Thursday, April 30, 2009


Let the stars circling around me

Let those zodiacs clear the way for me

I shall walk through the stars smiling gleefully

Sway my walk all the way to the darling moon

There I stare down to the zodiacs

The affiliated ones

All way down to the circles

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It was so humiliating

Pretending to knew it all

I stare at the board

Not knowing what am I suppose to do next

I felt so guilty and embarrass by myself

Ish ish

I want a paper bag please

Monday, April 27, 2009

!OO Question for fun

Tag Tag Tag with 100 questions. Wee... Got tagged by Jasmine.

001. Real Name: Lim Yih Ying
002. Nickname(s): Danielle, Dan, Yih Ying, Big Bird, Dam Dam, Daniel, Ying, Miying, Sustagen
003. Age: Almost two decades. Countdown within days
004. Horoscope: Golden cow and that's where I got my stubbornness. TAURUS!
005. Male or Female: Female
006. Elementary: PDS Kindergarten
007. Middle School: PDS Primary School, Notre Dame (a week) and Convent Infant Jesus
008. High School: Infant Jesus Convent High School
009. College School: Multimedia University Melaka Campus @ MMU (there are so many meanings in this abbreviation including Money Making U. Ahaks)
010. Hair colour: Almost back to black
011. Long or Short: How do you define short in Asia?
012. Loud or Quiet: It depends on the current mood, friends and the atmosphere.
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: To be realistic, why not combine both?
015. Health Freak: Recently no. If you find new posts in the middle of the night... it proves everything alright.
016. Drink or Smoke: Drink would be better.
017. Do you have a crush on someone: You are not stupid
018. Eat or Drink: Balancing it. I need drinking... my body needs WATER!
019. Piercings: :Let's restrict it to ears only.
020. Tattoos: Nope. I ain't want to look at them when my fleshes get saggy. Ewww...
021. Social or Anti-Social: Both
022. Righty or lefty: Righty but I'm trying to train the other side.
023. First piercing: Ears
024. First relationship: *Zip*
025. First Best Friend: ugh... Brunei kindergarten classmates... what's her name?
026. First Award: Don't have one
027. First Kiss: Dad of course, straight after I was born lar...
028. First Pet: Dad's fishes consider?
029. First Big Vacation: Brunei.. Haha..
030. First Love at first sight: Photography!
031. First Big Birthday: Every year is big
032. First Surgery: Hopefully and thankful no.
033. First sport you joined: Athletics and I die down onwards.
034. Orange or Apple juice: Orange when sour taste buds is yearning, Apple when sweet taste buds demand it.
035. Rock or Rap: According to Musicthatmakesyoudumb, Rock is better than rap (in short)
036. Country or Screamo: Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: N'sync. It's way off better to name your boyband without boys when you're men by the time you released album in ten years later.
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Britney is stupid bitch.
039. Night or Day: Night allows everyone to commit their 7 sins.
040. Sun or Moon: Moon is where the magic happens.
041. TV or Internet: Internet.. blog. TV to freeze the brain.
042. Playstation or xbox: Can I have both?
043. Kiss or hug: Kiss shows affection
044. Iguana or turtle: Fuck reptiles!!! haha. Turtles are better.
045. Spider or bee: Spider signifies darkness while bee means diligence and sweet.
046. Fall or spring: Fall.
047. Limewire or iTunes: Danitunes
048. Soccer or baseball: soccer!!!!
049. Eating: chocolates
050. Drinking: my saliva... my tumbler is so far away from my distance.
051. Excitement level: Usually, riding roller coaster, the excitement level stops at the 'almost to the climax'.
052. I'm about to: bath???
053. Listening to: Coincidentally, John Mayer- Neon (Live from LA)
054. Plan for today: Study and brain storming for money
055. Waiting for: Leo to come up with surprises
056. Energy Level: Didn't have coffee so what do you think?
057. Thinking of someone: I'm thinking of something
058. Want kids?: Of course....
059. Want to get married?: Hopefully and if God is willing
060. When?: You tell me...*pfft*
061. How many kids do you want: It depends on the environment which includes financial situation, the size of the house, the size of the car and the ability of me to conceive... hahaha
062. Any name on the mind: name starting wit the alphabet : -~- Nil
063. What did you want to be when you were little: POLICE!!!
064. Careers in mind: Millionaire???
065. Mellow future or wild: Let's not plan for future, plan for surprise.
066. Something you would never try: Being stupid and cheap??? I have my own dignity.
067. When do you want to die: When everything is in order and shapely.
068. Lips or Eyes: Lips. My eyes recently had became panda eyes.
069. Romantic or Funny?: If you're asking me, I'm neither of them. If you're asking about my future love interest, both will do good.
070. Shorter or Taller?: It's enough.
071. Protective or Caring?: Both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: I want to be spontaneous.
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Can I have both?
074. Sensitive or Loud?: I can be sensitive when you get on my nerves.
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: *ZIP*
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: Trouble maker
077. Muscular or normal: Normal.
078. Kissed a stranger: Mad mad world out there.
079. Broken a bone: Thankfully no.
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Thank my mum for having eyes without glasses
081. Ran away from home: Noooohhh!!!! Good girl aight
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Knife lar... Gun need license where troublesome process need to be done and having it illegal is dangerous.
083. Killed somebody: Who is so stupid to admit here?
084. Broken some one's heart: Whose heart?
085. Had your heart broken: Yeah...
086. Been arrested: Nope
087. Cried when someone died: Almost
089. Do you believe in yourself: Of course when I know it will happen. When it's not, try to low down yourself.
090. Miracles: You help me to define and I believe it.
091. Love at first sight: Nonono.
092. Heaven: Beautiful
093. Santa Claus: To make kids sleep early on the eve of Christmas so that parents can pretend to be Santa by filling those socks.
094. Tooth Fairy: I wish you exist and I would punch those jerks till their teeth are broken.
095. Kiss in the first date: Nope
096. Angels: Oh where?
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: I want to be alone for a while
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?: Almost there.
099. Do you believe in God?: Of course I do...
100. Post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Predictions from YW

What if YW is right?

