Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Deviant Art is really addictive since I do appreciate and enjoying looking at all the geniuses masterpieces. I've seen all the arts in different categories and they are just superb. Urm.. That's because I clicked the Most Popular arts for every hour. It's amazing to see the numbers of viewers or collectors within an hour. It can reach thousands if your masterpiece is really good. Well, for me, I never had enough of collecting them and it keeps on going. The numbers of the collected arts had been increasing rapidly. That's because recently I've been seeing so many beautiful things although it's just an ordinary and simple stuff.

An insect that we don't usually notice can be capture so beautifully.
An old jetty can be portrait so lively.
A usual teenager can be express in many ways.

That's how the photographers do their magic on every piece of their views.
I was happy to find that my masterpieces had been 'fave' (a term that I used in Deviant Art). Besides, the numbers of fave had been rising. Wee... my artworks have been recognized by others although I couldn't compare myself with the Populars. You see, when they are cateogrize under popular, they are really popular. It's because their art is really good. You can't compare the word popular with the society as the virtual world and the real world are totally different. It's obvious and needless for me to explain.

Overall, Deviant Art is addictive for art lovers and I mean it. Currently,, my gallery had been receiving positive remarks and it keeps me going on. Love it till the max. Worth to browse. For guys, there are nude arts inside. Sounds bias huh? But that's the fact! Guys are horny.. all the time??? haha...

Signing off for assignments.

Love, Danielle.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I mah firing mah laser

Got this phrase from Genius Lim... and that's something annoyed me everyday. Get the meaning when you say it fast.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Negatively impact

I've beginning to lost my words

I've almost lost the rhythm of using chopsticks

My mind interpretation is getting passive

My words are getting thorny

I'm beginning to move backwards

I've almost lost in translation


Is always full of

Distractions Distractions Distractions

Endless Uncountable

*Kaboom Pfft*


Damn it!

I need to rest and start to flip my bloody textbooks.

How to bounce back???

It all began from me!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fuckers that will never be living good

One thing good about Facebook is that I'm able to stalk on people. Yea, I was stalking at Ananda Everingham. Crazy but yea. I almost drool all over my keyboard but I manage to control my drools. Then, I head on to playing some untrue quizzes to see what does it says. I know myself well enough. Later on, I browse Deviant Art to soothe my art desires and collect those arts. Then, head back to Ananda Everingham's page to see any new updates. From one angle, he looks like Johnny Depp and the other angle, he looks like Keanu Reeves. Yet, Ananda Everingham is still Ananda Everingham. After that, I downloaded some songs to satisfy my ears.

I'll be thinking of Elmo's 'Tickle Me' that I saw today in Carrefour with BH. RM 99.90. Yikes. I wonder if Little Xuan loves it. Oh by the way, Little Xuan is able to dance and stand by herself. Wonder how's she doing? Did I sing horribly in the car? Haha...

I've been lending so many hands for the whole week and I wonder if it's my responsibility. I was frustrated, disappointing and glad. I was frustrated as there are some people who just couldn't cooperate and I failed to get equipments. Disappointing because there are some people who rather not help. I was glad that there are things turn out to be good. Some fuckers out there to sabotage. You don't get on to my nerves alright as you will never be living fucking good! Everyone had done their part and they just refuse to help. Tired of their lame fucking excuses.

My tutorials and assignments are still dead. I barely touch and read... How ar? LMAO

So, my Wira is back from the surgeries. Looking good outer.. I miss Wira. Haha...

Susu had shocked me with weeeeeeds... whoa. You will ended up blowing your head off with guns (if you are legally to own it), illustrated from Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle, Scene where they are watching tv.

Was listening to The Script- Breakeven

Tag by Jolene

1. Do you have secrets?
It wouldn't be secrets if they are revealed

2. Do you ever try a few days do not eat anythings?
I would not dare to do it. I'm always on food mode.

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
Primary school. Just couldn't wait to go even though I knew I would get caned.

4. Coffee or more coffee?
Coffee of course and you wouldn't want me to go hyperactive after the second cup.

6.laughter, or forever smiles?
Both are the best.

