Sunday, January 31, 2010

This late night still want to do open burning meh? Burn day and night beh sian ar??? Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!

This is so knn lor..

Fuckers out there conducting free open burning, I see police cars roaming up and down but no actions during the morning. This is so sial.

It's been burning from morning until this time around. Yes, motherfucking NIGHT.

Who the hell is lighting up those weeds and bushes this late night?

Ya know what's the most utmost type of burning?

It's when you search around the taman with your freaking car to track down the fire but you see no fire. FUCKING TERROR sial!

I'm not only suffocating from the air I breathe lor, smells like dying and trapping all the cool atmosphere.

Usually, this bloody time around at this time of the year, the air is suppose to be cooling cause it's bloody night.

But noh, the MOTHERFUCKER is so bloody self centered bastard/bitch, burn the whole daytime not enough meh??? Still want to burn during the night??? What the fuck you wanna burn? The whole house or the whole stretch of my area of plants????? You better don't kill my plants lor especially my juniper trees.

TMD, if it's a bitch, that bitch is burning her ex-bastard stuff cause she got cheated. Maybe she's having PMS or menopause. Lao eh!

If bastard, that son of a cow must been suffering car minor damages or maybe it's that bastard. (The recent incident of two bloody bastards beating each other on highway for some tiny damages). Or that bastard kisiao, just accidentally murdered his ex-bitch, burn her corpse and the house.

Lao eh, si enforcers roaming up and down but their 'eyes seems to be hitting bird' (hokkien direct translation). TMD.

If I found out which fucking culprit is doing such irresponsible and unethical, I'm gonna set up some rubbish on fire in front of their porch. TMD.

Or if possible, I burn your plants if you have any. Burn your car as well.

Eh, if you want to burn please la... go somewhere deserted and burn la... there's weak and old people in this area ok.

If it's gomen ar, can I sue ar? No notice on open burning then torment us with the bloody smoke. Where are the enforcers? There's law on illegal open burning and the enforcers are not taking charge. Really fucking useless.

I'm sweating with the highest fan's speed. The horrendous smokes are snowballing in my nose.

Sorry, I've to be this extent beyond my words. To the motherfucking culprits bitches/bastards, diu nia seng!!!!!

Open burning one time enough lar.. why do it so many times a day? What is there to burn???? Your ex pictures??? Your after sex condoms???? Your illegal files???? Your cocaines??? Your heroines??? Your marijuana??? Aiyo, use shredder, flush down the toilet bowl, break it, surrender to the police la or whatever it is you can do it indoor la... Don't take your miseries with us lar, once is enough.

Dahlah, can't turn on air cond cause the smoke is too strong to enter the house. Cipek sial!

I hope you bloody egoistics dream your precious are burning like hell.

Even the fireworks also smell better than your open burning. Next time burn perfume ok!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My dye story

So, typically when CNY is coming, people tend to look nice for the new year... I'm one of them. Though, I just dyed during the early December, hell... the color faded off. Bought the wrong brand.

Instead, I got wiser, spend more money on everlasting color. You see, I wanted some bright orange but the lovely hair of mine just refused to eat the color from the previous dye color. Something flaming red, the name of the dye color. it's freaking flame red and nothing happen.

There, I've to dye twice. This time, I got Mary Jane's hair color except darker. Mary Jane from Spiderman.

The color is proudly to be approve by mum. Like I always said, you got to see me live.

I just realize my paternal side has like big big eye bags, even grandma. Oh no! Besides, majority of us owns faces with long shape.

Friday, January 29, 2010

One at a time fellows

While everyone is moving forward,

I'm still pacing on the same spot.

Eyes of green are staring at me, it torn myself apart.

I can't bear to lift my head to stare the color.

The storms had put a yellow tape to sideline my journeys.

When is the bright sun and thick clouds are going to be in the picture?

Weeds and tall grasses snatch my breathtaking scenery away.

I stand and yearn for lavender fields with butterflies rejoicing with their love ones.

'Ahh', it's the sound of my exhale, embracing the relaxation.

Soon, I'll produce such rhythm to mark the ease of burden.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need Ogawa or Osim or any massage devices!

Another tiring day,

I woke up at 8am and awaiting for 10am feels like 12pm.

It's my longest morning in my life.

Unprepared to be acknowledge by all the surroundings.

'Surprises' never fail to pop in and leave miseries for me.

