Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuddling cats

Today's lecture venue is extremely cold. Cold enough for me to shiver and I headed to the concourse for a warmer heat. While trying to soak myself under the sun rays, the wind acted as a complementary for me. Cool.

Anyways, I found a table and sat down to continue understanding my graphs and effects for macroeconomics. I stroke my hair as the wind kept blowing then I saw two cats under the security guard's table that was located opposite of the table that I'm using.

Two cats cuddling to each other while sleeping. How adorable. I wanted to get a closer shot but I was afraid that I might woke those cats and 'puff' there goes my Kodak moment.

Anyways, my blog has been tallied with numbers of visitors that visited my blog, yet I wonder who are my loyal readers and visitors? They don't leave comments nor chats. The only loyal readers that I know is only countable with my fingers.

My McD-ing in Hutan Rekreasi was a failure.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lost hobby- Stars

In the midst of cramping all the essential points for the next mid term test, origami struck into my mind especially paper stars and paper crane.

When I was in my early adolescent, I used to love to fold paper stars because I believe that by folding to 999 of paper stars, dreams come true. *laughing*. Apparently, it's just some way of advertising and back then, I rather spend my money to buy strips of colorful papers that is made for folding paper stars. It's not cheap and I saved my money everyday to accumulate till Friday just to buy it. Even my 11th birthday, I received a small bottle of stars from my friends which is colorful. I even recalled back that the origami paper of crane hs wonderful patterns and it's beautiful although I lost most of the papers.

Folding the paper stars has been a part of my 'any- papers-will-do-to-make-it-into-stars' whenever I see any papers around even though it's in white color, perhaps it can be consider as part of my hobbies. I have two little jars that's filled with my stars and I love stars.

Now, it makes me wanna catch up with the old hobbies again. It helps me to reduce my anxiety in me as well.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatever it is

Do you know what I just realized these days?

I'm getting slacking so much that I've delayed all my tasks so much till the very end. Plus, till this very end of this week, everything will turn out bad or even worst compare to lucky last week. 'Sigh'. Things had been going bad lately and I could not blame anyone as it happened coincidentally. Anyways, please bless me and I'm suspecting that I'm diagnosed with some disorder lately, anxiety disorder, I think, perhaps just a slight one.

Another thing that pisses me off (at times), people always telling me not to curse especially guys. Well, I've to repeat my philosophy again, this is 21st century, you don't get punished or killed because of cursing and swearing. Guys do swear much more 'awesome' than me and yet they tell me to be even demure. Screw you people. Don't tick me off and girls have their rights to say what they want. I wouldn't be surprise.

I need to say sorry to anyone if I ever insulted or hurt anyone's feelings today. From the bottom of my heart, unless you didn't catch or hear what I said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On second thought

Can you see something there? Amazed?

Civilized people but rubbish acts. Look at the table that is filled with rubbish.

Nothing surprising but just few pictures that people tend to overlook.

I have the urge to change my thoughts, my perceptions and my attitudes. I've finally found someone that's reflected to my attitudes and to be frank, it makes me love and hate at the attitude that I had carved. It seems like at times, I always create awkward vibe and being a stupid stick made me unconscious of the consequences. Anyhow, I don't pretty much give a damn. Sometimes, I'm known for annoyance, quiet, snobbish and characteristics that people can think of, I can be pessimist and optimist but I'm not that self centered.

At times, I question myself,' Do I really own a bad and ill mannered attitudes?', then I found one person who has the same attitude as mine and that person doesn't give a big deal about it. Happiness for oneself is all I need. No more struggling to please people as if they threaten my life. Life's short. It's been times I repeat the same quote but that's just a reminder for myself.

Read books.


