Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I tend to break or spoil things easily. That's because I'm either careless, clumsy or taking things for granted.

Living in this current economic situation seems to be tough. Money seems to be the number one topic around.

One of my essential- ears- pleasing- moment- for- a- quiet- place has malfunctioned. Now, looking at my piggy bank... it looks dreadfully almost dry. Where else am I going to find my source? Rob, steal?

Then, the current stuff that I got to have it is none other than late MJ's CD. I've been desiring to own it long time ago where I'm able to display it in my room. Playing the CD in the CD player over and over again. Reminiscing the moments I had while the song is playing. Cute times. Hence, money is needed in order to purchase the CD. Again.. money is the problem.

The video here is a MUST watch.

Bored and bound to sleep

I'm grooving with the funky song that is circling around my head. My lips won't stop moving and chanting the lyrics. I think I'm diagnosed with OBSESSION. :)


I was looking for some shits of articles for my assignments. Oh gosh... So tired of reading and processing the information for the questions. It's not easy to get the articles you want. When you don't need it, that's when the time you find it annoying. However, when you need it, you turn to be so desperado. Damn... When will I ever stop finding? 3 Months later...

The best thing about searching for articles is that we are able to distinguish about what we learn and the purpose of it. Things that I usally overlook had been a turnback for me.

I found one site which is utterly cool. It's ToneMatrix.
You can actually make your own beats easily. Simple steps by moving your cursor and click it.

Oh... I just finished downloaded a video and I shall transfer it to my phone soon. The best video ever. I'm gonna watch when I'm cuckoo. I will watch when I feel like dancing crazily. Most probably, showing off to people and hopefully my phone does have decoder or the material can be read by my phone.

Off to bed

Was listening to Off The Wall


Monday, June 29, 2009

You are not alone

Each time I hear 'You are not alone', I can't help but to think of Michael's presence.

Imagine myself singing this to Michael

You're not here with me
You never said goodbye
Someone tell me why
Did you have to go

Then, he would reply me back

For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

But you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone

Imagine Michael heard his fans crying and grieving over his death

Just the other night
I thought I heard you cry
Asking me to come
And hold you in my arms
I can hear your prayers
Your burdens I will bear
But first I need your hand
Then forever can begin

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away

Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

I read the news that he had a deep conversation with Lisa Marie Presley about his future might ended up like Elvis Presley.. Elvis Presley's death. I'm not talking about the grand death with many fans crying but the sudden death. Overdose of drugs. That's how Elvis died... something like that.

So, I was thinking that MJ made this song for us to sing with and for him.

Another song before he made Thriller famous was his first solo album. "Off the Wall". That song is very funky. Believe me... I can feel his desire and presence in that song. He made himself out of this song together 'Rock With You'.

Ah... This is sad to accept everything. The heart is still broken. I wish it's as easy as ABC or 123.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anything you wanna call it for this post.

Quote of the week:

People do things behind our back that we don't usually see. Life is more than that.

I better explain this clearly. I've learned that when one person is narrating their story, that's just the surface of it. There are even deeper description that could be important but we just don't know. Hence, life is more than the story. More than that.

Oh my, what am I spouting again?

Anyways, the tragic death of MJ has make me obsess with his concert where 8TV has just finished airing it. His concert is absolutely distinctive than others and the crowds are humongous. Oh wow... homosapiens after homospaiens gathering together. The whole place is full filled with humans! I ain't kidding. I remembered vividly that when I was a kiddie, I used all the Lego blocks to form 'HEAL THE WORLD' on my Lego plate board. That song made me cry as it touches my heart. My parents were the one that introduced me Michael Jackson and during that time, I couldn't differentiate if he is a male or female. Overall, he is or looks like androgynous. I was watching 'Black and White' music video back then and said 'He is cool!' Now, it's too heart pain to see him to leave... it's just like Kurt Cobain's sudden death.

