Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ladies, I got good stuff for you and you can actually beautify your wardrobe! =)

All the pretty ladies and women,

I present you some awfully adorable things for you to contemplate and fulfill your needs and desires.

There are all different types of clothes for your wardrobe and when I mean wardrobe, you can actually afford to change your wardrobe as it is cheap and worth to buy.

For example:

If you like blings blings or party goer,

How about being casual?

Love floral patterns?

Love rock and roll recently?

Need office wear or being prim and proper?

Naturally adorable in this dress

Something unusual

Cute jumpsuits?

There's mix and match available too!

Ladies, please do not hesitate anymore.

If you want a killer wardrobe like those, you have the rights and grand honor to visit this site. Feel free to choose anything you like and then contact me through my


Don't worry about the price as it should be around the range of RM 25- RM 35. The maximum we can go is only RM 35.

*excluding postage fees*

Visit this and I'm sure it will satisfies your dreams of wardrobe.

Please do visit and let me know your desires.


Friday, July 23, 2010

My love affair with Yellow

My love affair with my yellow shoes is what I've been in for almost half a year. I still love it dearly despite the odd color that matches my malfunction wardrobe.

It heals my soles clearly.

Crying is not a serious offensive crime and it's not a sin either. It's all about the foolishness I made and I was pretty mad about myself for being that way.

Anyhow, a decade old movie that I would love to recommend is Lavender. Made in Hong Kong and it's simply lovely. A love story that I would really sit down and watch.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I really wish I could use a knife right now and stab all these bullshits mingling in my life.

For ex: receive a summon out of nowhere, my highly anticipated programme got crash and it took me rubbish time to cure the crash programme.

What's even ridiculous is that I'm still suffering from the thoughts that I concluded. I really wish I could borrow a shoulder to cry on. Physically. I'm getting clueless already, it's either I've to put it down and walk off or to stay and wait for hopeless hopes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

let's all not be stupid to put all the eggs in a basket

So bloody fucking happy to receive a 3D football poster from my colleague. She's so thoughtful and gave me a Fernando Torres. Weeeee..........

Aku budak bahagia.

Today is such a jovial day with fucking bullshits and laughters to ease the pain of awaiting time.

Damn, it was such a frustration till I dropped the idea of making apricot/peach jam. The real frustration was ka-ching. Fucking annoyed by the limited capability I have.

These days, I'm still annoyed and irritated by the thoughts I had been mingling around and I should just wake up to live on. The earth owns a hugely terrifying diameter and I believe the world is still at it's large. Thus, there shouldn't be any particular reasons to keep me running in the same pace and falling for the hideous trap that will soon cause me to grieve over the regretted life I ever created.

Like I said before, let's all not be stupid to put all the eggs in a basket. It's totally true and the more we gently put the eggs in, the higher the possibility for those eggs to be crush by the hard cold floor. Ya get what i mean right?

For one moment, I realized that I'm actually a close person which means I hate dealings with big and unknown crowds. I'm only okay with one on one till five even with new friends. Not till the extent of being an invisible fellow right there, it scares the hell out of me. Sometimes, I do have crowds phobia and desperately wishing to go home.

A wish to begin

Something had hit me in my brain and it seems like I've long forgotten my sweet childhood memories in Brunei. Hence, I shouldn't be shouting and exclaiming going to other fascinating and appealing countries for travelling. Thus, I made my mind, my first bag packing trip shall be Brunei for recalling my memories deep down that I've buried and of course to search for the lost memories hidden far behind the treasure chest.

Well, for donkey years I've not gone back there and research is really required to fulfill my satisfactions. First stop shall be Brunei and that's my wish before I embark for a new journey. Anyone up for the trip to Brunei?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010








Monday, July 19, 2010


My words always been constantly cut off which signifies I retain a small role in your heart@brain.

So, I have nothing much to say about myself.

If you like to draw my characteristics base on your thoughts, I say go ahead. I couldn't care less coz you're the person that I couldn't care less.

It's easy for me to determine how much important you are to me.

That's one of the purpose of me to set up blog coz I knew no one wants to listen so I write, in case you care and you are aware of my existence.

No point wasting my time and energy to do explanation. If you like it that way, like it la... if you don't like it then don't like lo.

I don't fucking give a damn.

*my FYP2 is still running at the same pace*


Friday, July 16, 2010

I found the usefulness of FACEBOOK. Finally.

After for days and months, I've been figuring what's FACEBOOK for?

Today, it revealed the usefulness. The scenario was 'So near yet so far' and by using the power of FACEBOOK, I was able to reveal my powers and break the tense within.

Nevertheless, this is how the power of FACEBOOK has benefited me.

*and no, I'm not talking about stalkers and rejoicing, it's how one knows how to utilize to control the situation*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At times I began to do some self-pity to stay the way I am

So fatigue right now and I can't believe with myself that I'm still able to lift my fingers to go on typing this post.


It's already July and I'm feeling pathetic for myself. Hours ago, I was browsing my friend's 21st celebration birthday party, I wasn't feeling anything at all. After couple of pictures, I began to self- pity. Honestly, my 21st celebration wasn't grand or memorable yet it was sufficient enough for me to be acknowledge there's people who actually care for me.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I don't feel deserve to hold any parties. Plus, it's not me. Then, I tried recalling back my friends and I only have a couple of them so it's not a really extreme excitement kind of party but a simple celebration. So, should I call myself pathetic or sad?