The feeling of freshness right after I woke up is superb. The whole morning and noon, I'm feeling good and I think it could've been the weather that makes me feel revive. It sounded as if I've been dead for so long. :)

The whole day, I wished the freshness could last longer and happen everyday. Unfortunately, second lecture class had made me going cuckoo. Of all the seats, we had actually sat right down below the speaker and had drowned my brain. That moment had decreased my mood and all of the sudden, I'm feeling exhausted. EXHAUSTED. All I ever did in the campus was sitting, laughing, chit- chatting and walking. Believe me, there were little amount of energy that I had actually used up.

Today, I actually saw some guy wore a Portugal football jersey. Woohoo! That's rare.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Of Gods and deities

Yesterday, I'm suppose to be studying for my mid term test yet I just can't get myself out of the festival. A procession of Taoism, grand procession that only held once in years. Of course, the consideration between the paper and the procession... well, I solve it all. Anyways, according to source, the procession was held as the deity warned that evil spirits and ghosts are bringing more harm soon. Therefore, procession is needed to be held to ward off those dirty things to protect the citizens. So, it's once in a many years, so why not join the fun? It's even merrier than Chinese New Year and it's also where the gap between young and old generations are bridge. There were many gods and deities on their shrines.

There are floats, loyal disciples, shrines, mediums and joy. Their journey begins from my taman, Bachang, Melaka Baru, Peringgit, Pengkalan Rama, Malim and back to my taman. The temple is located just a road away. Their procession begins from 2.30 pm till 12.30 am. Although, I didn't manage to walk for the procession but I was there to show my support. :)

During the morning, the ritual begins where gods were invited to possess into the medium. The whole lane was full of cars even the main road. It's indeed merry at the temple. Many volunteers had arrived to alleviate the traffic, time flow, welfare and many more. According to the sources, to hold this float procession, it costs roughly RM 100,000++ and thanks to some sponsors, we are able to join the fun. The best part was the firecrackers, a politician was invited to officiate and the shrines were shaken to bring more luck. Sway the shrine!

Firecrackers all the way to mark the procession!

Wee. Dragon dancing!

I love Lion Dance!

God's shrine. (Unsure which god was it)

Main float

Different shrines

Another different shrines

Eight Deities crossing the sea

Another shrine

Another shrine again

This shrine belongs to Guan Gong

The main god Man Gong Man Ma

So, after long consideration from the god through the medium, Thank God he finally agreed to bless us during the procession. Not being superstitious but it's fun. Lifetime experience. Hence, we prepared fruits and foods to be pray. Surprisingly, firecrackers were allowed to be lit. :) So, after watching the opening ceremony, mum and I went back home to get ready.

The offerings

Tea for the gods

They are coming

Firecrackers to mark their arrival

One of the Supreme Gods

Notice the 4WDs

The Supreme God on the way

Mostly, the god enters the house only once and we were lucky as the main god made a turn into my lane and enter the house. Apart from Nezha and his accompanions, the Shang Di god (the Supreme god) had actually came and visited us. The gods or mediums suppose to walk and 'ronda' the whole taman before they actually walk the real procession which is to visited other temples to show respect.

Night falls and the procession is still on and it was quite surprisingly that the weather turned out perfectly nice. Their pit stop, Taman Peringgit Jaya, opposite Sentral Bus Station, to provide dinner for the volunteers and to visit the old temple. So, the whole family went to visit, dad wants to visit his friend who is the Supreme God medium. Meanwhile, I wandered off to get more shots.

Bright lights Trishaws

The opera singers

The gods' figures

The real size of the shrine

They are amusing and cheeky

Three old ladies to sweep the floor. To 'clean' the way for the God.

Shake the SHRINE!

Lions in the dark

The main Shrine

Colorful Beca

Guan Gong

By the time they reached their destination, it's late. Very late. Fireworks were displayed to mark the end of the procession and lion dances were held. Rituals were held to send the gods back to heaven. That's the end of the procession.

Next Monday, there will be a grand dinner held to mark the Supreme God's birthday.

To upload the pictures is tiring after all but it was fun.