Her predictions sometimes can be true.

Apart of me want it but part of me resist it.

Can her predictions be true?

She predicted me that I'll be move easily and give in easily.

Could it be the myth?

Well, if it's a good thing, I would probably give it a consider

If it's a bad stuff, I'll try to stay as far as I can

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Out you go

Ugh... Luckily, I did not fell into certain baloney deep thoughts again. I had made it clear about everything. No more dragging.

He is finally gone. *Puff*. Out out.

Meanwhile, Leo had came and catch up things with me. I tried to be less annoying and cheerful enough. Eventually, Leo had changed and believe me, he won't be reading my blog. After for some time, Leo finally came and dropped by. I was doubtful but I can see no more intentions. Probably trying to find someone to fill in his boredom. I'm glad yet I'll not fall for his traps again. Haha... Besides, Leo was right. Leave it aside. Thank goodness. It was over.

Advertisements and videos

British Got Talent videos

The 'Suddenly Susan' that had became the hottest topic of the week where she stunned and surprised all the three judges especially Simon Cowell. Susan Boyle who had raised doubts of audiences had proofed herself that she can really sing and her dream had came true.
Unfortunately, embedding was disabled.
Here is the link. Suddenly Susan

Meanwhile, here is a very young boy with a beautiful voice that had made everyone cheered and embedding was disabled. Shaheen Jafargholi

Controversial Comedy videos

During the year 2007, there was this teenage girl who came from South Carolina and she had entered Miss Teen USA. Apparently, her answers had made everyone shocked and we don't quite understand what the hell is she saying. Fortunately, she made herself to the runner up of Miss Teen USA 2007.

Then, they came out with this spoof.

Even Jimmy Kimmel is making fun of her.

Funny videos

Try saying Fire Truck.

Cool commercial videos


According to the sources, Honda had spent 4 years and a million dollar to do this. Stunning and brilliant. All the parts are amazing and useful.

All these choirs are too beautiful. They had perfect-ed it.

Funny commercial videos

McDonald (Egypt)

Mercedes Benz- Beauty is nothing without brains

Best Workplace



Alcoholic drinks

Friday, April 24, 2009

Last weekend summarization

Last week Saturday, I went back to Tangkak as the Chinese radio station had came down to my grandma's hometown.

On the way, this is what I encountered.

Moo moo

The concert or the show

Stars like The Astro Talent Quest 2008 Champion (A tomboy) came to the show, Zhang Qi Zhen and Huang Yi Fei (the man who sang 'If I got a million' in
hokkien) were invited to mark the 4th anniversary for this radio station. Ai Fm.

Spotted her candid. (the winner). We waved towards her and she replied.

Zhang Qi Zhen

Huang Yi Fei

Although, those pictures are blur but it's something for me to proof.

The next day, I accompanied Genius Lim to the orphanage house and it was fun there. The kids are adorable. This orphanage house keeps children who are orphans, came from a broken family and abandoned children. The fact that when you are there, you can sense there are happy and fun atmosphere around. Not just any sober and depress amotsphere. Genius Lim had fun playing soccer and sepak takraw with them while I showed concern those kids. This orphange only accepts boys but the organization do accept girls and they are usually place in Rawang. I don't know what's the name and the address but it is somewhere in Jln. Tengkera.

Those lucky children are well disciplined and good manners.

Ala... malunya...

Like that mar... sporting sikit lar.

Take 1

Take 2

Jom.. let's kick some balls..

They love soccer too much. Even basketball can become soccer ball's substitute. Kudos.

The friendly staffs.

Bend it like Genius and the kids

Although they are orphans but they are happy and glad that they are able to be independent. Most of them are happy there as they found new hope in life and that keeps them to spread their smiles and joys. Have heart for the orphans.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zombie Jesus

No offense but the art resembles 'Zombie Jesus'. It's just an art and not any part of criticism in religions. But, the parody made me laughed. It was meant for Easter Day where he is arose from the dead.

Come and go

Feeling dizzy and giddy as though experiencing sea sick. What could be the cause of it? Insufficient sleep will be more precise and dehydration???

Anyways, just a short news.

Everything that revolves around me had came back and went away (sounded as if eroding). What came back is all from the past. That had triggered back my memories that I decided to never unearth it yet, sometimes I questioned myself, could it have been that way? Is it meant to be like this?
Although I must say that it surprised me these few days and I've been so excited to embrace it but I can't see the consequences behind it. It could be me the one to be the next victim even though I tried to sought things out. Somehow, I failed as I give in easily when it comes to emotions.

Kids today are indeed very fortunate. Born with naturally silver spoon in their mouth. Indeed lucky and SPOILED.
That is the vulnerability and matters are getting complicating due to the confusion between reality and fantasy. It sucks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After years of recovery, the nightmare has came back. This time it's almost good but I still feel it's a doubt for most of my thoughts and considerations.

I tried ignoring but I felt guilty.

Transitions had made but the haunt still defining me back to the unusual me again.

Although I felt glad yet traumas kept haunting back to the past.

Even though, I had changed for a better side but it might bring me back to the past.

Is it the state of confusion that is so dramatic till I need to lay down and stare at the ceiling.

All the details that I had buried is still in the memories.

I'm far too kind and that has not made me FIRM and STABLE mentally.