7. Who is more important? Lover or best friends?
Hmmm... Oh boy, the law of attraction...

8. The person you like is already attached, what would you do?
Smile and move on lar...

9. What made you smile today?
I saw Elmo-mo-mo in Carrefour today which says Tickle me and then Elmo started singing. Wee...

10. Angelic or Devilish?
You decide

11.How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
Dream came true???

12.Who are currently the most important people to you?
Didi, Mimi, Bibi, relatives, friends and myself

13.What is the most important thing in life?
I'm a little bit realistic at the moment. So, food and money. The unrealistic is great memories, achievement, music and love.

14.Are you single or attached?
Lone Ranger.. Haha

15. What is your favorite color?
BluelueB GreeneerG

16. What is your wish?
All the joy and health for my family, friends and myself.

17. Have you wondered what will happened afterlife?
Haha... Yea. Like the Old Chinese predicts that either it makes you an emperor or beggar. Haha..

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
You can forgive but you can't forget.

19. Which do you prefer? Spending more time with Family members or the close/understandable ones?
Family members as they are the ones that understand me the most.

20. 5 people you're gonna tag:
Susu Kimirockz Irynne Cheryl Xavier

Thanks to Jolene for tagging since I've got nothing else to post.

Love me or Hate me- Lady Sovereign & Lovers in Japan- Coldplay

Lady Sovereign- Love me or Hate me. Oh gosh, some song to piss one off especially to the rich brats. This English singer has the one hell of guts.

Love me or hate me that still an obsession
Love me or hate me that is the question
If you love me then thank you
If you hate me then fuck you

Good one! Hahah....

Lovers in Japan- Coldplay

Friday, March 27, 2009


The Script does really have good rhythm. Had won many awards merely 3 albums and they really are talented. Apart from "Man can't be move', this one is as good as that one as well.

Breakeven... mana analysis (apply to business students, lame joke. I know). Some call this song 'Falling to pieces' but it's Breakeven.

Earth Hour

Let's all embrace the Earth Hour.. that's what the media says to the public. It's like a new trend or fashion that everyone is suddenly so enthusiastic about the Mother Nature. As usual, Malaysians are unaware of all these saving the environment or nature.. what you call, whimsical issues. They think it is lebih.

Suddenly, the whole world announced, 'Let's all celebrate Earth Hour'. It all started in Australia few years ago and this year the media had spread the loving and caring event throughout the whole world. Kudos to the Australian where they had successfully reduced the carbon within an hour.

But, what I can't stand is the hypocrisy in Malaysia. I can see people had their personal message to support the Earth Hour. Off the lights just for an hour. Everywhere I can see it. It just make me laugh pathetically for them. Yea lar, the high official government had been spending on their inhumanity luxuries. Wearing clothes that are made out of animals' skin. Eating delicacies that was cooked from an extinct animals. Yet, they are urging us to save the mother nature. Haha.. right. Saving the mother nature for their unnecessary necessities.

No usual habits of fulfilling the 3Rs (recycle, reduce and reuse) and suddenly, they want to celebrate the Earth Hour. Wasting water, papers, plastics, excessively using the air conditioned unnecessary and so on. Yet, these people have the guts to go around with the Earth Hour fever. You can see how these people use up the natural resources and contamination everywhere.

I despise the hypocrites. Although, I wouldn't dare to claim that I'm an extreme environmentalist but I had tried my best to recycle, reuse and reduce the consumption of natural resources. Papers, water and plastics.

I still encourage all the residents around the world to turn off the lights.

Happy Earth Hour!

hope that after Earth Hour, all the hypocrites are able to wake up and realize.
By the way, Fly fm had playing acoustic songs. So, the original songs that were played into acoustic songs show that the singer is also embracing the Earth Hour.

Let it rain

Raining always draw me a picture of my favorable moment. Hallucination is what I do best when I'm bored.

Although having coffee in the middle of the day is suicidal to my brain cells unless I found remedies.

Sipping hot coffee or drinks. Look out of the window. Read some books. Enjoy the breeze. Smell the rain. Awe at the lightning. Listen to the thunder. Dance with the rhythm of the rain. Feel the coldness of the air.

I love it. How blissful it is to sit down and enjoy the serenity and mother nature. I like the sound of thunder. Weird but yea.

