Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Forca Portugal! Tribute

It was devastating to know that Portugal had lost the match and what's worst is that you're watching it live and you could do nothing about it. The part where salt to wound was both of my favorite teams are playing amongst each other, Portugal vs Spain.

They got players playing for renown football club in the world yet what they lack of is what we call Lady Luck.

Firstly, they were placed in the same group with Brazil. Secondly, they have to face Spain, their neighbor country out of their expectations. Maybe I do sound like a sore loser in denial but that's the truth.

C'mon the goal strike by Villa was just merely by luck and of course, the Portugal's GK had defensed it well throughout every shot. If it wasn't for Villa's goal, Portugal could have maintain nil-nil with extra time and had fat chances to move forward with the penalty shots.

Now, Portugal's elimination feels like the end of World Cup and it made me feel demotivate to watch WC anymore. *Sigh* After for my enthusiasm and cheers for Portugal, why do you have to end your journey shortly?

I don't want to point any blames to the team (except C.Ron for being one man show) but rather lift their heads high to home. They did their best but luck factor wasn't on their side all the while. They played good games but only made wrong predictions and assumptions (referring to coach). I wanted to punch the fucking referee at his face for ignoring all the fouls made by Spain.

What happens if Simao or Carvalho lead the team?

Nonetheless, I'm proud for Portugal for making this far. They've gone through rainy weathers and unpredictable consequences yet they still made it far. A tribute to Portugal, their departure is a loss to all viewers and spectators. Forca Portugal!

Now, I'm rooting for Argentina and Spain all the way. Messi, with love.

P/S: Should check out LV's website, Pele, Maradona and Zidane are featuring in the WC fever for LV. Footballers of the century.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I took pictures with Simao :love:

I took pictures with the stars. Only 3 though. Sadly, I don't think there's people know who's Simao. Adidas had finally approved him for sponsorship.

Simao Sabrosa.

Lionel 'Leo' Messi

David Villa

What's even important is that I'm a big and loyal fan to Portugal!

This spot here suppose belong to Spain.


For once, I refuse to eat chicken due to the offensive smell of slaughter in the market and kitchen. No, it's not about how KFC treated their chicken before frying them, it's the smell of clones and artificial hormones injections. Apparently, KFC is giving away football posters and that's the one I'm looking for and I only want the freaking poster not quoting 'finger licking good'!

*the poster looks exactly like the billboard except they deleted Fernando Torres*

Saturday, June 26, 2010

No more conspiracy theories

Portugal had finally draw tie with Samba Kings, Brazil. Nonetheless, both of them still make it to the round 16, the scarier part was the losing team shall be eliminated in the round 16. Despite the match drew 0-0 which has proven that Portugal had defended well in the battle. I fucking hate C.Ronaldo being the captain and he did not get any ball near to a fucking goal post. It should be Simao or R.Carvalho being the leader for their country. Who's that fucking retard chose him to be the captain?

The professional had concluded the statistics of ball possession during the match, I don't fucking understand why they underestimate Portugal by just merely giving away a figure of 30%-40%.

Portugal's ball possession was 39% for the maximum and 32% for minimum. Meanwhile, Brazil has got 60% to 70% figure. Yet, Portugal had been playing well although there were some missing passings to their members.

However, I was drawing my own theory as well and the real question of Portugal's strategy:

*If Portugal could defeat DPR Korea with a 7-0 but why Portugal couldn't shoot a goal during the Ivory Coast's match? Instead they drew a 0-0 and there weren't much effort in that game as well.

*However, Brazil could have easily pulled down Ivory Coast with a 3-1 result and also DPR Korea with 2-1 as well.

*This also proven DPR Korea had the level equally with Brazil but a shameful lost with Portugal by 7-0.

Then, I begin to make comparison all of Portugal's match against Ivory Coast, DPR Korea and Brazil.

You see, the match between IC, the efforts Portugal gave wasn't 100% and they were running as slow as they could to defend for a draw instead of winnings. They actually had lots of opportunities.

It's either they received a wake up call upon the draw with IC or they were shielding their strengths. During the battle with DPR Korea, so many efforts and tricks were premiering resulting a 7-0.

If both of those matches they've won, they could have move to no.1 in Group G.

