Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time Fusion- DJ Okawari

Just finished checking my results, looking at it just made me realized that i'm always somewhere on the line. Neither good nor bad. What special skills do I still possess asides cursing and swearing?

Life decision making process, the hardest part is the decision making, so it came true.
One, it's the route of opportunity to own a better and quality terms for future life contracts.
Second, it's another path for clearing burdens or have a taste of working in real life with specific field.
The same illustration, standing on the fork of two diverged path (ok, maybe with a tree in the middle and grasses on the side), wondering which way to go.

Some path has no turning back, some might lead you to regrets.
If you're lucky and blessed enough, some path lead you to happiness and success of achieving desired dreams.

I wish I could have the problems and matters to be solve for good before I leave peacefully to pursue dreams that I yearn to achieve.

I always question myself, who lead my way? Although I knew it was myself that I should lead my on way yet, there are matters that ain't under my control.