Was listening to Everything you want- Vertical Horizon

Kitchen playground

Alas, sitting down here and appreciating my artworks that I took recently. It happened when I was preparing for lunch and dinner. All in one shot.
The whole lunch's course is all about tuber food. Haha... ok.. Yam and ubi keledek (what do you call that for English?).

Fried ones and soup ones. Mum was smart to add in the sago for me. She had successfully lure me to had a bowl with sago. Haha...
The ubi...

The 'nin ko'

The batter

The outcomes

Head on to the vegetable section.

Ta da... It's a wrap.

Vertical Horizon

Very cool song by Vertical Horizon. More of decision making for your love. Haha.. You just have to listen to the original one. Due to the copyright so... that's a little bit bad.

Everything you want (Acoustic version)- Vertical Horizon

In waiting room

I went to some place and they had this cool sets of chair. Somehow, that room is a waiting room. Nice chair. I saw this cute dress for little Xuan, too bad I was experiencing insufficient cash at that wrong time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music that makes you dumb or wise

I had read this current survey that shocked my thoughts. I've to say thank goodness that my favourite artists did not changed my intelligent quotient, IQ. Superb. It can be quite shocking to found out that statistic and then you go pondering if it's true...Haha... You'll also be surprised that it could either indicates you are gonna fail for exam or pass the exam. Somehow, I would like to stress that it might not be true as this statistic was taken in the USA. Genes from different region is totally distinctive. You can already judge by the leaders of the world. lmao. I guess you people know how to read this graph.

Making things easier in case you're lost:

Beethoven has the smartest students
Fall Out Boy has the dumbest students
That is how you view the range.

Every colors of stairs indicate different genres.

Easier: Musicthatmakesyoudumb (link)

Thank goodness, John Mayer top for the genre and so John Legend. *Heart*
What do you think?

Genius Lim's trophy

A cam whore boredom.

Another holidays that I've not been spending wisely. My precious time was wasted just like that. I'm speechless as I do really have trouble to make things right. I've a habit that I always arrange everything the time before and make a backup plan during the last minute. Ok.. maybe for so long... I've been procrastinating a lot even though I'm in the midst of kicking that bloody habit. I'm very frustrated with starting my assignment and I decided to use my creativity. *sigh*. I didn't manage to revise my subjects and read books that left me wonder what the hell have I been doing all this while.

These few days, I've been outing for no reason which I ended up no lessons learned. Another wasted activity. Yea, been shopping that had increased my wishlist but I had overcame it. No intentions anymore.

A little bit busy with all my tasks where I have neglected everyone's needs. However, it's right for me to put my needs as the priority. So, I have to say sorry if I ever neglected you people. Hardly sit down to do some flashbacks recently. This causes my pimples mushrooming drastically. See, you people are so important to me. Lmao.

The weather is unstable again. Rain or shine is unpredictable. I've got laundries to do and that keep me running up and down to check on my laundries. Apart from that, my vehicle had been sent for repair and 'beautification' for a week and I've trouble to finish all my tasks. It's really inconvenience without a car. Yea, sounded a little bit pampered but blame it on the state's public transport which is time consuming. Yup, they consume a lot of time. Well, to reach Bukit Beruang from Batu Berendam, (through driving car, you can probably reach approximately 20 minutes) you need at least an hour plus. How sickening and freaking time consuming is that! Hence, I rather stay at home and rot till the sun bursts.

He proudly presents his award @ trophy of achievement that he had received from his ex- high school.

I swear that he wasn't sleeping. He was just resting his eyes.

Things had been turning out badly for Genius Lim but it comes with a good news. So, I wish him all the best for the interview session although the pr0bability is kind of low.

Mum and I had ice kacang in Mahkota's food court. The lady in chrage was replaced by someone else that turned the whole dessert rough. Rough as in the shave ice was rough. The previous lady had made it smooth and more fillings. For one reason that I love my ice kacang there was because the gula melaka fragrance tastes genuine. Yea. One reason. Before the new staff came in, it was 2 reasons where the 2nd reason would be there are many atap chis. Who knew the current staff does not stuff in the atap chis and I understand it's expensive. Well, as usual, both of us always share a bowl of that mouth watering ice kacang.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People do come and go

I finished my Benjamin Button movie last night. Yea, I took notice where all the soundtracks are played in every scene. Now, I knew where they were played. I'm a little bit obsessed with that movie and that was because of the plot and how Daisy and Benjamin live their life. Well, there are soundtracks that are worth to listen which are:

  1. Love in Murmansk
  2. Alone at night
  3. Growing younger
  4. Hummingbird
  5. Nothing last
  6. Love Returns
Yea, that's the best I've listened so far. It's been clearing my mind for a while.