My fear came for Portugal when they were against Brazil. Surprisingly, they concluded a draw with nil-nil. Despite Brazil being rank world no. 1, the defense from Portugal were as good as a fortress.


The fixture of the round 16 which is by eliminating the rival regardless of draws. Portugal is now facing Spain in the KO STAGE! Boohoo! Argh... Spain should have just remain as runner up instead of moving up to first place. Now, they have to face Portugal, world ranking no. 3 vs world ranking no. 2. If Portugal eliminated, I'll definitely cry. Really fucking frustrating. If Spain eliminated, I don't feel like watching FIFA 2010 anymore. Can't they switch place and battle against other countries instead of their very own neighbour country?

Portugal did not expect Spain to top their own group and now they have to face each other.

Here's something I don't understand why they change the color of it, after all, it's unique and attractive.

Year 2006's jersey colors. Maroon.

The current jerseys.

Completely Red: Home
White with vertical stripes (green and red): Away

The white one ain't that normal looking but the red one looks like England's away jersey.

Something adorable makes me laugh and I swear it's unbelievably adorable and silly especially Messi....


Peter Crouch is actually handsome and they kept reserving him at the bench when they praised he's a good footballer.

Adorable isn't it?

Go Matadors!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Inspirations at it's lost. Blergh, don't ask how it happen, it happens to *poof*

Few days ago, I bought a dress for XX and I did use Pos Laju. "Besok Kirim, Hari Ini Sampai"- Samy Vellu. How the hell did he even think of that first?

Everyday, I would use the same route to work just to see this billboard.

I'm not insane but preferably dreamy. Just to see Messi, Kaka, Torres and that blonde guy. Hee... Even my colleagues admit he's so adorable.


Monday, June 21, 2010




The greatest win of decade ever!

Though it wasn't an exciting match but the skills performed by the magicians were indeed remarkable and astonishing!

Fucking awesome and fantastic!

Sadly, North Korea's goalkeeper performed badly for this match.

If only Luis Figo was there!

You should have watch Simao's goal, C.Ronaldo's goal and Tiago's too. Magicians!


Apparently, Italy's fans must've been disappointed by the poor performance and New Zealand's skills had been improved. I must say that New Zealand's goalkeeper is indeed sharp and defend it well at his position.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

England suck big time

Football woes...

Apparently, I had placed my bets yesterday, Argentina to hold the World Cup 2010 Trophy. Portugal oh Portugal, you can only move forward but the trophy is still far away from your hands. Nonetheless, I will support you till the very end.

This time around, there are so many draws and shocking winnings from countries we never thought of. Such as Greece losing, Spain's lost, Germany's lost, Portugal's draw and etc.

Well, for England, as usual, they are the running flower vase in the field. There's nothing much they can do, I don't blame the goalkeeper for his clown mistakes. Apparently, I can see all the other players in the field are running without effort. They seems to be waiting for each other to either defend or strike. C'mon la, automatic a bit la.

England fans must've been down for the draw when they draw the assumptions of the scoreline like 2-0, 3-0, 2-1 and etc. Even the commentators draw their statistics with 3-0.

Lesson to be learn: Anything can happen in every minute and every second.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One stone kill two birds

Have you got the idea how to describe 'one stone kill two birds'?

Two rewards for one action. Can't picture it?

Simple, this can be apply to girls at this time around.

While I was watching football games, I managed to look around for handsome players in the field. Not playboys. Years ago, every girls (non football watchers) begin to love watching football because of David Beckham, well, screw him. (My personal opinions).

There are few footballers that I really love but they had retired and I don't find myself feeling homie watching the fully new generations playing.

The ones that I used to love on the field, they are super good players and hot.

Raul Gonzalez (Spain)


These are the new generations to make me feel a little bit homie and hot.

Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) Currently, he had already scored three goals for Argentina in the same match. Argentina vs South Korea.

Fernando Torres (Spain)

Lionel Messi (Argentina) (FIFA Player of the Year). If Messi retains his hairstyle this way, I'll love him more. Only 23 years old.

This one is the one I still love, he's still on the field. Golden Boots receiver for FIFA 2006 okeh.

Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Sadly, all of them are either engaged or married with kids. Messi is bound to engage at the end of this year.