Recently, I've not updated my *surprise surprise* daily routines. My timetable is changing frequently as the lecturers requests. Cancellations and reallocations. Besides, mostly every subjects' assignment are now evaluate as group work and no more longer individual work. This indicates that I've got to deal with more people and more attitudes. It's getting tougher. Well, what else can I whine... life's like this.

I am predicting that I'll be mute where I'm getting reluctant to talk much about anything. Talking much doesn't bring much benefits, might as well conserve my energy to listen songs and bobbing heads.

Good Night


Michael Joseph Jackson stays forever! (Part 2)

The best videos from MJ! (and songs) Ever!

*No rankings
*Some of the videos were modify due to Sony's please.

Thank you for all of your music and revolution that you've brought to us!

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson stays forever! (Part 1)

This morning, I was driving while listening to the radio. It was funny to listen to the radio that the DJs are mentioning non stop about MJ. I thought it was his birthday. As it goes on, something's not right. Few minutes later, news flash in... Michael Jackson had passed away. The LA coroner said that around 12 something pm (US time) had sudden heart attack. Later on, he was rushed to the hospital. An hour later, the doctors had confirmed that he is dead. During that hour, doctors tried their best to bring back his life. Yet, he still leave us. Upon hearing this sudden death news, I got shocked and stunned. (this is unbelievable and hopefully not silly) I shed tears. Thinking, MJ please wake up. Please just resurrect. ( What the hell am I blabbing?)

Till now, I'm still under the state of denial. Refusing to believe that he's dead. I don't really care all his previous scandals as long as he delivers good music and dance. 50 years old.

He is the Legend of all Legendary stars (see that capital L). He is the King of Pop. He is the man I idolized. He is the man. He can dance and sing. He never dies in my heart. He will never moon walk alone.

I shall not elaborate further on his biography. I believed Wiki's sources is definite clearer than mine. Huge stars like Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley (his ex- wife) and many stars are all devastated by his death news. All of them pay tribute to him. Radios had been airing his songs the whole day which is quite a surprise. According to Wiki, an hour after his death, his records sales increased dramatically. Although his upcoming concerts' tickets had sold off... but too bad. He couldn't make it. That's very pity to hear. We want to see him for the last time before he retire.

However, I got to say that his moves are incredibly extremely super best! One of the most unforgettable moves is the lean anti- gravity. That is the one he created and made it to the history of dance. All his artworks including his music and his music videos had earned many titles, awards and recognitions from the whole world.

He was perhaps the most exciting performer of his generation, known for his backward-gliding moonwalk, his feverish, crotch-grabbing dance moves and his high-pitched singing, punctuated with squeals and titters. His single sequined glove, tight, military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses were trademarks, as was his ever-changing, surgically altered appearance.

Unfortunately, he ruined my list of things to do, I just have to cancel that part. WATCHING MJ's CONCERT LIVE (while he is alive). Meanwhile, I can actually persuade my parents to get his DVD now. :) This whole phenomenal thing seems to be like when Bruce Lee sudden's death too.

Let's all pay our tribute to MJ. My condolences is out to his family and friends. His children must have been devastated. To all his fans out there, let's wish he is in heaven performing to them. I dedicate this post to our beloved Michael Joseph Jackson. Now, let's all mourn for this


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lovers in Japan

I was switching channels to freeze my brain for a moment. Then, I came across a music video from Coldplay. Their song 'Lovers in Japan' seems to be a blastful moment. It feels so lovely to be in part of that concert. As the songs go on... paper butterflies flew across the whole auditorium. Superb! It rocks. Then, I saw another music video of that song in other places, they still do throw in papers across the place. The funniest part was the TV of showing Chris Martin's piano skill will always be there right in front of Chris Martin. It's like overlapping on to his live show.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Whatever to make me happy even if it means to crush people's dream

I've got few people mistaken me for my words.

"Whatever to make me happy even if it means to crush people's dream"

They conclude me as a selfish person. :)
Yea, I'm but crushing one's dream makes other happy.
Is it good or bad?
Denials and refusals.