Alas, the guy is on vacation and I wonder what the heck could he been doing.

People come and go from our lives. Throughout the whole journey, we met all sorts of people. People who share their laughter, joy, sadness and many emotions lar... Well, each of us grow up everyday and live the process of life to see the world. I've encountered many people and it keeps going on. Friends... the good ones always come and go. The bad ones always stay to keep digging you out of all the heaven and torment you to the hell. I've been lending hand as much as I can and I don't pretty much expect for return as long as they stay by my side. However, things don't seems to be perfect as it seems. Closing one eye. I don't usually judge a person that quick but through their actions and words, I am almost to the judgement. I can distinguish their deeds that they had done for me it's also for me to warn you people that I ain't a fool. I just couldn't be bother to know and care. Just don't let me smile at all your foolishness. Consequently, people do change really fast and they are always ever changing. Be it environment or peer. They still change.

Such an emo post. But, I have been having this deep thoughts.

Oh my goodness, should I be happy or emotionless? I just got denoted from my friend that I'm sexy. Ah.... Haha... Wow. Thanks man. I didn't know I was sexy just for that day. It's only a pants and t- shirt. I hope I don't give creeps to you people at night. If I do, Happy Nightmares. haha...

Anyways, thanks to Kimirockz for nominating. Haha... pulling in more users. Haha... New forum from the MMU students.

My gallery

Blooming Violet

Voila.. Danielle, proudly presents her artworks. In the name of photography that she had done in order to satisfy her desires and dreams. Please switch on to the mode of appreciation and enjoy. Please give her critics or comments so that she can improve in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.

The pole that makes the frame

Lonely red

Colors stacking

Wishing you luck

Chrysanthemum up high

Night of carousel


Spinning around (it's xiao yu by the way)

Fading to the past

Ocean clouds

3 Musketeers

Yup. That's my artworks so far from the past. I find inspirations everywhere but recently my brain just stopped functioning for inspirations. Ahh.... Love it ok.

Tesco's staff chickened out.

Let's see... I went for an outing yesterday to see some specialist and the rest are history. Alright. One thing peculiar I had encountered yesterday was something coward and irresponsible act. Yea. I laughed throughout the whole time in the brain of course.

Here are the details:

Venue: Tesco (stationery department)
Time: around 4-5 pm.
With: Mum, Genius Lim and Tesco's staffs.
Case: Mum wants to get some particular product for her office stationery which costs around RM 50++.

We couldn't find it and so we asked for help from the staff. A chinese guy with spectacles and very fair looking. He helped us to search for a while and allowed us to open the box of the product. Almost there, hang on... He couldn't find the particular model of that product and went off to ask for assist from other staffs. 20 minutes later, he still didn't come back. So, we went to the counter nearby of his department. We called him to call the person in charge. Who knew, he ran off and 10 minutes later, he did not came back. Not at all. Yea, he chickened out as we opened the box.
Then, we called another staff. A malay guy this time. Quite young. Thank goodness, he was willing to help us to look high and low. He reassured us that there was such product. We spent 30 minutes there and still couldn't find it. In the end, we gave up and thanked him for helping us.

Conclusion: That chicken Chinese guy ran off to hide after all and not willingly to help us. That's just so irresponsible. I could have complained him to the supervisor or manager for wasting our precious time searching high and low by ourselves. Coward man.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why blog?

I blog everyday.

Yes. I do.


Expressing, bored, I hardly play games, stalk (joking)

I got so many things to do and I still blog?


Yea, that's because it's my break in between and I do it to loosen up the tense.

From what I've observed, people blog just to jot down their daily life or as known as electronic diary. Writing down their life virtually. Some blog because they felt lonely. Some blog because they want to promote or market their products or as known as business blog. Some blog to dedicate when it comes to love (minority). Some blog just to follow the peer pressure. Some blog just to earn additional income. Some blog to gain fame. Some blog just to satisfy themselves.