"The good days are coming soon, really soon" is a chant for me.

Chewing gum has also became my new stress reliever.

The scorching sun has been a 'great' companion.

Butterflies constantly appear and flying around.

It's too beautiful.

The hill is serene at the moment, crickets sounds are sufficient to fill the atmosphere.

Before the door close, thinking I am stronger.

The moment the door close, my tears couldn't help but to roll down.

I lied to myself.

Too much to handle.

It was a brief torture for emotions.

RIP, my last respect for the very last time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've got WHERE THE LIGHT IS- JOHN MAYER. Like finally!

The night seems to be a little unmotivated, too much tasks to settle at one time.

Time is the major problem, time is too limited to chase.

My body has been worn out and still sacrificing the pain in front of this Charles Babbage invention.

For the sake of my tasks and works.

Last night, attempt to fall asleep was a nightmare, the process of falling asleep was tormenting mentally.

Results, I fell asleep in the class during the evening but it was a major accomplishment for me to stay put from the early of the day till the departure of dusk.

Early dusk was also almost a tragedy if I hadn't turned on my paranoia.

I cycled up and down the whole neighbourhood to look for my love one.

After all, it's just my paranoia, my love one is fine. That moment had proven my goodness in me and I'm proud of it. Grown up, by bits.

I've been chanting,'the good days are coming, it's a part of process and just bear with it'.

With all my hopes I thrown in, please let it happen.

Sorry if I ever ignore or snap off.

Status: Dilemma.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part of Eulogy 1

I can't bear the look the sorrows and sadness on my uncle's face.

My cousins love and respect their mother, couldn't accept the reality.

It happened too sudden and everyone couldn't accept the fact.

I paid my last respect to her for I shall always remember her passion and kindness.

It took me quite a long time to accept such shocking news.

She left for a better world.


Rest in Peace, my aunt.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh sweet child

I'm still a child.

A child who is still naive to believe everything appears right in front of the eyes.

A child who is still refusing to believe the world is round.

A child who is spoil.

A child who still falls with bruises and cuts.

A child who see everything by the surface.

When will I ever grow up?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frat Packs

Come, let's guess the movie before I begin with the critics.

Clue1: This movie was banned in M'sia.
Clue2: It's similar to 'I wanna be Model', HK version.
Clue3: Frat Packs are inside.

Baahahaha.. Can you guess?

This movie has serious stupidity but it was rated as fresh by Rotten Tomatoes.

It is none other than Zoolander, which revolves people around the fashion and modeling industry. Plus, the typical myth, 'models are brainless and stay pretty' could somewhat nonsensical.

It's a great comedy movie that provides sufficient stupidity from Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferell.

Why is it stupid?
Everyone knows that playing with the gasoline nozzles are hazardous, don't mention about the spraying the gasoline on humans. Yes, Derek Zoolander's house mates were killed by freak gasoline accident.

Do the models have to stay pretty all the time?
Apparently, the Frat Packs had instilled the concept in everyone of us through out the whole movie.

Why is this movie banned in M'sia?
Initially, Mugatu was charged for child labor and sweatshops in M'sia. Of course, he picked Zoolander, the famous male model to assassinate the PM. The PM is somehow a skinny Chinese man. Now, you tell me, why isn't Malaysia got furious over the bad portrayal? A skinny Chinese man??? How many have you seen are skinny Chinese man? Bahahaha....

Bonus: Numerous of celebrities had made cameos in this movie. Unbelievable.
People like Donald and Melanie Trump, Fred Durst, David Duchovny, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Lenny Kratvitz, Billy Zane and more... really!

I must say, it's a good movie and here's the facts, this movie was screened after the incident 9/11. Watch it if you can stand the wrong facts on M'sia.

Another movie from Frat Packs is 'The Royal Tenenbaums'.

Some might heard before or watched it over Astro. Sorry, parents unsubscribe the channels and we, kids just have to be flexible.

It's a dramedy movie which fixed my eyeballs on the movie. Although there are very few laughs but you can definitely find the humor in it. It's not something like LOL movies, TRT requires sarcasm.

A dysfunctional family I would labeled where the Tenenbaums children are gifted with special talents. Unfortunately, the typical stereotype, geniuses own weird and bizarre habits. Apparently, they do have weird and bizarre habits or disorders.