I've got to learn to say NO.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So much for the vow

The whole messages during wee hours had mingling around in my head the whole evening. It's been five years. Is the so called vow coming true? I hope not. I've more happenings to witness and experience in the future and I hope I won't be stuck to one and only. It's not that I'm reminiscing but could it be Karma? It was indeed not worth for me to reminiscence it back. It only resulted mentally tormenting. I hope I ain't thinking too much and will never occur beyond my expectations. I just couldn't be bother anymore and only wants to go beyond my capabilities.

Is either I remain unnoticeable, silent or leave bad impression. But, who cares anyway, I still got tonnes of experiences to go through in the future. Leave it!
I still wonder what slowed me down for the rise of name.


Vote for me

Please show your support. Thanks.

I just don't want to lose out that terribly.

Before that, you need to register as a member.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Who says Monday is always Black?

Monday wasn't that black after all, despite all the bloody hell assignments that murdered my precious brain cells.

I had met many people today that lighten up my tensions.

I need to thank my BBF team mates for being so cooperative especially Nik and Jason. Without you guys, I think I probably ended up in the psychiatrist's consultation room. haha...

After Jason submitted in the CD, I felt relieved and all I did in class was talking, blabbing, spouting and annoying to everyone around me. Probably the most annoying person in class. Yea. What do you expect when I'm so relieved.

Then, I managed to catch up with SC and YW for dinner. It's glad to see them although we're missing out SL. Great dinner by the way.

All my assingments are almost done. Wee...

Got to catch up with old friends and one far away relative who eventually stress out I think.

Haha.. that's it. Wait for more pictures and videos from me. I'll upload it soon.

Wonder Woman

Let's say goodbye to Wonder Woman.

The incapability of handling many things at one time should not deserve to gain this title. It is indeed tiring and torturing enough for accomplishments. Hence, let's wave goodbye to Wonder Woman.

Mind blankly pause

Just had my Neslo. A combination of Nescafe + Milo, but mine was 70% Milo. It tasted bittersweet without condensed milk which is even better.

Feeling sort of free right now so I take the time to blog.

Can't believe I skipped a day without blogging. Well, that was due to the extremely hard assignments to do.

Misplace alignments, insufficient information, wrong figures and bloody hell burner.

Thank goodness I'm almost done as some of my teammates who are so cooperative. Haha... That's because it costs 30% for the coursework.

Mind Blankly pause as a fact that I can't think anymore.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thinking, Pondering, Wondering, Judging, Assuming

Find, Verdict, Decisions,

Questions, Doubts, Uncertainties

Searching, Seeking, Exploring

Mistakes, Errors, Faults

All of these do complicates and questions why do we exist? Damn! I was affected. Ugh...

Phone blues

Waking up in the wee hours to find out that my phone's memory is full and can't receive any message. This is the first time that the phone notify me that 'You better delete those shit files of yours before I go kaput!'. *Pfft*. I threw back my phone beside my pillow and went back to sleep.

However, this morning I got up and checked my phone. Still in the same situation. Hence, it leave me no choice but to delete those stupid files that I own. So, I browse through my inbox and I felt pity and lazy to clean up. What's next? I can't delete my songs and photos. I went straight to my sent box. Without any hesitation, I mark all of them and delete them in one shot. 545 messages that I had sent. Wonderful!

After that, the icon had disappeared. Thinking that I might have messages from my team mates during those wee hours. Who knew, for 6 hours I've been waiting and there is no single message pops. That costs me of additional useless worries from my team mates. Worrying for nothing after all. That icon that appeared which I thought there will be any messages for me was just a stupid warning.

So, got to go. Back to work. A story from my phone that looks canggih exteriorly.


Random things to do to rejuvenate your almost dying brain cells

Random things to do to rejuvenate your almost dying brain cells:

  1. Go YouTube
  2. Adding Links
  3. Sneak through people's blog
  4. Nudging people for no reason
  5. Open websites without reading them
  6. Go Facebook to look out for ANTM pictures
  7. Close all those work I'm doing and reopen
  8. Browsing my music player
  9. Download songs for fun which I don't have the intentions to listen but to irritate my brothers
  10. Pressing calculators for every possibilities
That's what I've been doing for the past 30 minutes!

I didn't manage to go offline today as I'm usual with those unfinished academic matters.

Signing off soon.


Friday, April 17, 2009








It's something that everyone need to hold their pace before everything is tore apart in life.

It's weekend.

So many flashbacks had appeared that eventually disrupted my studies and this explains why I whine that I rolled the dice again on my answers. My basic instincts had went blind. *Pfft*

I recap many scenes from my flashbacks as though white lights. Scary enough? Nah. That was just some metaphor and that's enough to make you ponder. Consequences: I felt so bad for being such a bad friend and useless.

Abud was right. I need to read more books. I can sense that my usage of language had been deteriorating.

Few days ago, I found some interesting and hopeful enough from the science facts that Walking can make you become smarter as it stimulates one's brain. I walked everyday, climbed those stairs and yet, I can't find myself smart enough to get logic. Books, perhaps reading may help me stimulate my brains.

Believe me or not. I train myself to be more discipline with time management, I shall reduce the time I spent sitting in front of the computer. Try 'time watching' me.
Things that I might do is to upkeep my achievements, spend more time with love ones, finishing tasks, doing things that I've been longing to do and yea...

40 minutes on the 10 ridiculous calculating questions. I'm impress actually. My brain wasn't functioning well 'aftermath'. Haha.. so forgive me for looking so blind and blur.

Whom to blame huh? I went to Jusco twice yesterday. I knew and I was doomed. At least, no more pin pointing games in the house. My guiltiness did not overcame the determination. *Sigh* Yet, I managed to finish it in the evening and short term memory happens to occur.

