Sunday, November 29, 2009

Those were the rebellious days

Back during my rebellious age, my taste of music was somehow kinda odd. I chose to love the rock genre and Linkin Park was my ultimate favourite in the list. As times go by, trends of music changes and so does Linkin Park's music... getting all normal. Not extraordinary as it use to during those days. I still reckon Hybrid Theory the best of all.

I still do listen to other songs apart from Linkin Park but the videos that I'm bound to present are my favourites, back those days.

  1. Matchbox Twenty- Bent. My current addiction. I love their guitar picks.
  2. Goo Goo Dolls- Big Machine. So spiritual.
  3. Trapt- Echo. Sweet song.
  4. The Rasmus- In the Shadow. I like this song but back those days, my friends grossed over the video. The lead singer looks like Chucky from Child's Play. No wonder.
  5. Travis- Sing. Oddity beats the rest. I used to hate this song but after a while, I kinda like it. Cool video.
  6. Foo Fighters- Best Of You. Yeah!!!!
  7. Foo Fighters- Learn to Fly. Yeah!!!
  8. Third Eye Blind- Jumper. The voice seems to be low but overall, it's awesome.
  9. 3 Doors Down- Kryptonite. This is one hella funny.
  10. Nickelback- How you remind me. Sexy voice
  11. Nickelback- Hero. This is the hero, not the Enrique Iglesias soapy sad Hero. (that's too goosebumps).
  12. Blink 182- All the small things and The Rock Show. (Embedding disabled by request).

Enjoy. As time goes, I've change my choice of genre to somehow 'Pleasing ears'.

2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of Whisky and Martell and mixed cocktails. Full tall glasses. I survived.

Happy Birthday to Susu

Susu, in case you're reading this:

Happy 20th Birthday.

May your coming year is all you wish for.

I bet we couldn't even celebrate your 21st birthday. Haha... it's ok.




Joyeux Anniversaire


สุขสันต์ วัน เกิด

생일 축하합니다

С Днем Рождения

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to SL

Few hours ago, I was in Tangkak celebrating grandaunt's birthday, 80 years old and still healthy. Longevity. My alcohol consumption is excessively heavy. I drink more than I eat. Sorry peeps, no pictures taken, it's my grandaunt. Not my grandma. Initially, I felt reluctant to shift my ass to mum's car today as tonnes of assignments to be done but instinct says go. So, I decided to go then without proper attire. I just hope my efforts on those shitty donkey jobs are worth.

Coincidentally, there are another 2 persons that has the same birthday as my grandaunt. SL and Susu. Apparently, Susu is probably celebrating her birthday grandly in US and having loads of fun.

Here's SL's pre birthday celebration.

I was assuming more people to the celebration and two went back due to the long holidays. So, there were a total of 6 people attended. Look at the photos for the whole team.

The girls scammed her for shopping and without seemingly acknowledging her about her celebration. So, we walked and walked around in DP and to be honest, no shopping mood on me. Celebration and convincing her it's just a shopping is all that circles in my head.

Photo session with the Birthday Girl. SL. In case you are wondering, she's the long hair one.

The girls had some snacks and quick bites just to fill the cravings and tummy. (I was so bloody hungry).

After quite some time, the time has come. We bluffed her that we wanted to have our dinner in the layer cake cafe but only Berry and me were looking for the guys. Callings and squinting our eyes to look in the dark at the field for the guys are tough job. Again, we scammed her to the field just to go across the other side.

Ta da... cake's candle were lighting so brightly and the glee of joy on her face were obvious and touching moment. You know the ritual... Stupidly, none of us took pictures of her and the cake. Hahaha.... Thanks to her boyfriend for such surprise. It's sweet to watch both of them.

Here comes the one million dollar question, 'Where to eat?' This particular question does really frustrate me each time when everything is undecided. Let me reveal the truth, originally, it was Bert's Garden in Klebang but due to darkness, creepy stories and donkey jobs, FAILED. Secondly, Harper's restaurant, tight financial this month for everyone and not much people know that place either, FAILED. (That is also a very romantic place). Thirdly, Jerry wanted the Korean Restaurant so much but birthday girl's request, FAILED. Lastly, birthday girl's request, Carry On barbecue and steamboat. PASSED. See, the one million dollar question.