Let me put it this way,
Remember the movie Valkyrie?
See it in that situation. Imagine that person is Adolf Hitler. What's his dreams?
To conquer the world of course, you pessimist.
So, the antagonist of Adolf Hitler plot plans to assassin the mighty Adolf Hitler.

Test your knowledge:
How many people sacrifices for Adolf Hitler?
How many Jewish were dead?


Millions of Jewish and citizens were dead.

Thus, let's all be optimistic and not judge my words for one scan.

Imagine James Bond... plotting to kill the king of villian's plan. Do you think it fits my quote?

Whatever to make me happy even if it means to crush people's dream.- From Tyson, Survivor Tocantins.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sesame Streets

Ernie says:
Oh my goodness, Elmo is wearing glasses!

Elmo says:
I'm old.

Cookie Monster says:
Oh.. No eyes to see!

Quote of the day:

Whatever to make me happy even if it means to crush people's dream!

Cute dude

During noon, I had been taking nap for 3 frigging hours. That's the longest and most tired nap ever. What the hell was I doing in my sleep? That 3 frigging hours of nap seems to be useless. Still, sleepy as usual. Hence, before getting to bed, I wanna watch 'The Simpsons' and Russell Peters show's in Madison Square. Only the first part. It's still buffering and why don't I take some time to crap here.

My nails are growing longer and I can't wait to cut my nails. Wait... the word 'can't wait'... it could've been done right now or just now. 'Can't wait', another reason for loittering. Just close my FB and now opening my DA. Just to see anyone appreciate my artworks. I should go to bed sleeping with the magazines but I have to and is a must for me to watch comedies before getting to bed. Avoiding my recent nightmares.

Spotted cute guy in DA. Getting a closeup. Nice nose and pretty blue eyes.The body.. nah. My dear readers are so lucky as I'm about to upload the picture for you all. OOO.. wait... I saw woman nude art. The body line is sexy. Wow. She's not skinny but just fine. Sorry... no nude pix in my blog.

Now, I'm asking people to get me Spongebob Squarepants doll. Maybe Elmo from Sesame Streets. What about Patrick Star?

It's still buffering. Well... That's it. I'm just too frigging tired of waiting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I don't see why I'm not doing other things but to blog that I don't think I should be blogging

So, I'm watching Russell Peters again just to understand the style of jokes. This guy can just crack up and you'll just go laughing non stop.

Somehow, I find myself being discrete in personal and business. What's within business and that's it. No more personal in touch. Most people I see seems to kind- of -flirt when they are in the middle of business, regardless of the time, it could be in the process. While, I prefer to keep it restrict. Business means business. End of story. No more further relationship. Maybe that's why sometimes people think I'm cool, serious and boring. Nah, I don't care. Just as long as the stuff I demand has done, then I'm cool. Unless, they have a peculiar attitude which makes me trying to approach you so that I can get my things done earlier.

Classes had officially begin today. Thinking of my assignment teammates, to recruit or find new ones are hard as I barely knew them. At times, people complained to me that this person is not good, they don't do their stuff, they push the responsibilities away and etc. Honestly, I really have no opinions on them but I rather join with them the gossips.

Sometimes, I wish I can get my team mates relationship more than just business. Too bad. I don't think that fits me well. The extroverts usually can really have the mood to go yamcha with their new team mates.

I just submitted my FML. Hopefully mine has enough votes to be publish. I'm beginning to hate the quizzes in FB. I find the questions and answers are bullshit. I finished my ANTM's cycle except for cycle 11, 3, 2 and 1 as they sounded boring. I can't believe McKey won. She sounded and looked dead. Can't believe it. I read it in Wiki. Meanwhile, I'm chasing Survivor Tocantins. Reading quotes. Finish reading the books that I've borrowed. Start planning.

That face I use to think is handsome has just eerie me. *Smiled grinly*

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Browse through and funny stuffs came up. It's called FML (Fuck My Life). I love it. Here are some of the random stories.

So much for the life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I attended my first class for the semester yesterday. Oh boy, it only lasted for half an hour. Not good for the first class.