Queen of Langkasuka. Ananda Everingham. *Dreaming*

Him. Why? Bland enough.

Breakfast and Lunch... way beyond the kilometres.

Coconut Milk Shake or Coconut Shake (whatever lar). Tasty and refreshing. Worth the RM3.

Back to the origin of my hobby, reading.

It's weekend. Junkies.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Every work in progression shall be continued after Thursday

Let me rest for a while at least

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

scenes in a day

Tomorrow is Malacca's Historical Day or Malacca's Declaration of Historical City day which means holidays for those who are in Malacca. Still, not a day for celebration as I've got a test coming up and I might spend my time rushing for 3 freaking assignments. 3 I think.

I fell down from stairs today as everyone was rushing to get out from the class. If you were guessing that you'll probably be embarrass by that freak accident, I didn't feel any humiliation too since I believe there were numbers of witnesses there. The only thing I felt was the pain on my leg. Yea, I still feel the pain.

So, I sat down in class and was talking to a friend of mine. Suddenly, I started to question him the non related and legally above 18 questions and it was hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

My debate went successfully today even though our lecturer sort of reluctant to announce the winners. However, I was glad that my team had won the hearts of two judges from our beloved classmates. They stated that our points are strong and we were firm with our judgments and even the proposition was confused with their points. Before that, my team mates and I were confuse and scare that we might run out of the topic. Yet, we are still in the circle after all. I have to say that I wasn't debating emotionally as I can still feel the pain in my throat which I was really uncomfortable with it. Yet, I manage to go through after all. My lecturer had commented on me that I was okay and fine. Haha...

Oh yea, have to thank Jonathan for repairing the mock pencil although it's not fully glue to it. JS and HY for the souvenir from their recent vacation and the formulas. My lecturer for minor modifications. Thank goodness, she was kind enough for me to lessen my job. Lastly, my buddies for coming up to pick up the cheque. Haha...

Last night, I went FB-ing between my breaks, I did the quizzes which I found interesting and all I could say is that those quizzes aren't true. They are just freaking unreal and not been recognized. Stupid. Then, commenting here and there.

So, now I shall off for academics matter for the time being.


Monday, April 13, 2009


Stood still

Yet, it's suffering

Extended it's days

I was probably diagnosed with amnesia that particular moment. How can I be that stupid enough not to keep a backup file. The upcoming appointment definitely gonna make me double my job! Ish ish... Why did it happen? I thought and was confidence enough to pass it all without any next announcement. Who knew... almost the whole batch had been called back. That's what I can count of at least. *praying hard for no second redemption and minor modifications*.

The whole noon I was feeling a little bit nausea and fatigue as the sickness had extended it's days... extended it's days. The throat had swollen and for the first time, I'm beginning to feel that open my mouth to talk is an effort. Ish.... Reluctant to talk and think. My brain starts to function slowly. Yikes.... I'm having my debate tomorrow. How am I suppose to help my team? Pointing out my points.

I'm starting to let him go slowly and yea, I was thinking that he probably felt glad and felt lighter. Hmm...

Major and tremendous changes to do. Flexibility is one need to adapt themselves in this cruel world.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

life's if only

Life is so unfair and cruel~ quoted by Jason.

Haha.. (If you're reading this, there is no copyrighted stated there).

So, Jason gave me a lesson of life. Good ones. At the same time, make changes and accept it.

Anyways, if only... this phrase starter had been the most favorite or most hated thoughts and flashbacks of every individual. Everyone seems to dream of their alternatives of the past whether they should have done this and that. Although we might said to one another that lead your life without regrets. However, those who lead their life without regrets do ponder sometimes with their what if. There are differences between 'what if' and 'if only' where it depends on one's perspective.

Well, I'm a bad describer... hopefully, you get what I mean.

There are many questions running in my head too but what had broken cannot be amend back. It can only be fix back at the present and the future. So, don't plan for everything but plan for surprises. That's what I can think of at least.

Ebay-ing for unnecessary

Right now, I finally learned how to browse to EBay. What triggered me to reach there was I'm looking for John Mayer's DVD. Currently, I'm a little bit obsessed with his concert, 'Where the light is'. It amazed me.

I wiki him yesterday and little did I knew that there are more albums that he had released than what I've been collecting so far.

Neon, has another version and that is the original one.

So, I went all the way to EBay to check the price listing. Mahal giler. OhMyGoodness. Maybe RM 40++ is acceptable but RM 100++! Now, tell me, the DVD is made out of gold or some Mars rocks is it?

Ish... ish...I found the cheaper price but was required to bid. Tell me, how am I suppose to bid when that price is distinctively outrageous!

Where the light is

Album that I'm looking for recently. John Mayer's concert DVD version. 'Where the light is'.

Jotting down sickness

I have to apologize again as G had intrude my chatbox and sending some misleading thoughts to people. So, for those who chatted with me within 12.55 till 1.45 pm, wasn't me. Haha... I'm so sorry if there are remarks had hurt you all. I'm still clueless what was in the conversation. I apologize if there are any hurtful remarks. My foe took over my chatbox conversation.

I thought of jotting down my days of my sickness. Not to gain attraction but just curious how many days do I take to recover.

Friday, I was diagnose mild flu in the morning. Then, the whole noon and evening got worst as the temperature I have to fit in with was a drastic change. Cold and hot. It was really hot walking to the pasar malam around 5pm.

Saturday, flu almost recovered. Legs are wobbly. I couldn't think properly and nose was running. Still, I couldn't sniff anything. I was afraid of going out as the temperature out there was torturing. In the end, I slept early. While sleeping, the throat seems to sore and the whole lumbar was aching.