I heard that place before but had never step a foot there or somewhere that area. It's located near to Pure Bar, FYI. Pure Bar kenal lor.. but such place don't know... party beast. Anyways, I was curious on Pure Bar so decided to look at it from the outside. The moment I looked at it, I hated it. Just hate it.

Everyone crawled upstairs to Carry On. My oh my, I've got lots of complaints to do on the layout of the restaurant. Definitely not a safe place to eat. Air conditioned room with smoky barbecue and no air ventilation. It's so cramp that for once, I thought that the restaurant owner is discriminating the fat people. It's dangerous to eat there too... as if gas explosion, no way out. No emergency doors, windows are tightly sealed, small spaces to even walk. I barely move that's because I was sitting inside. MMU students are everywhere and that's some place I try to avoid. Haha... but where's the hygiene and safety inspectors???? Overrated place I think, that's because it's affordable and highly recommended by MMU students. I wouldn't recommend it but due to the price, that's where I say, 'you short on money? let's go there and pray that we eat safely'.
Barbecue and steamboat's ingredients are just usual but more varieties and fresher. I got oil burnt while eating and there was a slight explosion of the food when water drips down to the foil. See, no place to run and just by avoiding it, it's too cramp there. But, all I ever did was barbecue and very little on steamboat. I love to see how my food got cook. Haha... Too busy to eat, no photos on food. Dangerous.

The celebrator team.

After an hour, I was the first one to leave. Out the whole day, I'm finally tired and exhausted.

My wish for the birthday girl:

Happy 20th BIRTHDAY. May you be happy always.

Now, no time for assignments, sleep is even important. What a reason.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 rant and few colorful ecstatic emotions

Fatigue, lethargic and tired. These are the only three words that's circling round my mind. Despite, the whole day in the campus (from morning to night), the fatigue feeling has surfaced. My intentions of going online for academic purpose had turned into some rants and entertainments. I need discipline. The whole day, I've to go through all sorts of shitty emotions.

Morning: I'm worried and anxious over the bloody shit actions that I did yesterday. The stupidest action ever and I was embarrassed by myself.

Noon: I was ecstatic and over joy but at the same time, my foot's bruise is paining. You see, yesterday, I had a 'kungfu' stances show hand with my brother and he cheated. He stepped my foot thrice. I was laughing for pain. Back to the story, I was over joyed cause I solved a big issue and I spread my joy around.

Evening: Ecstatic too but just don't know why. The whole time, I was laughing of Russell Peter's Indian accent on 'Mind blasting'. Funny shits. People on the walkway must been thinking that I'm crazy. Besides, computer lab partner of the day.

Night: Wasn't really ecstatic anymore but I was so clumsy. Now I'm wondering how many objects I've knock it down. Well, my ass is big.

This whole 'girls-shouldn't-swear' issue really bugs me. What is the fucking wrong with girls' swearing??? I talked to so many guys and the moment I swear, they lecture me like some grandfather's story. Even my grandpa doesn't lecture me this way. You males are gender bias. You males are the fucking most discriminative person. Don't deny you cina ah pek. Don't act as if you've got the authorities. Except for Jon. He does accept my habit.

I received a sms on the bloody shit appreciation dinner. KFC for appreciation dinner??? I knew it!!!!!!!!! Stupid fucking leader leading the whole event definitely resulting stupid pathetic dry account. I don't think I wanna waste my time and hurting my eyes to see and experience that whole stupid fake shit atmosphere. Besides, I'm the underdog and unappreciated. Why waste my bloody time. Don't forget, when I say I hate you, I really hate you. I mean it. Being the typical inactive and anti social girl, I rather sit down and listen to my friends' lecture on bullshits rather than going to hypocrites' craps.

Monday, November 23, 2009

People, my blog is still moving.

Just done partially of my assignments and part of my brain cells just went kaput. Plus, long hours of staring the monitor is really nothing but hurting my eyes. I don't want to wear glasses.