Portugal is still the one I love and support the most. The chances are slim now. =(

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain just lost the first match

Those who aren't keen to watch football all the time should learn to watch once every FOUR years. Minutes ago, I read a news whereby a girl committed suicide because her boyfriend is having deeply attach affair with FIFA.

Oh fuck, why have to throw life away just for a guy? You can engage yourself more with activities that you long to do such as shopping, swipe his credit cards, go flirting and so much more. At least, your man is having affair with FIFA not woman. Why so silly to put your importance on him? FIFA only ma, the most it ends within a month. It's really fun to watch FIFA, can gamble also ma. Spend his money to let him feel the pinch if he keeps on neglecting his girlfriend.

Frustrations: Wanting to do my reports but I'm so reluctant to do it. It really sucks big time. Switzerland just scored one goal during the second half. Spain, what the fuck are you doing? Sometimes, I am not decisive enough to lead my life.

I'm unofficially changing department but it is boring. Boring deep shit.

I'm a big fan of Portugal! Uno duo tres! But, it is so fucking pissed after I knew that C.Ronaldo is the bloody fucking leader for his country. I wish Scolari is back to lead the team firmly and Figo too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who says those who watch football games are gamblers????

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Should I get a pixie cut, asymmetrical bob, bob with bangs or continue to let it grow?

Agyness Deyn looks fucking awesome in pixie cut!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

@ Yesterday *Today #Tomorrow

@ the whole colleagues were concerning about a staff. CONCERN not GOSSIP.

@ the first FIFA match kicks off with a messy game. The concert was fucking high.

@ admitted that there's nil forms of relationship and I answered it without hesitation.

* I've begin to realize marriage provides insecurity.

* Almost everyday I'm hearing the same name and I fear for my fall again. xxsxx

* Jon was right, the more I work the more emotional I get after working.

* Portugal and Spain all the way.

* I am LOST.

# The world is still at it's size, I can still walk.

# The dream may last for long. Hopefully.

# I tried ignoring but your presence is so strong, you bastard. I'll try again.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today my mind said...

#I wanna thank my colleague for accompanying me to accomplish my project. Thank you! Without her, I couldn't find my courage to continue this whole thing.

#Lately, I found my mouth has turned to less potty and I miss my old me.

#I've no fond of bragging for good or bad to the public cause you will not understand what the fuck am I conveying, which I rather tape my mouth in suffocation than being humiliate.

#I can wear jeans, skirts, dresses to work without worrying about informality. I'm allow to be casual.

#I also learn a new and interesting job and I thank that man to explain though he was in the midst of his business.

#I've been asked how many banks does Malaysia has? My answer: I don't know. Straightforward. I'm not bloody interested in banks that's similar to ah longs!

#I'm being use to be ignored and already immune. Call me lone ranger.

#Try staying out of everyone's affairs and businesses, it lead you to no good and shits.

#This week has finally written my affair with sotong and kangkung.

#Definitely need to learn the art of talking cock.

#Recently, I'm resenting my hatred towards those who draw conclusions swiftly without understanding the real situations.

Monday, June 7, 2010

maybe i'm still stuck in my comfort circle =(

All of the sudden, the emptiness feeling emerged to the tip of the heart.

I kept browsing and browsing to a list of communicators but I just couldn't pick one to communicate. I couldn't even turn on a communication and I know it will just stop right there [full stop]

Instead, I turn to bunch of reading materials on the line which I've to admit that I'm already being pushed to the end of the road. Yet, I just love the way I'm with a little bit of whine (maybe not little but more).

I wanna go and catch some movies and relax in some coffee house or restaurant. You'll be wondering 'bout shopping, well, I prefer dealing it alone. It's just some peace I'm dealing with myself while shopping.

Today, I'm so bored to the extreme of playing SUDOKU. FML.

When the Clockwatching- J. Mraz hit the climax of the song, I felt like crying. Tears of mixed (joy + sadness)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of course you can't tell that I'm ecstatic coz you don't know.