Sunday morning. Lumbar and shoulders aching mildly. Phlegms starting to accumulate in the throat. Still sore in the throat. It's painful. Yet, I felt lighter as FLU has gone away. I prefer sore throat rather than flu. Awaiting for the noon.

You must be wondering how come I don't take medications. Trying to stop relying on medicines. Haha...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gratitudes and apologization

Thank you so much for those who helped me to clean up those feelings. Thank you so much.

I apologize. My bad for affecting you all. I'm stupid and selfish. Does that sounds right?

Coward, just coward.

I've got nothing else much to say.

Post and pre

My legs are wobbly

I couldn't stand well

Mind is blankly pause

Work progression is still on hold

My mouth still sore

Skin is dry

Irrational attacks

Arms pain

Suffering from post flu and pre sore throat.

Emotions had been bouncing endlessly

It stopped

I'm glad

I put on my telescope to watch what is ahead of me

Recovered from emotional blasts

Friday, April 10, 2009

John Mayer

The 50th post under the label of Entertainment.

Dedicated to my beloved NIK and John Mayer!

Talented guitarist and composer.

The arrangement below are according to my most favorable regardless of their albums.

1) Neon (catchy and had million of repetitions)

2) Clarity (dreaming of Coney Island)

3) I don't trust myself (with loving you)

4) Vulture

5) Stop this train

6) Split Screen Sadness

7) Wheel

8) Heart of Life

9) Slow Dancing in a burning room

10) City Love

Usually, I don't really like watching concerts. Recently, John Mayer brought me to his concerts. It changed my thoughts. His concerts are unusual. So, I'm wondering if there is anyone own the DVD? *Heart* John Mayer's songs. He is one real musician.

Be ok

I'm so hating my fluctuating and soaring emotional endlessly.

Thanks to those who use to be hi-bye friends that had cheered me up. I might be a spoil brat but yea, I just want to be seen. Hopefully.

I just wanna be okay
Be Ok- Ingrid Michaelson


I'm so deeply saddened by my thoughts today. I wonder if it's my unstable emotional messing up. I'm a little bit depress today.

I'm stuck in the middle between my desires and ethics.

I can feel that I'm no more longer myself. Not change for the good but from the bad to worst. I felt so useless. Bloody useless. Shit useless. Fucking stupid pathetic useless. I can't do anything at all. Disorganized, hectic, mess.

I'm a boring person. I'm too serious. I'm over emotional. I always get nerves on to people. I disappointed everyone. I accept those.

No one wants to be with an over emotional person.

I get so uptight recently. Yet, people always assume I'm at the tip of my boiling point when the fact I'm not.

My bad

I blame myself

I don't have to drag people down with me.

I don't really want to keep things to myself but they just ignore and disrespect the whole atmosphere. I'm a good listener yet I'm not a good speaker. So, I decided to keep things.

Let the rain pour down and wash all the thoughts away. Let's go under the rain to weep.

I want to drown myself with John Mayer's songs to cure all these baloney.

Sickening Flu

I dislike:

Tissues rubbing against my nose

The throat is sore

Mucus running endlessly to the tip of nostril

Shutting down my sense of smell and taste

Feeling lethargic

Unable to think rationally

I'm diagnosed with FLU.

This morning, I felt my throat and lips dried and sore. Then, in the noon, it attacks. I was too busy to realize till I felt lethargic and hot tempered. What else?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nothing much

Am I asking too much?

If my dear readers agree, please just nod your head. If you think I'm not greedy, please just thumbs up.


Anyways, my classmate, Nik, was there with me when she heard that I've received my first bucket of real gold. We celebrated in the class for a while. Singing and talking in the class. Bad bad things to do. The news had made my day.

Jason, my classmate, had sent me the bad news regarding the guitar's picks and melodies that I wanted to play so much. He told me that it takes up months for a person with basic to master that song. That leaves me to predict how long do I need it. Since, I don't own a basic yet, it takes years la konon... Hmm... I just want to play guitar for that song.

I received surprising stories from a friend of mine. I was shocked and smiled for awhile. Now, I can see the commitment to it. Yet, I still don't find the purpose of it.

Besides, I've met so many people yesterday. (The clock shows 12 am). It distracted me for a while but I managed to get back on the track.

Hurtfully painful

I am so into John Mayer's songs. Since, I'm broke so, I find ways to entertain myself and it does helps me a lot. It helps me to be unrealistic for a time being. Sensibility is what I've earned and through this, I got to see things beyond my expectations that draw the smiles on my face unknowingly. Although, I still have 3 assignments to rush and 2 midterms to end before the finals, yet, I still try to arrange it in orderly. Somehow, there are opportunities that always came in wrong time. My personal task had added on more responsibilities. I, somehow, wanted to reject but felt guilty.

I don't know how to describe my stress. Sometimes, I feel like scolding, crying and just breakdown into pieces. Again, the world still moves on. So, I stand up straight to hide all those shits. No one will sympathize the weak ones and even if they do, it's hurtful. Sometimes, it just so painful to reminiscience everything painful and it gets harder whenever you see someone who is facing the same fate.

So, why not smile and laugh everyday?

Was listening to John Mayer's concert 'Where the Light is'- I don't trust myself in loving you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upside down

The whole room relaxed.

Leaping to another world.

Leaving the touchable away.

My mouth can see the world

My eyes can hear the world

My ears can sniff the world

My nose can talk the world

What a world I'm living in!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of the coolest video I've ever watched for long time. Switchfoot- We are one tonight. Love it so much.

All my perspective, the way I view it had changed so much. Ok... maybe not all but certain of it had definitely changed. It made me look beyond from where I stand. Way beyond and I love it. Sometimes, it does pisses me off that ends up with laughter but yet again, if laughter is the one that made me maintain the happy-ness. Why not I piss for a while? haha...