I went stumbling on my friends' blog, there's this section where their friends' blog updates can be seen. So, I scrolled down to look at mine, Holy Shmoly, my timeline was still a week ago. It seems like my blog had been paused for a week... well, to them. But, my blog is still alive and it has already updated. The one-week-ago-post was about Lady Gaga and Hello Kitty. Aargh... hell no. Readers, if you've keep following me, I express my gratitude for concerning my blog and do keep on reading. Your the man!

To all girls out there, I've bring some good news to you people. Pretty clothes and affordable, extremely cheap! Every piece of garment costs only RM25. Yeah, RM 25... dresses, prom dresses, t-shirts and so on. RM 25 ONLY!!!!!! Where can you find such extremely good price for clothes? If you're wondering are they second hand, sorry to say, they are all 1st hand. Yes, first hand with such good price.

Oh wait, there's more... they have Crocs, Coach's bag and more to come.

Girls out there,

Visit this link

Believe me, you'll find something that you like there.

Guys, if you're reading this, don't worry, they have computer hardwares too. But, they are definitely not RM 25. But worth to visit, who knew when you browse, you see something you might like. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New album, Battle Studies

Battle Studies is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking awesome

John Mayer's new album rocks with great new elements. So him.

Half of My Heart has Taylor Swift featuring. Just FYI.

Couple of songs for you guys. They are good.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black forest ain't that bad

I've got weary eyes today and I slept twice in the class. Superb. My eyes never felt this heavy before.. in campus. So tired but just wouldn't want to spend my time for a wink.

Tonnes of questionnaires to be hand out for my assignment and the moment I'm holding the questionnaires I felt pathetic. Whose gonna fill in for me? I went to the library with Nisak and we are handling out our friend's part too. So total on hand 55++. Yet only 10++ were filled. Pathetic. Why la the leader thinks we have so much connection??? Thank goodness that's not my real job in the real world. Abud ate my questionnaire... he went MIA after I hand out to him. Argh!

Yeah, just bought a birthday cake for dad. Black forest... hmmm...but he loves banana cakes. Oh well, I can make one for him... just one fine day.

John Mayer's new album is out. I gotta check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, LBP all night long!

Monday, November 16, 2009

20 years old sound like new retiree. FML.

I'm proud to say that I've made some progress in studies today. yeah, today. Despite the heavenly long weekends, I only managed to carry my notes around the house and revised few pages. Not even close to a chapter. I don't know what I did. I sat at home and kept asking myself what to do. Hello, I'm already 2o years old and sounded like new retiree. FML.

Today, I manage to catch up a bit. A BIT only. I'm proud of reducing the time I spent on internet which reduces my risk of technostress. I'm also proud to say that I achieve 100% completing collection for two levels in Little Big Planet. 2 hours. Tell me. Thanks to the heavy academic tests.

Speaking of corporate restructuring, I've to restructure my strategies again. For assignment. I need to be quick and I don't have much time left. =(

Tough Life. Tell me about it.

It is so hard to be in zombish

Drunk? Noh.

Happy? Not in the mood.

You've just wasted your time here.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can't believe my mum said these to me.

Mum popped a very odd and peculiar statement which I think it's cool.

I was settling down the sofa holding a purple color body cream container, then she stared at my hair.

"Your current hair is just beautiful and the length is just nice. You maintain your current hairstyle. Later on, dye this purple color and you look cool."

The color purple of the container. But I wish I could find metallic purple.

I can't believe she said that and I've to rewind her words numeral times in my shocking brain. Purple! The purple color body cream container... what made her thought of that? I thought she agreed with orange and she commented on purple. But the first line kept me flattered as I really do love my hair and I always love my hair.

Now, she's tempting me with purple but I like the orange hype.

There are reasons why I choose orange and there are also reasons why I reject purple. Both of the colors are good. Still, if you are expecting to see my hair dye the coming days.... I shall say not so soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sleep Endurance - GNT

Here I present Sleep Endurance. Funny like hell. It maybe cruel but... have fun la...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lady Gaga and Hello Kitty

Lady Gaga with Hello Kitty photoshoot. Should I be laughing or adoring?
Lady Gaga as usual with her eccentric and 'outstanding' fashion.
I ain't a big supporter of Lady Gaga but those pictures look stunning except... with Hello Kitty.

