Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today, what matters the most... is not about shopping and materialistic fun time. In fact, the shopping complex located near the building had cleared all my mood. SOGO. No Subway and Bubba Gump Shrimp. I just don't want to be 'a hungry girl is an angry girl'.

The highlights of the day was laughters that we had done. You know, like bunch of animals from zoo. Nevertheless, we are proud of ourselves for being cooperative to the max.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I want my fucking earphones!!!

Tapi, sudah rosak wor!

Nabeh, so tormenting!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There's a paper awaiting for me tomorrow night. Yet, I even hardly start studying, just couldn't concentrate well. Finally, I understand why is everyone wishing for 平安无事. Too tough and too much to accept those reality.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More narcissistic disease

I don't know if I should yell to get my life back or just leave it this way. Everything disorganize, impromptu 'trips', sudden events and missing classes. Fantastic.

Anyways, I was browsing some photos from the sudden famous group, 'Beauty and Charm of MMU students' in FB. Just getting some rest.

Aiyoyo, aba ama, muka macam itu pun boleh kira lengzai and lenglui? Where are the real good looks? Such benchmarks...

Think again, this whole informal votes on the best physical look has turn into a site of gossips and bitches. You must be thinking I'm diagnosed from 'sour grapes', well... God knows. I don't have good looks and devil's body either.

Anyways, it is a stupid group to turn on such phenomenal hype. Each minute, I can see my friends were being tagged in an unknown camwhore pictures. It's getting bloody annoying to see those posts are bulking up and wasting my time to keep scrolling as I was searching for rewards from Farmville.

People, if you're just gonna keep voting, you are so gonna turn those nominees into some narcissistic disease which sooner or later alter ego. You can say I'm jealous cause I wasn't part of it. Well, I'm just gonna say that you're one of them as well. It's like turning into 'American way' of high school bitches. Who is fucking popular and who is not.

Stupid group

Monday, March 22, 2010

there's too much for me to hate

I might sound or look like a mess for these recent weeks. Thanks to the endless complications and difficulties given by the cakap tin kosong.

But, all I want to express is...

I hate ah bengs and ah lians

I hate motorcyclist, especially the fat ones

I hate those fucking crows for terrorizing my serenity zone

I hate dogs with big teeth

I hate tiao kei people (they always challenge my patience)

I hate kids pretending to be grown up

I hate kiasu people... only because they always fight to queue in the line just for everything

I hate drivers that don't turn their bloody signals on

I hate bullshits without actions

I hate time cramming

I hate creativity limitations

I hate girls who acts and speaks like paris hilton

I hate wannabes with no attitudes

I hate Taiwan's female celebrities (and same goes to the male) who like to act cute

I hate awkwardness

I hate spoil brats

I hate overrated with low quality products, movies and phenomenas

I hate the authorities for cutting the damn trees in the campus

I hate the authorities for cutting the damn trees along the bloody road. (the trees' branches are not as huge as i thought)

I hate people who spit and throw rubbish on the road

I hate Avril Lavigne loves pink

I hate E news for being so cheap

I felt lost without my Sony Erricson earphones when I'm in quiet places. (spoiled)

That's it... I have too much to hate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can voices be heard at all costs?

You realized that,

Everything looks the same,

Everything smells the same,

Everything sounds the same,

Everything stays the same,

The only thing that changes is YOURSELF.

*This is not an emo post.

Going to sleep naked tonight

Friday, March 19, 2010

I don't bloody fucking understand why does the whole current situation is such in a chaos at the very last minute?

We have to unofficially intercorrelated with other teams to step up for information.

What's worse is that such a simple task has somehow turn into a competitive environment and discouragement for team spirit. Everyone is moving to the same point for the same target. Hopeless.

But, it was somewhat fun and interesting when I realized our team is the most cooperative team though each of us has obstacles of their own. I'm getting to understand and know them. Cool. We provide the most solutions and questions.

Realistically, we know that it's a dirty world once we join uni. I'm foreseeing the blame game to be play. I only hope God knows who is right and who is wrong. Commence the same punishments and rewards to the deserve ones.

I'm too tired to explain what we had done today. But, I hope my partner in crime is giving us hope.

I'm suffering from insomnia and you've no idea how many spiders' web on the ceiling I've counted repetitively.

