Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dani is back and she swore.....

It's been half a year I have since last visited this blog until recently I switched my job portfolio and then I came across My Colorful Ecstasy again.

I wouldn't say I will come back here to update on my daily life again... (like duh) but rather my thoughts.
Reason being time goes forward and the moment we became employed, things change, characters change, and basically, everything change. But memories never change. 

If possible, asides using social networks or gadgets to keep memories, blogging to express my thoughts would be helpful to slash some fucked up emotions in me. At least, I feel better. You see, I will not be ashamed to tell anyone that I'm single and always single, if they ask. That's not the point, the point is sometimes, even little tiny itsy bitsy stuffs I just want to express here because why the fuck people wants to listen to my whine and complaints. Makes sense?

Dear Blog, I swear I will take some time off to record and jot down what shit emotions that I'm going through with you. Just you, My Colorful Ecstasy. Because you understand me more than anyone else. (except my family)

Fucked up job. I'm always excited to see what's in for me but with a fucked up boss, everything just seems fucked up. 

That's my leg and I love this shot.

P/S: I just bought my air tix to KL. When I go there, I want to eat the dried curry kuay teow, window shopping in KL, makan and makan, cari kawan and play with kiddos.