Thanks to my buddies, SL, SC and YW. You girls ar, had made my whole world crazy yet I still find it amazing. Haha... Let's keep the laughter ringing in our heads. Thanks for the support too and the shoutout is so OBVIOUS but I only hoped for support from you girls. Love you all lar...

Assignments are driving me nuts so much that I hurts my eyes and my brain cells. FYI, my brain cells are in the critical conditions and need to be sent to ICU soon. Too exaggerating. Hmm... Haha... but yea.

I have also found a bunch of people who are willingly to join my acts. Clown acts I would say although I could be looking serious all the time. Yet again, I do surprised people whenever I'm feeling to be mischievous.

Guess this song... I just can't wait the label "entertainment" to reach 50 posts. Somethings up... for me of course.


I've been receiving so much text messages today and my inbox had reached more than 500. Too much to be deleted anyways.

Last night, I listened to the recording again that was recorded from my genius buddy, SL. I laughed before I went to sleep and that was all bullshits and baloney.

Tuesday is indeed a very long day for me. My day ends at 9pm and that explains why I'm so weary. The 8pm class can be fun if I found the right person to be mischievous. Honestly, that class starts late and ends early. Pointless for me as I did not concentrate well in the class. Haha...

Well, I got aeroplaned today and almost pissed off. I text, miss called and called yet, still got no reply. Totally irresponsible and I had to rot my mouth by swearing. Yet again, I overreacted as that causes me to wait like a fool for 5 minutes. Ok lar, maybe I have been late before but at least I send them notice.

I, finally took the patience to listen to John Mayer's album without skipping the songs that I least like. I felt calm listening to John Mayer's songs although I have no idea what is the song trying to convey as I did not concentrate. Haha... concentrate.

I'm busy, everyone is busy. Spare time anyone?

Word of the day: Yearning.
Dear People,

Please do not give me the doubt look and bitch in front of me. If you have something to say about me, say it right in front of my face. Don't give me that bloody shit look and I can accept it. Do not whisper if it's about me. Just talk in front of me, no matter how hard it can be.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Craving with un-crave

I was craving for ice- cream yesterday, initially, I ate 2 ice creams to fulfill my craves. Sundae Cone. Oh, that leads me to crave for McD's Fillet O Fish and I ended to get one this evening. I was so enthusiastic to have it so much... Little did I knew, when I reached home, I did not enjoy the burger. All this is because I realized I have tonnes of assignment to finish and did not managed to take the time to sit down-stare-enjoy-licking off the tartar sauce on my upper lips-showing satisfaction face... that whole thing. Hence, I gulped down my burger and I found out that McD's fries went soggy and tasteless. Eww... Worthless. I can't taste the fish.

Today, I went to campus earlier than usual to get a better parking space. Well, like the Chinese proverbs always say,'The early bird will always get the worm'. I followed the proverbs... When I reached there, it still make no difference with the afternoon session parking that was really full that even have creative parkers. Fuck. Therefore, I was destined to walk and walk and walk from the farest parking lots to the concourse. Am I naive?

I wonder if my friends had pulled a prank on me. *shaking head*. April Fool had over, my birthday is drawing far yet, Halloween is still far far away. Thinking about it again, I'm really shocked and I laughed in the library. Speechless and thoughtless.

Random pictures from DA

Yea.. I like the spoof and not Edward Cullen. I love the movie. 40 year old virgin. Great movie and is fresh, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

That explains why I'm in the Faculty of Business and Law though I must say science is really all about Einstein's brain and curiosity. Haha...

You're the sunshine and let's keep spreading the rays to make them alive!

Ooo... Something fun. Somewhere in the middle.

Does anyone of you see me in this form? Anything that draw the thoughts.

This is what I call contrast with a touch of dare.

I'm about to dream towards this world.

Strong colors I call it as each of the colors' elements had explained well in the picture.

Somewhere I'll run and hide to escape everything. We just have to face it one day and that day will change our lives forever.


















Listening to The Way I am- Ingrid Michaelson

What do I have to do to earn a little bit of respect from people?

I hope I wasn't suspecting but I have to warn to certain people that:

I'm not blind. I'm a human with emotions and feelings. I can be fatigue of those fake masks and fake gestures. I'm willing to help but please do not misuse me. I trust in most of you but please show respect for what I had done for you all. I don't expect much from you all but a little bit support like how I showed my support towards you people. Don't give me that look on the face. If you are too ignorant to notice, I've been wearing mask as well to entertain you people.

What do I have to do to earn a little bit of respect from people?

Listening to Miracle- Paramore

Not off my ethics

Ta-da... Just finished searching for inspirations and back to here.

Well, after reading a friend of mine's blog, I felt sorry and wanted to show my concern but it's still the best for me to stay out of it as I am not close to her. So... *silent for a moment*...ok.

One thing, I still can remember vividly regarding the trauma that I had was I almost or indirectly received a sexual harassment. *Laughing*. Seriously, I think that had offended my respect perspective. Way beyond my moral ethics... for a guy's point. I felt offended as my friend wasn't being respectful. I pissed off every time I thought about it... that made me conclude some assumptions. Disrespectful, taking advantage. Thanks to Jonathan for enlighten me and I do have the rights. I should have just slapped right on his face to signal him. Haha...Eventually, I gave him a hard slap on his back. Damn... Luckily, I was conscious and did not fell into the trap. I was there cursing in my mind, 'What the fuck had just happened?'... Maybe I've been exaggerating but it's still against my ethics unless I give the permission and have the status. That was the mild one and onwards, I have to be cautious. Haha... Not too conservative but balancing the thoughts will do. I can play as wild and mad like rollercoaster's ride but if we don't obey the law of body's ability, we might ended up horrible sickness and unforgettable traumas.
There is a witness but I'm not going to elaborate much about it.
So, my instinct was right then. It worked.