Chas (the eldest son, Ben Stiller): He's a maths and business genius who developed some obsessions towards his sons' safety.

Margot (the adopted daughter, Gywneth Paltrow): A playwright prodigy, whose good in literature and theater plays. Unfortunately, she prefers to remain mysterious, excessive smoking since 12 and bizarre relationships.

Richie, (the youngest son, Luke Wilson): An extraordinary tennis player whom developed his love feelings to Margot. Drink Bloody Mary with pepper.

There are few more characters with dysfunctional role such as the father of Tenenbaum's children, the boy who lives opposite Tenenbaums had always wanted to become one of them and more.

Great movie if you love sarcasm and not LOL movies. Every scene is climax and exciting, non stop.

P/S: I love Frat Packs

Awkward Phase

I don't know if people around me realized this but I just found out myself in an awkward phase. I felt awkward to people around me when the conversations die out or even just greetings.

I think my social skills had turned rusty and I felt nervous facing crowds where my eyes are landing everywhere but not on humans.

This is what happens when you confine yourself too long in the home sweet home. But, seriously, I'm part of anti-socialist to those I despise and hate.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wake up,

Please fall back to the reality and stop wandering in fantasies.

Even if it's losing, let it lose by some natural occurrence.

Don't let it turn into stone and carry it around the shoulders.

It's just a foot away and I shall be there.

Cry if you need

Scream if you want

Laugh if you feel

As long as you come back to yourself

I need to stop being a whiny bitch

Monday, January 18, 2010

The final verdict of Haiti's aftermath...what the hell am I pointing?


I'm watching SNL!!!

Oh, had a discussion on Haiti's misfortune with Jon today. Incident which finally came, when the Haiti's government had collapsed, what will they do?
Will it be the US takeover as the 51st state?
Will the underground society @ gangsters take charge?
Will the Haitians take charge?
I've been waiting for the answers.

US the very A is always displaying their authorities and powers even in such misfortune.

Current status: heart broken with continuous irrelevant happenings. Example: been a fool standing and lining up, nothing fruitful happens. Fuck the system.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love the dress up games and I'm not shame of it.

Rate my boredom!

I'm playing dress up games and it's fun! Even my brother loves messing around with it. Unisex game. haha

The models given are mostly in anime form where extremely large eyes and exaggerating hairdos is enough to convince you.

Well, some are cool and some are fun that comes in with different themes.

Just look at my design will do. {Click to enlarge for better view}

My favourite theme is the winter collection dress up. Many choices and selections for mix and match.

Second, it's the princess dress up. Pastel colors and mix and match.

Third, the yukata or kimono dress up. It comes with fireworks display and also... the hairdos are freaking cool.

Fourth, the student dress up. I love the sleeveless khaki cashmere and the sling bag.

Fifth, the Lolita dress up or Gothic look.

Sixth, the Paris fashion dress up. Not much choices though.

Lastly, the Ganguro theme. I thought they should insert more blings blings and outrageous clothes. Sadly, less choices and boring layout.

You may find these games in DeviantArt. Just type dress up games and you will definitely find, not one but many. By the way, all these themes are created by the same designer. Kudos. Sorry, I'm too lazy to post the link.


I'm still at page one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadline is coming towards nearer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ahhh choooo!!!!

Shocking news!

Google in China has stop operating yesterday and that's due to the freedom of access internet issue in China. Google is one of the best organizations to work in (no boring cubicles and formal attires)... that's sad. There goes the golden ticket...

I'm under the state of 'on the way to drunk' and sick. Sore throat had been a pain in the throat for like 3 fucking days. While they say avoid foods such as cold stuff, sweet stuff, fried stuff, spicy stuff and chickens. I was too stubborn to avoid food like ice creams, sambal, chocolates and most of all ice creams.

I can't tolerate the absence of ice creams when I'm craving desperately for it. In the end, I swallowed numerous of lozenges... Strepsils. At least, it gave me the chances to try different flavours of the lozenges. Haha... and it's not cheap ok.

Secondly, I was attacked by flu in the evening and I couldn't find the reason to the flu. I've been sneezing... with my mouth closed. Hygiene.

Now, I'm on-my-way-to-drunk because of the wine that my mum and I had bought earlier today. We swept 5 bottles of the wine from the wine shop and the taste is remarkably sweet. Plus, it gets me drunk easier with merely 2 sips. C'mon the alcohol level is like... 13%, there must be something wrong with the label and descriptions. Yet, the wine had cured my flu, temporarily.