For me, I do whatever I like and want and I don't give a pretty much shit about it. Yea, you can love me or hate me. I can be your worst nightmare or your sweetest dream. Now, tell me, what the hell am I doing here?

Till then, keep reading and don't forget to click the ads. Thank you once again. Hoho...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bedingfield siblings

Pleasure and soothe is for people like me that always tense up. Yea, they are like my aspirin and big big reliever. Music is my passion. That's what I can think of currently. Good example: I sing while I drive, regardless of any songs and humming will do. Haha... I can't wait for the 50th post under the label of Entertainment.
There are so many copyrights in YouTube where they disabled the embedding request. Now, I can't even find their original video clip. Why so serious? This is insane. I can't find and watch all those clips. Now, I've to find substitutes. Ugh..

Been reminiscing the Bedingfield's siblings. Natasha and Daniel.

Daniel Bedingfield- Wrap my words around you

Natasha Bedingfield- I bruise Easily

For The Simpsons fans. This is their D'oh song. D'oh is Homer's famous quote. haha

There are more from the siblings but those are the songs that I've been listening so far. No intentions on understanding the lyrics. But, the rhytm rocks.



Rainbow goddess

I've been seeing rainbows lately, rain or shine, they still appear in front of my eyes. Hallucinating.. I hope not. It's amazing that how 7 colors can turn into white color and how the spectrum can spread 7 colors.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Indigo


I have to say sorry to Jonathan that I failed but I was okay. I failed not to miss him and I was right. Whenever a girl is out with a bunch of friends that consist of gender mixtures, she will always think about her love. Yea, just like me, minus the love. I'm not obsess but just curious with how well is he doing. You know what, just kill my brains or stab him to death. Haha... I'm right as I still care about other people that cares for me. I'll put them in my heart.. (metaphor). So what if he doesn't care about me already... is not as though the world is going to end. There are people out there who cares for me and I'll not let them down. *Don't mark my words, mark it when I've achieve it* But for the mean time, I'll just care for him as I got nothing else to do. lmao.

yam pictures

My camwhore before I stay awake

So much for the mid term break... There are many tasks to be accomplished which leads me to no time for myself. Apart from watching DVDs that I've recently insert in my plan but I still hardly can find time...
Like they use to say, taste the sweetness after all the bitterness. *rolling eyes and crossing fingers*.

Yea, I went to Tangkak again to see grandma and grandpa. Apparently, both of them are in the old house. Grandpa is able to walk properly while grandma has rashes on her arms. We gave her the remedies, hopefully she's getting better.
The old house's neighbour (grandpa's brother's house) is under renovation. The whole family replace the wooden house to brick house. Hmmm....

Few hours ago, I was reading my high school juniors' blogs (same age as Genius Lim). That generation is totally different than my generation. I guess their parents' pockets are filled with many cash. Their living lifestyle seems to be spending excessively on luxury items. You think of them and you could name them. They sounded as though they were from the 'Mean Girls' popular bitch. Haha... You might be feeling envy of their luxury living but when you come to think about it... those acts might ruin yourself in the future. Ok.. unless they have their dads' pockets filled with stinking cash. I'm glad that I wasn't raised that way they do.

So, I had cutting-yam-into-pieces lesson as mum wants to cook yam rice for dinner. Haha... No aroma like that stinging onions but the stain that the yam left on the knife was milky. What a wonder. You can say I'm dreadfully bored or mad but I took pictures with it. As you can see, there are varities of shape and size in it and hopefully that mum doesn't complain. Eh, what do you expect, I hardly sharpen my knife skills anymore... In other terms, LAZY.

I had mandarin oranges for lunch just now. New diet eh.. haha... Mum wants me to finish the whole box of it. So, I left no choice but to gulp down those oranges. It's been 2 years, I've stopped eating oranges continuously like how I use to swallow dokong and langsat. Well, I was kinda picky with the oranges. Eventually, as the quality that all the oranges in the market had degraded, I stopped eating. Now, I'm waiting for durian season... Grandpa's house. Wee...