When I enter the class, I look for seats and friends, I look at the whole lecture auditorium. Everything seems strange and awkward for me. But, everyone is the same. They stay the same, they sit with the same people, they talk the same thing. Meanwhile, I sat down beside my friend, Jacqueline and Wein Yi while waiting for Nisak to come.

I sms-ed her to attend the class as she thought class cancelled.
However, she came to the class 10 minutes than the fixed. At that moment, my lecturer was discussing about the policy in class. One of it was don't be late for class. Nisak was at the very back of the class, refusing to come down.

Well, I wasn't really paying attention to what my lecturer talking as everything was written down on the slides. The feeling of awkwardness had came. Everything seems strange to me. It felt as if I've not been to the campus for ages. I look around. Turning my head looking for Nisak. Looking at the seat in front of me. Looking far left. Looking everywhere else but not on the lecturer. Yes. Everything seems strange and new to me. 'What was that?', I asked myself. The answer didn't appear but seemingly weird. This whole description seems like as if I've just recovered from amnesia or short term memory.

Tonight's class is going to be me alone by myself. Nik is away for her personal problems. I wish to be lone ranger for the moment.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Patutlah dia berkawan dengan S**y V***u

I copied this from some random's blog. Although, I'm non of any other side but I'm just supporting what they said. How charismatic Anwar is...

What I heard was:

N***b Mongolia

Berkawan dengan Samy Vellu.

Anwar has been holding the post of Menteri Kewangan for 8 years but N***b said that he doesn't know anything about economy.

You tak boleh banding harga durian Malaysia dengan harga di Jepun. BODOH.

Mind the title of this video. Haywired.

I'm so tired

I sat down and write my essays. I was required to write for the criteria. What is my course and why do I choose it? It's so cynical I tell you. I smiled sarcastically thinking what can I spill. I thought for so long. Long enough to tear down the whole paper.

I want to spit out the stress that I've been suffering for quite long. Even my holidays, I can't concentrate on what I'm doing for my parents. I got criticised often and I broke my promises. Crucial promises. I don't know what's happening to me. My life seems to be shattered. I can't put on another mask anymore.

I'm willing to give up the position and disappear away. I rather stick to my original responsibilities. I don't want to waste my money anymore to ridiculous functions. I don't want to do another search for funds. It's my fault. All my fault to open the mouth to be recruit. I can't let another down to my parents anymore! It's sad to see their eyes looking at me that's filled with disappointments. From now onwards, I'm not going to do anything as I'm so tired. Because of this, I see changes and made changes but not for good. My daily routine seems to be in mishapes. I don't know what's going to happen to me. I'm selfish.

Let me walk away for a while. I want to live the way I want.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bag Packing

During the afternoon, Xiao Ke and I were talking excitedly about bag packing. Xiao Ke who is more dependent towards her maid claimed that she wants to experience the whole bag packing thing. Instead of sharing my dreams with her, I started asking her the worst case scenario since she depends so much on her maid.

  1. Are you willing to stay in the inn or YMCA?
  2. Can you deal with the straying life?
  3. What happens when you run out of money?
  4. Do you know that bag packing involves a lot of extreme exploration?
  5. Bag packing sounds cool but could be dangerous
  6. How much do you know about bag packing?
Immediately, she started to give another thought. Anyways, I reminded her to give me a call when she's ready for her bag packing. I need a companion.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last picture might terrify you.

Apple crumble pie is easy to make and healthy dessert. Haha.. almost healthy. Green apple is the main ingredient. Granny Smith apple is the best choice as it's crunchy and the fragrance is better. Usually with 8-10 apples.

First, make the crumble by folding in the flour and castor sugar to the butter

Pour in all the slices apple into the hot pan with melted butter and sugar. Add in cinammon to enhance the flavor.

After cooked.

Scattered the crumble on top of the cooked apple. Voila.

Bake it in the oven with 200 degrees of Celcius for 10 minutes.

There you go. Serve it while it's hot and can be served together with vanilla ice cream.