Pathetic cos I have a simple and small celebration
Sad cos I don't have much friends to celebrate together and is a lone ranger actually.

But to recall it again, it was a sigh of relief cos holding parties and inviting guests of known and unknown is totally out of me. I own a very poor attitude when serving guests.

As years go by, I began to feel my big day as normal day cos I don't feel special anymore though it's labor day but so what. It's another public holiday for me that's all.


Recently, I began to wonder if all the humans are the same. They play tricks to get what they yearn for and ditch you after they have successfully obtain it. It's the same and I've encounter so many of them especially men. I was too stupid to allow my kindness to befall onto their fucking shit traps. I never learn my lesson till I got a wake up call. Sangat sedih.

I told myself that I shall not repeat the bloody same mistake again. Nabeh! I've feelings too and we are both human so please treat each other nicely. We can be mutual and not for you being a parasite.

Monday, July 12, 2010

El Roja Gana! Viva España

*Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng*

Introducing the new CHAMPIONS for WORLD CUP 2010:



Their fair play has made them through the quarter finals, semi finals, finals and NO.1.

Without a doubt, a wake up call is deserve to be given to Spain after a shocking defeat by Switzerland at the group H tournament. Despite the small loss, they managed dribble all the way through the very last match.

Although Espana didn't win big in every matches but they manage to conceive winning for every match after the first lost.

No, we are not gonna point out who's the ultimatum hero of the team but everyone did their part very well. Ball possessions are roundly fine, strategies fit in well against the contender and clear collaborations.

Coach did give a prestige lessons for his pupils.

Defenders did form a good wall.

Midfielders did channel the ball smoothly.

Strikers did create every artistic opportunities.

Goalkeepers did play the role of the last knight in order to protect the forte. He also played the role of captain firmly to make sure his players stay firmly on the ground.

They might have broken certain rules yet conceiving a winning till the very last minute has bring tears of joy, laughters of shock and smiles of victory that created the beautiful history of FIFA. That's how Espana brought the end of the four years journey wonderfully.

Now, let's all sleep in peace for all this exciting month has brought us down weary yet harmonious coz FOOTBALL is a RELIGION to all regardless of human's forms.

We shall see you again in Brazil, 2014. (I mean the World Cup).

Time to spare for myself

I let some time to spare to rethink about my recent behaviors and attitudes:

* I've been cutting off people's sentences.

* I should pay more concern to those who are actually yearning for listeners.

* I should be stronger in constructing my determinations.

* I need to cut ties with my bad habits at the table.

* I should be more sensitive and thoughtful to people I care.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spain Rubber Bracelet

It's been five days I'm wearing Spain's rubber bracelet. It is so fucking awesome to have it around my wrist. Fucking awesome!

Now you know which side I'm on!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spare Paul

Spain had obviously won the match against Germany.

Germans blame the octopus for giving away predictions of Spain's victory. The next day, Germans began resenting hatred towards Paul the octopus. Why blame the octopus?

The octopus is only giving predictions and not casting any spells or cursing it. Yet, people put the blame on the octopus by sending octopus into their tummy.

All these so called hatred sounds like a big joke to me. I only assume those who place their bets on Germans will eat the octopus cause they lost the money and thus, they want their bloody fucking revenge.

What's worst is that it annoys me to the extent of blogging about it. Paul is only giving away predictions!

Meanwhile, Singapore has parrot oracle lately and predicting Holland will win the World Cup. So, if Spain lost, the Spanish are going to eat the parrot?????

May the best team wins!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not so wisdom after all

World Cup is coming to an end and to think about it, it actually kinda sad as the moment has come. THE END OF WORLD CUP. I've been waiting for so long to embrace the moment the champions of field holding the trophy with tears of joy.

I don't even want the World Cup to END, should have drag the whole event duration at most 2 months for everyone's satisfactions yearning for more.

Finally, they took down the billboard and World Cup is only coming to an end not already end. Why too early? Now, it demotivates me from everything, it's my source power every morning. Damn!

Mystery solved: Finally, I found the causes of the torment pain in my teeth each time I take food with sticky and sweet form.

This is how it happens:-

Once upon an evening, I was looking at the mirror examining my teeth, putting my fingers to check my teeth alignment (I've not put on my retainers for sometime) and lastly, I press my fingers on to my proud wisdom tooth. Goddamn, it hurts like shit! I can feel the vine of sensors are visible upon the eroded tooth. I even pick up some pieces of eroded tooth. My wisdom tooth that bears during my age of 16 and now, it gives me a big pain in the vines. I'm not so wise at all. My tooth!!!!

This explains:-

the pain each time I took a bite on sweet and sticky food but my wisdom tooth barely grow 1cm!!!!!!!!

Really fucking shit.

I've to admit, I've teeth problems ever since primary school and prolong till now. Argh... I couldn't even believe that I actually had to put on braces for one year and a half. My most troublesome part of body is my teeth. Ever since primary school, I've got many holes to be cement and each year my visit to the dentist is always without fail. Nabeh!

I've been drinking milk for calcium. It didn't help that much.
I've been eating lesser sugar. Still erode.

I need to sought dentist but it's already in a serious damage condition. What's worst it happens to be a tiny wisdom tooth and the pain is getting drastic.