Current New Addi[c]tion Playlist

  • Clockwatching- Jason Mraz (sounds like my fun moments)
  • Bella Luna- J. Mraz (the moon is beautiful)
  • No Stopping Us- J. Mraz (I have more than what you think)
  • Absolutely Zero- J. Mraz (I want more zeros in my bank account)
  • Lonely In Gorgeous- Paradise Kiss OST (Being lonely can be gorgeous at times.. fuck)
  • Everything you Want- Vertical Horizon (It could be 'you' that's in front of my eyes)
  • Automatic- Tokio Hotel (emotional rhythm)
  • Jenny- Click Five (I just replaced it with Danielle)
  • The Light Before We Land- Gunslinger Girl OST (Wave goodbye to Buddha before I land here)
  • Waltz- Suneohair (One day.. just one day)
  • Fluorescent Adolescent- Artic Monkeys (those days had over)
  • Details in the Fabric- J. Mraz and James Morrison (Know your name and find the way)
  • Do you wanna- Franz Ferdinand (Not sure if I know what I want)
Can you tell that I'm ecstatic????

Lady Dreamer, you might be the soundest sleeper,
Tonight sleep tight and build your nest upon my shoulder.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Equal Opportunities


When the majority intend to overthrow the futile minority, ass kissing activities are surging to the surface to soothe our dissatisfactions over these years.

Yet, there's no point giving a chance to trust them as it's just a show they have to put on temporarily. In the long term, we still have to undergo all the bullshits that we don't deserve all the while. Don't you find it amusing when they have to please us at times like this? We have more talents that is deserve to expand endlessly than you have.


Ya know, we're not like any typical Japanese girls whom only aim to get married after their high school graduation. There's whole lot more to discover rather than being tied up.

Is it really shameful for a woman whom has surpass the ideal age of marriage still staying single?

Is it a necessity to have children after married? What's the purpose of having children when you knew that your career has to be in the first place?

Is it a disgrace to be an independent woman?

Why can't people respect an elderly woman who is upholding her power but still stay single?

I hate the 'norms' given by the elders here. The world has changed and all genders have equal rights, we don't mean to despise men but all we want is equal opportunities in everything we do. Even Michelle Wie has already in the PGA and LPGA, she can be in the same line with the men. Oprah Winfrey is listed as the highest earning celebrities compare to others and it's a list of men and women. Kathryn Bigelow has proven that even female can dominate the Academy Award. Anita Roddick's lead a successful journey for Body Shop. There are more to list.

I don't understand why women have to bow down to men? Men shouldn't think they are the only dominant brainy mammals in this world, that's ego.

Back those days, women were born to do houseworks, stay loyal to husband and take care of children. Yet, men those days only need to find money for the households, they can even stay unfaithful to the wife which those donkey people are proud of their jerk acts, they call it 'real man'. When a woman is being unfaithful, donkey people are being barbarous and decided to torture her to death. That is how sad for a woman.

Why can't women deserve equal treatment from the public? Even men's mother are women, shouldn't they respect all women equally like how they respect their mothers?

I'm not discriminating men's ability and I admit that they possess stronger abilities than us but what we want is equal treatment from the men. Is it that hard?

I hate the norms set by those elders.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paradise Kiss

*Sweep sweep* *dust dust*...

It's probably growing spider's cobwebs. Anyhow, I wasn't pretty busy nor pretty free but rather not in the blogging mood.

Exactly a week ago, I mentioned that I hate that bloody phrase 爱情是力量 which is completely cocks and bulls to me. How ridiculous, if love is everything, try survive without your energy sources, FOOD. Bah! Bullshit. Besides, how much energy are you gonna get from love, you're for sure gonna get sick and tired by pleasing each other rather than being yourself. This bloody stupid phrase recalled while I was listening to a Chinese song which I over concentrate on the lyrics and mortified. Goosebumps came out and of course, I hated that phrase regardless how much you repeat.


Recently, I stumbled upon some manga and I wanted to read those I've watched before.

[Paradise Kiss]

While I was reading it, I was imagined myself in that story at the same time... Ok.. it's not a crime or sin to picture myself in the story by inserting my soul in the characters. After all, imagination contains of endless boundaries.

After finishing the manga, flashbacks recalled and everything begin to feel bittersweet. I wasn't really saddened by those life I've gone through but rather sobbing over those tiny bits of feelings. So, the real question mingled in my brain throughout the day, was it a lust, desire or genuine?

Goddamn! You should watch that story... Believe me, girls would definitely fall for George, see it for yourself. The girl... is just like any of us. But, I was disappointed with the ending of the anime as it's seems incomplete while the manga... was incomplete also but owns more details. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the conclusions itself. But, how would I end up in the next 10 years to come?