[Click the pictures to enlarge]

Love + Hate = Mystery

The mystery of love and hate is beyond the confusion chemistry in each human's life. The life everyone is living is a mystery. The world is a mystery. Love + Hate= Undeniably confusion.

The current situation with the eustress and stress is a complicating love hate situation

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Karma got me back and it ain't any fool

This is so ridiculous, I've got 2 midterms next week, rushing assignment (I miscalculated the timing) and tonnes of things to do yet my Google Chrome is filled with unwanted websites. My eyelids want to shut the eyes so much till I've got to slap myself to be awake. How pathetic. I turn to blog instead...

Let's see...

I've got companies' annual reports to read.

I've got notes to jot down. (I don't print it out these days)

I've got assignments awaiting for me to be done.

Despite, my cruelty on tormenting people (mentally), now Karma has come back. It's my turn to be feel torture on stress. Oh karma... I'll turn it into eustress. How's 'bout that?


Buddha says Don't waste food

Soak thrice in a day. Rain and Shine.

I got soaked thrice in a day, rain and shine, how dynamic.

This morning, I'm so cold till I need to sit under the bright shiny sun to bask myself for the great SUN's warmth.

Secondly, my classmates and I attempt to go for lunch during class hour as some of us might hit with a gastric and we are starving, desperate for food. An hour plus later, the thunder roars mightily and rain pours madly... attempt, FAILED. So, we finish our class proudly, (my proud-ness of avoiding ponteng tho I'm so so so hungry). Getting ourselves to another location for lunch is like jumping into the swimming pool. My pants and hair are wet. My heels are wet. That's some situation to ponder. I hate being wet with clothes on.

Thirdly, hours later, it's time for me to go back and awaiting for Genius Lim to pick me up. The rain finally stopped... the moment I step out from the library it drizzle and drizzle and drizzle till I finally reach the vehicle. Perfect TIMING.

How many times do I need to tweak my body temperature with the mother nature's temperature? One minute, you see scorching sun, the next minute, you see madly rain. That's mother nature.

Cold cold cold.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i love to see certain people suffer in short semester

This is so fun to see Genius Lim is in stress condition which concludes that short semester is extremely fast pace. (I know you like to see your name here, you *****).

And so, I need catchy songs to fasten my tasks... or kan cheong songs to increase my speed in executing my tasks efficiently and FASTER. Apparently, those songs are Japanese songs, I can't believe it till I finished a task minutes ago. Certain songs la...

Too much money after too little things

Okies, back to Gaki No Tsukai.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shit stuff to do

Stuff to kill the time:

Offend people in forums, pretending to be anonymous

Load songs that I completely don't understand

Watch Gaki No Tsukai

Telling myself to be anti social person

Reading stupid shits

Googling for all the wrong reasons

Stumbling the wrong websites... almost. Whatcha thinking?

Turning myself into geek

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Such funny and humorous production and why the suicide rate is still high- Japan

There are tonnes for me to do, academically, but I just couldn't be bother with one of my favourite sites, YouTube for entertaining myself.

The story begin like this on how my funny bones got funnier...

Once upon a time,
I was stumbling upon a list... and I found a list of videos on funny shits. I was excited and anxious, I quickly played the videos for it to buffer. As I watched I spotted on great and authentic comical and humorous shows by a group of men. Gaki No Tsukai. Judging from the name, I knew it's from Japan and from there I continued watching their shows and game shows. Luckily, those uploaders had uploaded videos with subtitles or else I'll be watching it pretending I understand what they say.
And, I lived happily ever after with those shows... at least for few weeks.

Believe me, Japanese are creative and got great, huge sense of humors. However, there's this fact that leads me to ponder, such talented people yet the suicide rate of the country is consider high or maybe it's the highest. How could the Japanese be so depressed????? Their creativity that they had placed inside the show is astounding and astonishing (from my POV, it means the things that we Malaysians could least think of). Even the Taiwan and HK copied their styles.

