Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear and Love

Dear Danielle,

In few years time, life will be full of flavors regardless being joyous, sorrows, bitters and gay. 

But, there are few things I want you to keep in mind, please keep everything simple and sweet, don't complicate things because you do not have the capability to untie the complications. Do bear in mind, nothing lasts forever but savor, enjoy and indulge every moment. Don't change yourself to be the worse but be better instead, be a better cause for everyone. Leave a good name for yourself, you don't need to be remembered forever but at least being remembered for the right cause. Cry out loud if you need to, head to your comfort place or person to cry to, no worries, the closest person to you will not pass judgement. Laugh as much as you can, when you laugh, ensure everyone can see your happiness and spread the joys. Every little things that happen, look at both sides. Plug your earphones to listen music or turn on your speakers loud if you want to, it kills the tense, believe me, it kills the tense, please play all your badass songs. Dance to all the songs if you want to, it breaks loose in you, I swear it does. When it comes to work and task, please give the best of you and finish task properly. If you want respect, please earn your respect from others. Spend some time to think on solving problems and not thinking of the freak accidents. Go for your dreams and enjoy life. Don't put so much expectations in everything if you do not want to be disappointed. It is a devastating feeling and it hurts much, you never like it because you hate the struggling process. Try new things and learn new things. Breakthrough and soar!

Please promise me that your face is full of smiles and laughter in many years to come because there's no reason to be sad and sorrow. Dad said you still have to get up and stay alive everyday, why not choose to stay happy everyday?

Love life, Love the people who care for you, Love your parents, Love yourself.

Stay true to yourself.

Celebrate Life!



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best I Ever Had- Vertical Horizon

I've got so many things to do or rather achieve but I don't know where to begin.

During uni days, I regularly used my brains to expand my creativity upon given a task. I must say that I'm neither good nor bad, in another term average. Now, I'm given a task but I'm always staring at the monitor blankly. Everyday, I was told to propose something but I couldn't give a piece of shit from my mind.
I always blame the organization's culture for not utilizing our creativity. Yet again, there's a saying, if there's a will, there's always a way. Yes, always a way but how do I find the way at the first place? Thoughts to ponder.
Have I not done enough?

There's once some person played a psychology game with me. The person characterized me that I'm not a perfectionist. I will definitely know something but I will never master the something, that I... admit. I'm always missing the pieces here and there but never eager to finish filling up the missing pieces.

How to improve my efficiency and my brainstorms?

Everyday I was given mixed signals but I fall into the trap. It's my fault to trigger the signal. I shouldn't further trigger the signal because I'm scared. I don't know what to do, I don't know what else should I do. I need to stop because I cannot afford to be surrounded with fears and confusions.
I really cannot afford to be afraid.
I've got so many consequences to consider but I might not be the one.
The future is bright, the age is still young, that means I still have the time.
I shall not fear but to move on.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Essay- Morning Mountain

The cooling breeze is here to neutralize the heaty room. Nope, i am not okay. Some senior of mine said i am a good friend but my friend is not a good friend. I admit, i am a pretty good listener but i might not console people really well. At least, i tried to make them feel better. Whenever i expressed my rage, nobody listens yet they want me to listen their rage stories. Maybe I speak too soft. I am in a foreign country now and i don't have my loved ones to be there make me smile. The only thing i can do is to laugh madly wherever i see something funny. I dont instantly make new friends as my close friend. I dont simply express in front of people whom I am not close with. Maybe I am just tired. If I were to speak, I would prefer face to face interaction instead of chatting over the messenger like applications. I just want my listener to look at my expression when i talk. But it is hard till the extent of At some point I am turning to anti- socialist. The people around me makes me feel that I am an abandon child. Though I may look tough, strong and mad but those who knew me well knows that I am, in fact, a human. I have feelings too. This is when I miss my parents' voice, it's the most angelic voice I've ever heard. Whitney Houston's (RIP) voice is not as angelic as my folks. I am grateful that I have one good listener asides from my love ones. I am thankful for that. We can chat and swear with anything.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sun Glitters- Beside Me (Essay interpretation)

I'm seeing blue skies everyday but I can't see any beautiful flowers matching with the sky blue.

I know life's never been easy to walk down through our age. Different age group comes with different perception and troubles. Recently, I've got a friend who ended his life with the age of just 24 [RIP], the reasons behind the silly act wasn't really clear. I told my folks about this matter and I got to know from my aunt that my folks were worried and concerned if I might fall into the trap. Apparently, I was touched to acknowledge their concerns and the reply to their assurance was... just let me rant and whine. At least, I'm aware that the bomb shelter is there for me to stay relief even just for a second. One single second can change the whole life.

I know it is not easy to walk on the road alone with so many road path to take into considerations.

Time to be serious at work, I've been playing too much in the office. LOL.