For months, I stopped the habit of intaking coffee as an addiction but today I'm forced to drink it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is definitely the super peak busy before those days.

I can be slim in these 4 days, hardly to allocate time to eat.

Forgotten when was the last time I ate.

Not a fucking good day at all.

I've two scenarios to be worried.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Overly obese with worries and frustrations.

Sorry, I am diagnose with bipolar.

Please just bear with me.

Fuck! Why at this crucial time, the digital camera has to be half malfunctioned?


I was about to get my lot in somewhere between the yellow lines.
Just when I'm adjusting my position.
God blessed my eyes.
Two white uniform men copying license number.
I fled off.


3 minutes before:

Lift door was about to close. Walk off arrogantly.

3 minutes after:

'Why did I ever choose manually at the first place?'.
I murmured at the 4th floor.

2 minutes later:

My walk in had stunned them.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm back with Gaki No Tsukai.
As usual I laughed as hard as I can.
This time around, it is hotel men.
Dearest Buddha,

Please just let my bad days over as soon as possible.
Please let me hear something pleasing over-the-moon news.
Please enlighten me with your wise advices.

your disciple.

Is stuck in 3 different and astounding covers of Make it Mine. can you imagine how insane i can be?
Forget it, it's something I can indulge without sickness.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sibeh TL

All bundle up at the same time.

Nabeh. I've to run to the telephone booth and tear off my clothes. Nope, I ain't wearing my red undies outside. At least, I have a cape... of course, I'm not pink!
It's a bird, It's a plane. Nah, it's a fly! I can fly!


Monday, March 8, 2010

All I can do is to crap with impromptu

Damn, I'm laying my brains on my research. Crap, I'm suppose to write a whole 40++ pages within a week. Fuck, that's beyond my ability. I can't crap on scheduled tasks, although I do always crap here and that's because I've things to spit and it's impromptu.

Nabeh, been spending... nope, it's investing money on printing papers for further readings on past researches. At the end of the day, majority are irrelevant. Holy shmoly! Sibeh Tulin ar. Trees were cut down just because of my irrelevant papers, money gushing like running water tap. Oh well, to deceive thyself, it's investment not spending.

Honestly, I don't know how and where to start but I'm proud to achieve few pages with efforts. Yet, I'm predicting that they are gonna be flush down... besides, I've got many fucking editing to do.

Walao, I found myself emo the moment my playlist started playing 'You Found Me'- The Fray. It's like the bitter ending of my Hide and Seek game, the title said it all. I lost.

Anyways, a latest update on my extreme sadness on my the other computer, it's officially contracted with virus. I don't know which printing shop had passed me the virus into my thumb drive. Probably, the campus's computer.. why do they have to install fucking virus????? On the bright side, the technician had put me an extremely service charge with extra service. Hoho.. must have been my prettiness had charmed them.

Nabeh, will be travelling to Singapore in less than 7 hours. Just hoping I have enough time to go and see see the Universal Theme Park. Suaku la.... Ok la. I need to recharge my energy for better mood.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hide and Seek

It is like playing Hide 'n' Seek.

I pop, you vanish.

You pop, I vanish.

Mysterious game and it really lead me to curiosities. I shall erase the game's rules.

Anyways, I cut my hair shorter and a little edgier. Yet, I'm still not satisfy with the length, the bob of my hair should be even layer and shorter. Instead, I got straight and not layered. Damn! Sorry, no pictures of myself taken as I was been told that I'm diagnosed with somewhat Narcissistic disease. Hence, if you wanna see me.. see me for real and live.
Even my hairdresser wondered why I keep cutting my hair. Simple, I'm a sloth and I don't want worries fall on to my hair... like split ends, dry texture and so on. Besides, weather these days hot like hell and the weight of my hair is getting heavier. Thus, I go for short hair. Besides, short hair gives me more confidence.

This is the fucking second time my computer is again having fucking shit problems. Why it happens when I'm having crucial tasks to do???????? TMD. I'm sadden by the malfunction of the computer, I just got it back from formatting two weeks ago. TWO BLOODY WEEKS. It has all my downloaded SNL and classic movies! Damn Damn Bloody Damn. Apparently, I'm trying to manually repair it but... my bro took the fucking whole day to sort out in all ways. People, have you ever face such problem where your Window Vista appears in black screen with only white cursor? Very Ciko lor.