It was a failure last night for attempting to watch movie at home. I slept on the couch when the movie was running halfway. Guess, I was too tired huh? So, I continued today. Few days ago, I bought myself a collection of Brad Pitt's movie as I want the Benjamin Button's movie in the collection. Besides, there aren't any much varieties inside that shop.

So, I officially start my movie marathon today. My first (finish everything) movie was Babel. Yup, this movie had been nominated in many prestigious film festivals and awards. Unfortunately, there didn't won much of any titles or awards. Weird.

It's a good movie with untold endings as in, they leave the audiences with a space of imagination for ending. *pfft*. So much for the endings where you don't get to see happy endings like the Disney's movies. The chronological of this movie slides in smoothly although they have 4 stories inside which are related. Yet, they still slide in smoothly where you're still back on the track.

Babel involves 4 stories whom are related to one another. From America to the Middle East to the Asia. Read Wiki.

I found out that there are gruelling eerie scenes and it was shocking that the DVD version did not censored it. I might be the spoiler but I'm here to warn anyone of you who is tempting to watch the movie.
  1. In Morroco, there was this little boy, around 9-10, was masturbating himself in their 'fields'. He even peeped a girl naked whom is a adopted sister to him. That girl also stripped naked to allow the boy to peep.
  2. In Mexico, a guy holding the chicken's neck, shaking it and pulling it's neck off. Then, he let that headless chicken run around for the kids to play with it. He pull off the head right in front of many kids. There are 2 American kids, they found it shocking and terrified. Look at their shocking faces.
  3. In Japan, the deaf mute girl who was rebelious and desperately seeking for sex. She took of her underwear and showed her pussy to the guys. She even got naked and grabbed the detective's hand to hold her breast which indicates that she wants sex. It's worth for her to win the Best Supporting Actress. She portrayed the deaf mute teenage girl really well.
  4. It was shocking to see that the polices in Morroco are acting inhuman. They had misused their power to assault the poor citizens in order to track down the culprits. They do anything just to get the informations. Allegedly attack the poor citizens as though they do not have their human rights.
That's the scenes I can recalled back so far.

Surprisingly, the girl who acted in the Benjamin Button as Daisy around 7, was also in Babel. Her name is Ellen Fanning.

Overall, great movie but I'm still unsure how much the Rotten Tomatos rate it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's my name... lalala

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name

2.A four letter word

3. A boy's name

4. A girl's name

5. An occupation

6. A color
Dodger Blue

7. Something you'll wear

8. A food
Dim Sum

9. Something found in the bathroom

10. A place

11. A reason for being late
Drowsing the whole journey???

12. Something you'd shout
Damn It

13. A movie title
DodgeBall: A true Underdog Story

14. Something you drink
Can I call it Daniels Jack???

15. A musical group
Daft Punk

16. An animal

17. A street name
Danielle's Avenue

18. A type of car

19. Title of a song

I'm tagging

Aik Chong




Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy holidays

Alas, mid term papers had over. Partially. I have to announce that I screwed up my papers and both of them. Marketing and Managerial Accounting. My brain gone cuckoo when I sat down. The memory went blank and the search function was dysfunctional. So, I just sit there and mentally fixing the memory.

Life is so ironic. My seating for Marketing Paper today was so ironic. I couldn't help but to keep smiling at the numbers. I'm not taboo to it. But, it sounded as though I really need it. 174. Translate in Chinese terms. 'Let's die together'. Haha...

Right now, I look beyond my expectations for my results. As long as I am over the border line, then I'm satisfy. Enough is enough. I lacked of time to finish stuffing the terms, formats and etc into my brains. Now, tell me... how to get over with those consequences? No more sober...

I smiled at him.

Yup. Right after those blank exams, I went to listen to my friend's tormenting love story (I am only saying that your love story is really tormenting you). Then, he listed down the requirements of his ideal girlfriend. One of them is wild. Hmm... Is that's what guys looking for? Well, I'm speechless.

Officially on holidays which means more time for myself. Watch DVDs, reading, finishing my rest of assignments and ... whatever I can think of. Happy holidays to the uni people.

Dedication to Nik

This post is dedicated to NIK!

My classmate that had been believing in me. Haha...

She's the one that join my craziness in the class. She layan all my kerenah in class also. I talked to her a lot.