The serenity that I enjoyed where all the clouds are with us. Like the Chinese Heaven Kingdom.

I stared at the dusk wishing it would last longer. Apparently, it only lasted in my album. The lalang looks beautiful with the combination of the dusk's colors.

Eyes are bound to close

After washing and blowing the hair. The fringe @ bangs has grew long!



Apparently, my email account got hacked by some anonymous. Well, that's ok. Then, the hacker started to spread an email under my name. Thank goodness, Aunt Kelly called me to clarify the whole email thing. I quickly do the whole procedure and start to basic. The worst thing of all is my password has been changed. Damn it. I can't even log into my MSN. I can't retrieved my contacts and my mails. Who could have been hating me?

To my friends out there, if you've received such message, I advised you all that it's best to ignore the message or leave no sympathy. Here's how the letter looks like.


How are you doing today? Fine I presume. My reason for writing you an emergency mail is that I am currently in Perth Australia to visit my ill Aunt in Australia, she is suffering from a critical uterine Fibroid and needs family support to keep her going, her condition is deteriorating and the doctor told me that she will under-go a surgery to keep her alive because her fibroid has gotten worse (70 pounds Large) and has done a lot of damages to her abdominal area.

They demanded for the sum of ($3500 USD) because they are inviting professional surgeons from Israel to perform the (hysterectomy) operation. I need a financial help of ($1900 USD) from you to complete the money for her surgery, The money i have on me is ($1600) and I traveled with little cash because I didn't expect things to be the way it is right now. Cant access my bank account here in australia perth. I really need this money from you soon because I am in a terrible and tight situation here, I have short time to get the money before the surgeons arrive. Even if you can't afford the whole sum, I will appreciate whatever you are able to come up with, because I don't even know your financial status before asking you for money. I promise to pay you back when I return.

I need you to have the money transfer via the name of my sister who wanna have the surgary done. the money should be sent via western union money transfer or Money Gram Transfer on the following details, this ways its easier and faster for me to cash the money here in australia perth

Reciever Name: MELINDA LIM
Address:Parmelia hilton hotel.14 Mill Street,
Country:Australia 6000

Test Question:For What?
Test Answer:Bills.

Please As soon as you send the Money i will like you to email me the Below Details as Follows...

Full Sender Name:
Sender Country:
Amount Sent:

I am desperately waiting to read from you soon.

with regards

For those who knew me well, I don't have a sister or a sister named Melinda. Second, I'm currently in Malaysia not Perth. Third, I don't have any relatives in Australia. Hence, after reading this, it was totally ridiculous and my laughter lasted for 10 minutes. Again, please do not send any money to the culprit might as well send it to the charity. That culprit can't access to the bank account.. I can't access my domain email. Wonderful experience of my life. A significance of a new life... virtually.

Aunt Kelly went on with the prank. Hopefully the culprit reply my aunt.

Please do add me in MSN once you've received my mail in FB and Friendster. Thank you. For those of you who don't have my email add. Kindly notify me. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Neon and Summer Beach and Candies

I was inspired by Neon from John Mayer and a high fashion model. Agyness Deyn.

Meanwhile, I have Summer Beach that is ready to rock the beach party!

I also have the candy colors inspired. Sweet and lovely although I am not a big fan of the pink which is one of the major colors.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ANTMwannabes. Typical.

After watching 9 cycles of ANTM, cycle 12 had ended weeks ago. Few weeks later, I read the news that ANTM new cycle is looking for 5'7 girls to participate. Hmmm... I am around that range. So, I told myself why not try out just for fun. Who knew I'm the next top model.

Hence, I took passport pictures and profile pictures to try out.

My audition photos

One day, I got a call from TyTy. Oh my gosh. I went jumping up and down the whole house.

I got a called back by TyTy and I'm about to go for the audition. I met many girls there, although they are sweet but I'm here to win, not to make new friends. Then, it was my turn. I went in to the audition room. Oh my gosh, I see TyTy, Miss J and Jay. Ah... There goes the audition.