Ya know, I think the whole world population is in a relationship. Almost everyone I knew are in a relationship and I felt like a loser or an outcast. Ok la.. outcast sounds appropriate. For heaven's sake, do I really need a boyfriend or I really need it just to be in the game with everyone??? (proposing the question to oneself). There shall be a season of love and a season of breakups. Like some hunting seasons and mating seasons. Cliche.

Dear God of Matchmaker, can I have Jacob Black's personality, love and affection + Brad Pitt's shoulders and voice + Taylor Lautner's abs + Ananda Everingham's look + George Clooney's style + Quentin Tarantino's IQ + Russell Peter's humors + Bill Gate's wealth as my boyfriend?

Haha ... I'm asking too much and the God definitely gonna mark a cross on my list. No one's perfect and I'm just so reluctant to read anymore of finance stuff. Stupid list and suck joke anyways.

This is so fucking irritating, I've been reading tonnes of materials on my research and I couldn't type a shit out of it, even the background. Where the hell is my brain?????

Signing off,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just some craps when dad stole my channels. Ahaks

I was watching Merlin and dad came to switch the channel away, this explains why am I here.

Let's talk about my sweet dreams and beautiful nightmare that keep recurring lately. As days passed by, particular scenes had reoccurred which sort of like a deja vu.

Older folks told me that's because I watched too much of TV or I played too much. Their hypotheses was rejected lor. According to the scientific theory, there's something relating to the REM (rapid eye movement).... ahh... screw sciences.

The old wives tales is just a myth, I've lessen my amount of time with the idiot box and I've been inactive ever since after puberty. I do feel tired after making those non sensible dreams and nightmares.

Last week, for freaking 7 nights, I had dreams and nightmares consecutively and those dreams are fantastic.

Let's see there's fantasies, horrors, ghosts, fears, and colors.

Colors, right, I ain't a big fan of pink color and I really do sort of, kinda, maybe hate pink. How ironic, my dreams filled with pink and it's a nightmare to me!!! I was facing ladies with pink color items on them and pink is everywhere!!!

Blue is my favorite color (but I own more green items than blue) and the blue resembles tsunami, instead of dirty brown seawaters but it's clear blue or turquoise like the swimming pool. And so the whole world was soaked with that blue.

Ghosts... numerous times and they get freaky each dream. It's like they level up or something.

But the oddest one was Taylor Lautner 'guest appearance' in my dream last night... I have to admit, I was watching Twilight and New Moon for spotting the differences game on Jacob. Thus, I have to finally admit that the old wive tales is accepted. By the way, Taylor Lautner looks so much better without doing extensive of spikes on his hair. He's got the shoulder broadness, according to my measurement.

Ok, dad gone to sleep. I'm back for Merlin.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laser song from Ocean's Twelve


Tiring day indeed, I got to do the house chores the most today and it made me felt even older. My pancake brunch was a success and blissful.

I made my own batter without buying the pre- mix flour and for once I got it right. Proud!

Typically, I ate it with butter and honey, the house is out of jam and ice cream. Besides, my golden coins are cinnamon flavored, my love for cinnamon. Imagine, I'm eating my pancakes with my favourite sitcoms. How good can it gets???

Just so bloody tired and I couldn't think of any movies to watch. Queen of Langkasuka?? Any Thai movies?

Besides listening to Dan In Real Life soundtrack, I'm also listening to Paramore- I caught myself and Ocean's Twelve Laser Song (the audiences named it) Thé à la Menthe -La Caution- Instrumental.

Ocean's Trilogy... how George Clooney maintained his wits with style?
How Brad Pitt got his shoulders broadness perfect?
Why Bernie Mac died early?
How Matt Damon outsmart George Clooney in the trilogies?
How Vincent Cassel made his way out of the laser room perfectly? (Monica Bellucci's husband)
How this team pull their asses off with such accurate prediction?

P/S: Robert Pattinson is a lousy singer and he definitely can't sing.


Friday, January 8, 2010

The Last King Of Scotland A+++

This is an A+++ movie and the moment the tyrant appears, I'm drawn to it. By the way, I'm still disturbed by the movie and after you watch it, you will know why. Plus, it's even horrifying than horror movies which the Ugandans are brutally murdered, killed and tortured. The Last King Of Scotland.