What's worst is that my handphone's earphone had officially spoiled! How to listen to my songs when I'm a glutton to them??????? Miserable. Miserable to the extreme. Readers, can I have a Sony Ericsson and Philips earphone for my birthday present?

One more, I'll be stepping my feet again to Singapore but this time it's Malaysia's corporation's land, Sentosa Genting! Hohoho.. I heard the decorations and interiors are splendid to see. Just hope they legalize my age to enter the casino and to see the ang mohs gambling. But, my earphone spoiled. How to get rid of uncles and aunties chatters?

The coming Sunday, I might or will be attending a friend's birthday party. *Sigh* Buying presents had always been a headache for me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupid parker

Nabeh, this post is either gonna prove me that I'm still fat or the car owner is an idiot.

It happens in campus, I was walking happily towards my car, mind only filled with relaxation after hard day squeezing my brain juice.

The moment I reached my car, questions and puzzles aroused in my brain. The scorching sun is up in the sky, killer heat waves is on it's max and my brain is already lethargic.

I'm questioning on my reactions, should I be smiling or raging?

This is either proving my body is still fat or that driver is adoring Harry Houdini, the escape magician master.

I'm driving Wira and the idiot is driving some aeroback car. Stupid driver. The lane is so blooody narrow till I have to enter through the passenger seat. Nabeh... I'm not a Houdini ok. Sibeh TL. I am not as skinny as a stick.

In the picture, please notice the parking lot's red line. See how that genius park its car.

There's so much space available on the fellow's left hand side and stupid owner insist to fully utilize the space till the right. Nabeh!

Can you see how narrow is it....

My car is on the right side. I've to enter through the passenger seat.

I think the drives needs to get a pair of glasses or some physical therapy on eyes.

Now, you tell me, am I fat or is the driver is stupid?

Can somebody help me to get rid of that bastard out of my mind?
Cutting hair tomorrow, it's shorter... hell yeah.. weeeee...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suddenly I feel like hitting golf balls and do freestyle in swimming pool.

Nik, wanna go for golfing?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exam Schedule is out and it is so TMD

This is so fucking TMD. How am I suppose to lay my rest in Genting????????
Although my best day is always a public holiday. But so fucking TMD... no mood for any bloody celebration lor...

The exam scheduled has released, in draft form.

BBF 2154 03-05-2010 Morning
BBF3114 06-05-2010 Morning
BME2054 08-05-2010 Morning
BBF2064 12-05-2010 Afternoon
BBL2014 14-05-2010 Morning

TMD.. if you look at the bloody schedule, it's only like 2 days after my best day.
What's worst, majority are morning papers but gladly we have gaps for more worries to chunk facts into my tiny brain.

Meera, if you're reading this post, just hope yours is not somewhere near, spoil mood jer...

My 'memorable' 21st. Fuck my life.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Each time I glimpsed on the show that my little cousins were watching, I'm just surprised that the show never ends or is it they repeated the cd itself? Anyways, it's the same cartoon they are watching and all their focus straight to the tv screen. It chills down their hyperactive-ness but after a brief explanation from little brats, I misjudged.

It's after all China's Mickey Mouse but the show is not about mouse or mice whatsoever. It's just a simile and it's a hot stuff in China where billions of kids are watching it... and I mention BILLIONS!!! I'll be rich by feeding these kids with cartoons!!!!!!!!! Probably might get me watching it. Definitely better than US's Mickey Mouse, it's educational base, their parents are rest assure, tell me... which Mickey Mouse cartoon has taught you a lesson? Don't mention Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (boring).

So, this cartoon revolves around goats and wolves. Yeah. It's called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf a.k.a. 喜羊羊与灰太狼.

Finally, I understand why the house is so quiet each time the show is on air.

Believe me, it got me singing and humming their opening songs.

~Xi Yang Yang, Mei Yang Yang, Lan Yang Yang, Man Yang Yang, Fei Yang Yang, Ruan Mian Mian, Hui Dai Lang, Hong Dai Lang~

If you are curious about the rhythm, just copy and paste the Chinese characters into YouTube.