I entered this competition with hopes. It's my dream ever since I was a kid. I want this more than any other bitch in this competition. (This is what I told them).

Then, they had another call. I got called in. Yes. Finally. Almost there... yada yada yada.

Photo shoot was like okay. Jay said I did well in the photo shoot. During the elimination, I was shocked that I was in bottom two when Jay said otherwise. TyTy said that I've got the most potential but was lack of confidence while my rival has the beautiful face and doesn't know how to use it. In the end, I got another chance leaving my rival to go back home. I cried to thank her for believing in me again. Save!

TyTy said I shouldn't be modeling like this:

Instead, she gave me some modeling tips. Like hers:

Wonderful poses right?

I have a makeover where I went from long hair to short hair like Mia Farrow's hair in Rosemary's Baby as she said that it will featured my looks strongly. I'm proud to have that hair. I do really look good. During the makeover, there is this bitch cry and whine just to keep her hair from being cut. Jay Manuel couldn't handle it anymore till he told her to either quit or get her hair done. In the end, she get her hair done. What a whiny baby. It's just a hair. Hello.



As the each elimination weeks go by, I started to prove to TyTy that I have the most potential and should be deserved to gain the title America's Next Top Model. As weeks go by, I stand out more with my personality and my strong pictures. I knew all the bitches are intimidate by me but I don't care as I'm here to win. All the judges recognized my hard work.

In the house, I've met this girl, she is nice and kind but she has problem with her disease. Then, there this bitch who is so obsessed with her. Talking behind her back, stabbing her behind her back and kissing the judges ass. I told that girl that it's not worth to fight for as TyTy do judge us in the house too. Who is bitch and who is not. That bitch do have problem with anyone in the house. She just keep disturbing us with her alarm clocks, throwing her undies to one of the girl and many more. She is sick! She's a combination of Bianca + Monique + Melrose + Dominique= Bitch of all bitches @ Queen of the Bitch @ Dobimonrose. That's what we called her. In the panel, she always kissing the judges' ass. Thank goodness, they didn't buy her kiss.

As weeks go by, the house left 5 girls and TyTy gave us a hint as it's about the time to fly! That had this people to come out dressing and singing Malaysia Truly Asia (they have to highlight the name Malaysia as some of the girls here are clueless). Guess where are we going??? Malaysia. The country with high fashion and colourful cultures. All the girls yell and scream. We packed our bags and headed to the airport. To me, going back to my country has definitely bring back my strengths and I knew I can rock this.

One of the photo shoot in Malaysia was dressing up in different races. I was wearing the Saree and before the shoot starts, Jay advised me that I should show my friendliness in the picture. So, I listened to him. At the end of the shoot, Jay said I was terrified and I felt so confident. Then, here comes the bitch, she was portraying Chinese. Jay said that her photo shoot is painful to watch as she didn't get the instructions and the mind seems to be lost. I felt happy for that friend of mine. Meanwhile, my friend was wearing Baju Kebaya. Her shots are great and she have such strong features. However, Jay told her that she is not giving her 100%. I felt bad for her.

During elimination, the bitch and my friend was called to be in bottom two. I got shocked. TyTy said that the bitch takes great pictures but she seems boring. Meanwhile, TyTy commented my friend that she has strong pictures but does she wants to be here? In the end, it was my friend who got send home. I cried. I hugged her and whispered to her that I'll get this title for her. I will. She went home sadly, leaving me with the bitch and another girl. She left me a note thanking me for being supportive in the house. She wished me luck. So, here I am. The final three. I'll beat that bitch down!

3 girls, one Cover Girl ad to go, a runway to kill and who will be America's Next Top Model. The competition is getting tensed. Oh.. Miss J will be teaching us on how to walk. Miss J is funny. He has the most beautiful legs. He is married to a woman by the way.

Who will be the America's Next Top Model? Could it be the girl who has all the potentials, Danielle? Watch the episode finale to find out.

My favourite top models. No rankings.

Haha... Enjoy.