing... God knows what will I answer back. That's where the irritations become stress.

I'm just relieved that those aunties did not emphasized the wealth background of the boy is VITAL while looking for relationship. If it ever come true, we would mostly like to call it as FAMILY AFFAIRS in the future.

Case close [full stop]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My guilty pleasure for the weekends

There was once I got nagged by my younger brother.

"Stupid you, You have the best gaming facility here and you don't know how to amaze, appreciate, admire and awe it. Instead, you're there acting as if nothing happens."

Yeah, I admit I was blindsided all the while with all these small and tiny games in the computer... like Bejeweled Blitz, I am an avid player for this game. I couldn't help but to ignore the amazing console. Maybe I wasn't geek enough, maybe I don't have the sufficient time to pay attention like my brother always did... almost everyday. This year and coming soon shall be his first year anniversary.

Goddamn it! Previously, I have neglected my games and then I don't have the time to play it, thanks to Fuck Your Project. Now, I've to face finals and at the mean time, I don't want to waste my time sitting in front of the PC stalking in FB! Thus, let the game begins!

This Saturday... my date with games in the late night or early morning.

PlayStation 3, I'm coming! He owned the white one.

I'm a bad console player. Seriously, I've problem with fingers coordinations and navigations and my character always die.

Wee... Therefore, thou shall not waste time and guilt for my next guilty pleasure.

LBP and MGS, I'm coming.

My brother was right... PS 3 is way much cooler!

This song is making me feeling sexy and special.

Like what Nisak said... his voice is so seductive, Like what Meera said... the song is so sexay... Like what I said... I felt so special. It's like you're on your sexay night gown laying down on the bed [full stop] If you read the lyrics... it does makes you feel special and wanted after all. I can sense that the singer or the composer has add in tonnes of emotions and feelings cause I can feel it! Besides, I'm the Wonder Woman, who's my Mr. Fantastic? hahahaha

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of earphones and annoy

I've not returned to the library for ages and there're lots of new faces. I used to love hanging out there back then but now, I sort of dislike it. That's because the library is full and I don't have a personal space on my own... well... it's getting crowded and when library is suppose to be a quiet and serene place. Nevertheless, those monkeys just couldn't keep their volume down.

This noon I was so fucking fed up and tired, what's more when my personal space had been intruded with all the noises. I really got fucking annoyed but I was helpless, cause my earphones are somewhere in the dump already. Now, I really hate going to the noisy library without my earphones. At least, a piece of mind la...

Although Sony Erricsson is unique but it's overly unique till I've to get an earphone with a plug that matches with SE's portal. Goodamn it! Now, I have to reconsider whether to get an earphone to match SE or some limited edition and uber cool one. My songs are all in SE and I'm too poor to get an Apple.

Been eyeing on Philips earphones cause I love their metallic blue.

Saw this colorful packaging in Singapore's Hershey's Stores.

Yet, I've to reconsider on SE!

I need earphones badly!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I really dislike this situation where:

把一只眼闭, 一只眼开。



Monday, April 19, 2010

The Golden Revolution 2010: I dunno what else title 2 I shud give

Part 2 is here... while everyone is probably struggling to finish their FYP, trying to stay awake for FYP or sleeping. I just finish and I'm free to blog here. Suddenly, I'm craving for Battle Studies- John Mayer, so emo sial... but I still love it! I've got class at 8am later... Wee.....

The first day of event, 3hours before reaching the venue (8.30am), I had an overnight (more like overdawn) over my team mate's house. I am not quite sure if I was asleep or awake. Barely had winks of sleep yet the hormones were injecting some sort of natural energetic hormones. Instead, we took pictures and did some rehearsal for our presentation to beloved VIP.

Yes, the gold's hidden secret is... *kaching*

A short briefing from our leader before the event officially begins!

Our VIP is somehow associate with the Islamic OSK finance with high ranking post.

Thanks to sayangs for coming and visiting, tho, some unfortunate event occurred on Meera.

My work! Financial crisis 2008 and also (not shown here) the Asian Financial crisis 1997

Day 2: A lil bit relax and had more fun. Unfortunately, little did everyone knew, our division was somehow attracted by two fucking laotikos. Taking advantage on every girl. May their soul burn with hell's grueling fire and their soul could never to reincarnate. Fuck you! People just don't understand how hostile we felt. Overall, there was some inflatable jumping castle... we did went in and play, oh boy, it smells and my first time playing it, I was being unconscious. I was laughing endlessly for no reason. ??? Coloring contest, we had to persuade parents to persuade their children to participate in this coloring contest. Games were canceled last minute... that's where I sulked cause no fun and no climax. Fashion show.. was fun... as in I had fun cheering and shouting, was fucking high that time. By the way, we came extra early cause we were told to have rehearsal for closing ceremony and when the time comes, fuck! No one told us it was canceled and we had to be posers.