Anyways, men are all equally players and they can't stay to one.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Might be a little bit busy and rude for these few days due to endless of assignments or should I call it procrastination.

Hence, I need to catch my concentration...

You heard me... CATCH.


Mad, almost mad... hay wire soon. Cuckoo almost....

Anyone up to my madness yet?

If you do, please join my clan.

Almost there....

Listening to Clarity- John Mayer

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm about to go nuts with the numbers and titles.

I'm imagining myself drowning into a pool of numbers.


Dedication to SC

Present for our beloved SC that was meant to fit her hand phone.

Last night, we had a post mortem meeting for fund raising. It was supposed to be a very belated birthday for SC. I saved this post just for her. The plan didn't go well as we couldn't pin point to her. She is too good to be scolded. Haha...
I wanna blame Derrick and Jerry too. They were supposed to blame and scold her. Too bad, it didn't worked out. Coincidentally, I had so many phone calls that night and I didn't manage to start. Haha...The god had changed our plan. In the end, we turned off the lights and bring in the cake. Besides, we also celebrated for Nilson who apparently was also on the last day of March.

Yea, looking as though I wanna throw him the 2nd piece of cake.

After blowing candles and all the usual rituals, we had cake throwing session that was not in the rituals. Haha... youngsters nowadays. Cake was meant to be eaten and not play. Thank goodness, I wasn't any of the victim. SC who was the starter had it on Derrick. 2nd, Nilson from SC. 3rd, SC from Nilson and Derrick. 4th, SL from Derrick (she threw her cake towards Derrick back). 5th, Jerry (his clothes got almost torn off) from YW. 6th YW from Jerry.
After that, they went all the way to toilet and the menaces were still going on. They played with water. Then, they all headed to cafe for further celebrations. Haha...

Take 1
SC and Nilson

Take 2

Take 3 (finally)

It's really hard to take pictures for both of them. 3 takes. *pening*

With the girls and one almost ah gua with the tennis racket.

With the guys
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3... finally... again

It's really hard to take proper picture for her when she is with the opposite sex as they kept pulling pranks on her.

Cake cut by Derrick looks 'appealing' enough. Haha.. Ok, better than me at least.

Finally, Dr. Wong @ Derrick. Haha... Almost creamed by him. Haha

Finally, the room is filled with cakes and cream that they had overthrown. Haha... Yet, we managed to clean the room as we are responsible people. Hoho

FUNd Raising

It's about the weekend or it's weekend already. Anyways, I have a summary for my weekdays.
So, we had organized fund raising to raise funds for our upcoming event.
It was all FUNd raising. I had so much fun although I was supposed to be in charge of the whole fund raising. Eventually, I ended up sweating and walking up and down the whole venue. Haha...
Our stalls are divided according to divisions:
Sponsorship & Marketing: Fried ice cream and herbal eggs
Publicity: Curry Fishballs
Games & Competitions: Mini Games
Multimedia: Murukus
Program & Protocol: Popcorn
Skill & Development: Drinks
Special Task: Doughnuts
Coupons: Non divisions high committees
My division overall had done well and I am really proud of it although I have few working committees. They had done well to help out. Besides, I want to thank BH, YW, SL and SC for preparing foods, drinks and equipments for other divisions and mine as well even though they are not related to my division. Thank you so much for your willingness to help. Love you all to the max. Haha...
Nothing much I can say but we had fun! Laughter, pranks and so on within us. Besides, I can also see that the bonds between the high committees had gotten closer... Hmm... maybe among us lar...

Left: Jerry Right: KL.
One thing particular funny was Jerry was so enthusiastic to play the mini games as we have so many free games from the coupons that we had bought. He was like a child, trying to beat scores from the Special Task. Picture below here is the coupons that we had gathered and collected from ourselves. Imagine how much coupons we had bought. Of course, our lunch are all consist of junk foods and we do have proper meals from the vendors. The vendors that we called in were nice people. Offered us free 'kebab'.

Yea, so the Special Task had earned so many points which was around 11,000++. It was registered under the name of DR. WONG @ Derrick. (Self claimed: they cheated). Jerry could have won. Haha... So, the picture below here is the Special Task division. Dr. Wong is the one with glasses and in white color t-shirt.

My assisstant, BH and the treasurer, SL @ Michelle @ Julia @ Melissa. Haha... They were suppose to be on their duty and see... they were there to curi tulang. Haha... Hung and Lee. Hahaha... Joking.

My division. All of them except Ken Arif. He is a funny guy. Haha. My another assisstant, YW, the one in blue polo tee. Anti clockwise: (red) Ern Rou, Joyce, Pinyi and (yellow) Kaichi. These people are very cute and funny yet they are dedicated to the fund raising. Kudos.

Not really all of us were in the picture but these were the people that took care of the cash, fighting over music... (me & Jerry lar), laughing and so on.

Left to Right: Jerry, Yun Fei, SL, SC, YW, me, Augustine, KL and BH.

We had nicknamed for certain people but sorry to say that I can't disclose those names till I have the permission. Haha...

What do you think of this pair of slipper? It got broken when SC was playing mini games. Initially, they had her slipper stapled but it still didn't work. Thus, this is what you get for stronger bonds. DUCT TAPE. I think red duct tape should be better looking.

Lastly, I had my hand, not really burnt but I accidentally touched something HOT and it had blister on it.