Her beloved Financial Calculator. It's been weeks and few days ago, she officially unseal it. So sayang it.

Shy la konon... haha... NIK!

For you NIK! My partner in crime.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to whine

2 bloody papers tomorrow and I couldn't resist to keep whining here. My goodness, I tried to spend the whole day rushing to finish this whole 2 subjects but I couldn't manage it. Seriously lack of time. Then, I have my classmates to enlighten me that the assignments that we have to rush previously was making the whole study chaotic. Alas, I can pin point it to my assignments even though there are my bad. At least, I feel relieve to put the blame on the assignments. So, if I ever score low for those bloody papers... I vent it out on my assignments. It was indeed that I spent most of my time on finishing those assignments and 1 paper that was related to math. I'm not good at math. Initially, I spent more time on that subject and had overlooked the upcoming 2 subjects. Now, I am really feeling to erupt anytime. Luckily, I've got friends to join my eruption. Hoho... So, I need to express my gratitude to them for enlighten me (assignments) and believing in me (still got time)... Finally, I AM DEAD. SO DEAD!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost weekend

I had brunch (FYI, breakfast + lunch) with my buddies today. Somewhere under the tree and they called it 'Rong Shu Xia'. Don't ask me but it just happened to be a name of an old Chinese song. (I think so). So, the whole lunch was peaceful and I felt thirsty after eating the noodles. There must be hell lot of MSG inside although the auntie proclaimed that she insisted to stay healthy. *Pfft*.

Again, I have many visitors coming to my table except for my buddies as we were together. Haha... So many gossips today. Wow... there is stupid gossip, recognition gossip, 3 months anniversary gossip and so on. Girls. We even testified that breaking up is the new trend in the uni. Hmm...

I've got only one class to attend today and the morning class was canceled by the lecturer and she had made announcement. Luckily, there was this classmate of mine told me that the class was canceled. Otherwise, I could have been like a fool going to the empty venue with jaw dropping. Haha... So, I've got more time to finish my assignment that I heard rumors said that the due date was yesterday. Apparently, my lecturer was on leave till after my mid term break. So.. *crossing fingers*.

In class, I was feeling zombie again. Half awake half drowsy. I couldn't really paying attention in the class and I can only pay attention on the usage of the finance calculator (that looks high tech but troublesome). 2nd Clr 2nd Quit. Stupid. RM 100++ for a calculator that we need to press it four times just to clear the whole working. Yea, the whole two hour, I was there opening my eyes and mind shutting down. Sleeping like a fish.

Fuck lar... I've two mid terms on Saturday. Frankly speaking, I don't have enough time to finish everything particularly accounting. Damn it! Meanwhile, marketing do have many terms to memorize. YIKES!

I was in static emotion or mood as you can call it. Yet, I was surprised to draw an unexpected results. I did not went jumping around in my mind but just a short surprise and shock. It was a second redemption and maybe it had been God's choice for me to accept the 2nd chance. So, I was grateful but I have to do the dirty and toughest part. However, I doubt that I will only get connected virtually. I need more guidance. Hmm... so I will spent my chance wisely and seize the opportunity.

Hopefully he is able to hand in his assignment tomorrow. Although I planned to hand in tomorrow. But, I couldn't wait to let another stone go. So, I hand in today. Haha... The actual due date was according to our lecture class which was yesterday. Some said that it's ok to hand in on Friday. Nah...

Rachel is in KL already to pursue her studies. I hope I can fulfill my promise to her. *crossing fingers and wishing* I'm also missing Susu. Hardly see her on the line these days. Spring break I guess.

Wee... it's almost the weekend and it's snacking. Snacking for junk foods and I can't wait to go and get my DVDs. Endless movie marathon, I'm coming. I'll just have to bear. Patience.

P/S: Nik's dedication is coming soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dedication to SL


(Nah... I'll be dreaming that later)


(In ages)

(His car is not allow to enter the campus)











This post is dedicated to my buddy.

It's my buddy's car. SHIEH LEE.


*Left= SL's car Right=My car

Spot Genius Lim (he was desperate to be in the picture) Haha....

Yea, I didn't manage to see her today. So, I was surprised that she parked beside me.