The jumping castle. Just for kids

Coloring contest, there are talented children there and their masterpiece.. wonderful!

Hui Lu, Yap and Jun Siang

Shy Yi posing with mineral water accompanied by lengzais.

Was being abused...

If you notice the globe, the sea is filled with words like inflation, crisis, bankruptcy and so on. While the land is covered with paper monies! Hell yeah! Good work by art and deco division.

Kiss the gold and silver!

Whatever you would like to imagine it as...

Nik calls it the living art.

Balloons were everywhere but me hate pink.

Dah... so tired.

We had plasma tv for our event... not for prize giving but to replace projector.

The end of fashion show

The division leaders.

All of us!


Lastly, this event is all about creating awareness to the public about how gold can hedge all the fucking shit crisis and inflation. Being in Technical Information division, I did learned a lot of stuff about Dinar and Dirham and learn about psychology. =)

Alright... Night.

I want to watch Transformers again. hahaha...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Golden Revolution 2010: I dunno what else title I shud give

(The whole class for this subject)

I was suppose to blog about the Golden Revolution event but due to the long wait from Nik, I had to further delay this post. The whole process made me realized... nah, not gonna describe all the sweet cliches of the aftermath. You know it after all.. just like those inspiring sports movie.. yada yada yada.

But, what I'm about to show you are the footage of how much we fun we had in the process of getting this whole event done as fine as possible.

Before I get it moving on, I just wanna say that my team and I did most of the donkey jobs yet as we all know... people hardly appreciate our hardships. Thus, just like what Datuk Vinod said.. you can say any fuck you want but it does not giving me hard times. The only person that matters are the ones that we care!

Our lecturer, at times, gave us a pain in the ass. Other divisions as well... gave us so much pain in the ass! But, it was a sweet victory! We manage to conquer!

This is the pre- Golden Revolution. Credits to Nik for her photos and the whole team for being a fun one. Literally, my team... Technical Information should be only providing information and those things that bored you... unfortunately, I think we have probably mastered the skill of sponsorship, photoshop, negotiation, creative, arts, presenting and hell lotsa more.

Ok, thou shall spout less and begin uploading pictures!

Nik's 'perfect' circle

Introducing my team mates... from Technical Information. We are actually posing with our exhibition's banners (whatever you call it). That 'banner' cost us RM90 per piece and try multiply it with 10!

Minyi and Hui Lu

Aliaa, Shy Yi, Chin Ying (our leader) and Naddiah

Shirley, Pei Ching, Suet Li and Noel

Jun Siang, Yap, Boey and Hong

A guy from Yemen, haha... his name is Salem

Nik and I


Photos below were 3 days before the event. The preparation that needed to be done!

(Kids, I know my scissor pose is edgy but please do not try this at home. For 18 and above ONLY)

The chocolate coins!

It's suppose to be decoration

( Wrapping golds)

Posers with their mugshots and proud too!

It's a new trend, Sun Goku's hairstyle! That last picture... I'm speechless

+ =

On the night before the event itself, which is 2/4/2010.. the whole team spent a night in Dataran Pahlawan... with other divisions as well. Fuyoh! That's where my excitement begins and at one point I got so high that I kept repeating the same song all over again. Nik found me annoying as well... blame it to the tea I had taken in Old Town. I shouldn't take tea at night but I need caffeine desperately. Yet, a night in a shopping mall is super duper fun! Though for those freaking 3 days we didn't manage to go shopping, we were so sick of that mall at one point. Initially, my friend told me that we are able to finish by 2am.. but I just couldn't figure out till now.. what made us drag till 4 something in the freaking morning!

All of us were in McD awaiting for 10pm (the only time we were allowed to enter the mall to setup stuff)

Work begins at 10pm!

I'm not quite sure if these pictures below were taken after our work or what. Us and our official tags!

Introducing other divisions as well! (Those were there quite unusual late as well)

Art and Decoration division! *clap clap*

Special Task division *cheers*

Jacqueline and me!!!

Our team's masterpiece!

Art and Deco's artwork!

Part 2 is coming soon!