Ok, let me put in a couple of videos for you guys. Spot the guy name Endo, he's handsome. Matsumoto and Hamata are just fun people. Yamasaki is brilliant. Tanaka, long and fair face, high patience and tolerance. Total of participants= 5

Three videos should be enough, there are 25 parts... you go on and continue from YouTube. Previously, there are general places to be the theme, such as high school, newspaper agency and so on. But the one I'm presenting you is in a hospital. Serious funny shits. It keeps you laughing and I'm serious. Laugh it all hard, damn!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gossip Girls is teaching bad stuff to kids

I need to officially declare that I know how to improve my EQ which I learn within 30 seconds. Super duper fast right?

Why waste saliva on talking when no one's listening?
Simple answer. We just need to talk for every reason.

Conserve energy for better things to do. Talking and blaming among each other is only wasting time and putting rocks on the sinking ship.

After watching Gossip Girls for two episodes on two different seasons, all those bitches and bastards got nothing best to do but acting like bitches and bastards. So pathetic. I must say this show only influence brats to spoil brats. Rich bastards and bitches, money, sex and power. I just don't understand why girls are attach to this stupid drama? The bitches just couldn't respect each other's privacy and I understand girls do gossip and me too, but not to the extent of harassing each individual's privacy. I bet those bitches in the drama are bimbos.

Pushing Daisies' plots are even way better than Gossip Girls. At least baking pies seems to be even ethical.

Windy windy

Windy day,

It is so windy that I kept fixing my hair straight like a woman escaping from the psychiatric hospital.

It is so windy that the wind blew away my short memories and I became so blur.

Currently, in the stage of headache... trouble is a friend, trouble is a friend.

Major headache and the brain can't think properly.

The big thought of this day is the world is never fair

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a bull

Guess what I found with my eyes?

Bloody awesome right?


That foggy atmosphere suck my skin's moisture till dry.

Don't talk cocks and bulls with me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

33 Funny Exam Answers

Funnily, I took out my newly bought textbook to... highlight key terms as I don't print notes for this semester. (Saving papers). Dad came home with three packs of Wan Tan Mee, so the whole family dig it. After finishing the noodles, I came here again. AGAIN. I just left this table ten minutes ago and I came here unconsciously. That's zombie-ish.

Anyways, I came here to read funny shits again, useless facts, tips and tricks which is completely useless. But for all of the reason, I just want to have a good laugh. Nope, no Russell Peters today, videos of R.Peters in latest comedy stand up seems to be removed already. How mad. Thus, I stumble the web somewhere else and it's funny shit like hell.

Suddenly, I'm missing MJ and thanks to LIFE, I'm able to view the rare pictures of him.

Ok, I don't really like to share cool websites with you people but just for once. I read 'many of them' and you explore the 'many of them'.

Now, back to boredom. Awaiting for the time to play Little Big Planet. Trying to refrain myself from computer games

At the mean time, funny boneS.

Saturday, Sunday and short Monday

Saturday, a day which I regard as Movie Week for that particular week. I spent my wasted time watching useless movies and clips in YouTube instead of doing something useful. Let's see, I watched Wedding Date, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Russell Peters comedy stand up and This Is It. I thought of buffering Love Actually but it takes damn bloody shit long to buffer. I want more old movies.

MJ's This is It, was awesome and as usual, the cinema theater's surround sound is superb and of course I do enjoy. I thought of watching it again. Maybe on the last day of screening. I need MJ's fans to watch together. I need appreciation on MJ's concert instead of giggles in the cinema. Damn, no lean, no moonwalk, no PYT, no Dangerous, the choreography timing for Thriller is short... but Thriller 3D was fucking awesome.

Sunday, a lazy day. Loiter around the sofas and tv. Seriously, I'm so tired and I don't know how I got those fatigue in me. Instead of doing assignment, I did a short note... literally, 3 more chapters to go. Besides, I got attracted by The Sims, my brother drew my attention to upkeep his family which I ended up as mine. It's a Sunday game and I played so many games till I forgotten to look at the time.


I hate wasting time.

I hate people who spit publicly

I hate people who don't reply my message when I impose question (screw you people)

I hate to wait for male friends. Gentleman please. Even female friends, sometimes. (Ridiculous, at times)

I hate people who waste food for display

I hate cliches

I hate people who complain non stop (my ears explode)

I hate HATE

Will be away for two fucking awesome days