I was stunned by Forest Whitaker's portrayal especially his accents. He's an American and his accent is definitely convincing. Apart from that, he had definitely put in the charismatic of president which is why I was drawn to him and not the hot looking James McAvoy. Forest, you rock!!!

If any of you are too ignorant to know who is the Ugandan iron fist man, let me have the honor to tell you. Idi Amin, the non other than the iron fist dictator whom in the end is having paranoia, brutality and xenophobia and having overthrown down from his throne. He died in the exile of Saudi Arabia in year 2003. If Idi Amin is so brutal, imagine Adolf Hitler except 10 times even violence.

Now, people, this is a real true story of Idi Amin but the other leading character, Nicholas Garrigan, played by James McAvoy is a fictional character. The other cast which I hardly recognized until the credits is Gillian Anderson (Scully from X-Files) but she played a minor role.

Let's skip to the lesson part.

Lessons I've learned from here is egoistic. You see, beginning of the movie, James's character is egoistic after Idi Amin look highly on him and made him to be his personal doctor and advisor. He turned down against the English (which he called it English bastard) when they are trying to give him warnings on Idi Amin. He see them as threat which in the end, he desperately needed their help. After all, he's still a youngster.

Second lesson, never mess with someone's wife/husband when their spouse owns a high status and wealth. =)

Sorry, I'm just too sloth to explained the plot for you. Go Wiki and check out the awards. This is a A+++ movie and watch it if you're 18 and above. Heavy nudity is on.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sondre Lerche

Last night, I had a misfortune of dreams and funnily, I turned out to be smiling my day. No idea what was it.

I found these songs by accident through movies. Oh well, it's already on the video and I don't have to say it. Finally, I came to acknowledge this talented singer, Sondre Lerche, a Norwegian. If you like Jazz or indie rock, this goes along with your tea.

Dan in Real Life is a good movie which of course you want to learn on parenting skills, looking at the hot French main actress and Rhode Island.

The first song is so cheerful which goes along with the title 'To be Surprised'. The opening of the song illustrates my long journeys with convertible car that complements with the jolly sun. The unique instruments that had tangled all the way with other instruments made me smiled.

The second song, fine and cool. I illustrated myself with starting my new day with a cereal and orange juice on hand, watching birds fly across in my apartment. Then, off for a new day.

The third song made me realized how pathetic and clumsy my life was... at least the music rhythms projected it this way.

P/S: Apart from the movie 'Twilight', Ocean's 11 had used Claire de Lune as well.

I really did picked up some stuff from movie, didn't I?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One of my favourite classic songs and if I mean classic, it is the old composers such as Beethoven or Mozart. But any unlikely case, I prefer Debussy.

This particular music was introduced by a friend of mine long time ago and I'm still loving it. Maybe it's because it suits me for I'm a dreamy girl. I need time to discover the rest of Debussy masterpiece.

Clair De Lune. It's been played by Astro for mourning Yasmin Ahmad's losses.

Second, it's Reverie.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm so bloody happy, that's all!

I got what I wanted with merely clicking here and there. I don't have to spend money on the desired item. My joy is indescribable just like owning a candy cane.


Movies time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta rest my eyes frequently though cause I'll be doing tonnes of READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Twilight: Stupid Perfection Romance Story. Too 'Perfect'.

OMFG, I just finished watching New Moon and so I was right. Bella is a stupid girl except she's not acting like a bimbo. *sigh* I'm now considering whether to continue getting Stephenie Meyer's books. Ya know Jacob and Bella can be a good pair but Stephenie Meyer wanted guys like Byronic heroes (Edward Cullen for example) in her dreams. I didn't realize Taylor Lautner has a cleft on his chin until Kelly told me. Hahaha... and no cause I don't root for Jacob because of his cleft. Again, Bella is a stupid girl and Edward is starting to tick me off, that's all. Read the links I posted then you shall understand why I ticked off.

I still got Midnight Sun's draft where it's Edward's monologue. *Pfft*

Here are some proofs and articles to make you laugh on shitty Twilight.

Urban Dictionary: Bella Swan Definitions

Stupid Creation of Stupid Bella and Stupid Jeep

Ok, seriously, the first link, I find it hilarious. Every sentence made me laughed and even harder. The rest are just fine.

Here's Taylor Lautner on SNL. Remember how much I love SNL portraits???