Lastly, thank you to my director for accompany me to the government's offices. Luckily, everything was sold off and we had earned our profit. Somehow, I still got blamed for choosing the wrong things to be sell. Well, I have to proclaim that it wasn't my fault as that person in charge weren't there and too ignorant to find an alternative.
Anyways, I'm so sorry if I ever said or acted harsh to you all and sorry for certain division for not taking pictures. I was too idiotic to realize the canggih hand phone of mine has camera.

Thank you so much everyone. So sayang you all la...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Twillight ???

I just don't understand why the movie 'Twillight' is phenomenal by right, I think the novel is better than the movie. Even guys fell in love with the romance movie.. yea. I classified it as romance movie but not comedy as I think the whole movie is just dark. My goodness... ok. I have not watch the movie yet and everyone claimed that the movie is just so romantic. *Scratching head*. My classmates whom were guys, kept telling me the movie is good and yet, I just don't understand why. *Pfft* You see, even guys fall for the movie. By the way, I don't think Robert Pattinson is good looking. He just look freaking pale.. they claimed that he is a vampire who doesn't want to suck the blood of the woman that he love. So, that's why he is freaking pale. He looks woody to me. Enough said.

Thus, there shall be the sequel of it as the main actor too handsome, according to some Robert Pattinson fans. Yet, I still deny. Haha...

Maybe I will watch that movie after the phenomenal atmosphere has gone although it's already gone.

Healing Symphony

An artwork that I've found from Deviant Art. It's utterly cool and find it amazing. I present you, the sky of our earth or as known as 'Healing Symphony' from the owner itself. For a better look, go to Healing Symphony.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Break between

Okay. Line is still bad. I've finished half of my part for assignments.. well, I have to redo from the leader's opinion as my part wasn't that discrete enough. So, almost done and browsing a while. Hence, I went to MMLS, for checking news from lecturers. Then, I had switched myself to being kepoh, in other terms, busybody. What I did was checking up other group marks for marketing paper. Ok...I was just being curious... Haha... Alas, the calculator is resting on my lap and I find it handy after all. Haha...

That's it.

Love Danielle, signing off for her assignments again.

Good Night to all especially my love ones and dear readers.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AND I AIN'T APRIL FOOL-ING ANYONE TODAY AS IT IS FADING AND LAME (was referring to today and the previous posts)

She is almost mad

Previous post was sobering. Now, I'm expressing.

Fuck. No idea what to say.

I can't sign in my MSN. Bloody line today.

I really can't stand anymore. I've been having this intention for months. I really really really really really want to quit. I can't handle things well.

I only concern for my academics right now and can't bear to see another disappointment faces from my loved ones. Seriously. I understood all the costs that they had invested on me and I have to say that I don't come from a rich family. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth neither a golden key. Hence, I understood the time, money, spirit and high hopes that they have put on me. It was my bad for doing things unwell. Sorry to say that I couldn't concentrate well as I have another stones to be worried for. Simple, SCARE. I was and I am.

Damn it. I have did it again. Listing all my weaknesses make me feel vulnerable. Damn it. Just expressing. Damn it. Oh my goodness, I had mentioned the word 'damn it' for 4 times including the verbally. Yea, make it plus 3.

See that.


What should I do first?

Miss Danielle is under the state of dilemma, confusion, depressing temporarily and sobering within minutes.

Prescriptions: A tablespoonful of hope for everyday. A pill for calmness for every hour. 3 drops of care every minute. A pinch of love for every second.

Consultation: Mr and Miss Deeds for 24/7 and Mr and Miss Karma for 24/7

Come back to the World of MirOppHoLoLuCa anytime. We welcome you with our big smiles.

Tend to listen to Mad World- Gary Jules, Miracle and That's what you get- Paramore, One More Time- Daft Punk, Breakeven- The Script and Benjamin Button's Soundtrack.

Fuck it and Move it

My first failure for my mid term in my first degree year. It was Marketing paper. Okay... that I totally blame on myself. I did my assignments in last minute and I did not have enough time to study well. I don't know why. Is it because I spend too much time on unnecessary stuffs?
I really can't bear to see all my precious marks dropping drastically. I have my standards to maintain it and keep on increasing.
My emotions had been so tensed up. Well, it was because... and I can't reason it. I do not have the guts to conceive another failure. Haha...
I was checking my mid term marks and I could have guess that I failed. Yea. *cheerios*. I took up the nerves to stand up and motivate myself harder.
Then, I began to preview my activities that I had done and I realized.
I wanna quit. Quit from all the unnecessary activities as I had laid my majority commitment towards my academics and family.
I am and was incapability of arranging my daily routines and always having problem with all my homework. I was never the best among the rest but I am proud to say that I've done my best and I've done it with all my diligence. However, one is always never satisfy and I'm always trying to strive to achieve higher or should I say strive for higher achievements? Never mind that.
Mum was right. I shouldn't have taken the position at the first place and now, what I got myself into. She knew I have so many things to do and I was greedy for something sweet. Yet, it is unethical for me to quit (according to the person in charge). Irresponsible.
Now, I'm facing a bigger issue : HOW TO SOAR WITHIN A MONTH PLUS for my ACADEMICS.
As a fact, I never own a good brains. I worked hard to go that far and I would like to emphasize again that I couldn't afford to see my beloved numbers to fall just like that. *sigh*. I should have listen to mum.
So, before I finish blabbing, whining, sobering or whatsoever, I want to claim that I could have done better for my marketing paper if I was given more time to deal with it.
Therefore, to the person in charge, I would like to say sorry if my tasks are slow in progress as I have many things to do deal with and bad time management.
I also would like to apologize to anyone if I ever done any silly things that had affected you mentally or physically.

Psst: I procrastinate a lot just to relax.