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Panic! At the Disco

Gosh, these songs are just addictive from Panic! At the Disco. One of a kind tho it sounded like Fall Out Boys. But, I still prefer this band. It reminded me during my SPM days where I study and sing at the same time. Haha...

Time after Time

I love this song a lot from Cyndi Lauper. Time after Time. I found the acoustic version, the best so far and I think is a KID. Holy shit, I should be finishing my assignment and am here procrastinating.


Something to remind me


Have you ever experience that when you're at a place by all yourself then when you bump on to someone you know, they started to ask, 'why are you all alone?'...
In the end, you started to feel pathetic and pitiful.
Well, I have experienced it.

Being alone can be this calming

But, now, all I can say is that IT IS OKAY TO BE ALONE.

When one is alone, you will start to label that person as Loner, Lone Ranger and so on. But, the feeling to be alone at times can be fun and cool.

To be alone shows that you're independent and fun.
FUN as in you can entertain yourself in all ways. I mean all ways.

In conclusion, please do not define people who are alone, pathetic.

Those who are afraid of being alone sometimes are desperate and very dependent. They just can't stand to be alone, always need people around and surround them.

Chinese Paper Cutting

I just love my Chinese Lecturer. Yes, IS LOVE. Not the sarcastic love and the LOVE love. But the affection of love in teacher- student way.

I used to have Chinese teachers that are strict and boring during my primary school days. NOTE: My Chinese class was extra class.

But, she is totally different. She is too young to be one. 20++. That's her age. She is soft and gentle. She also has the patience to teach us in EVERYTHING and yes, I mean EVERYTHING. From words to pronounciation. She actually stop and correct for you.

Yesterday, I learned Chinese Paper Cutting for my Chinese Class. That was part of the syllabus. Chinese Culture.

This is what she called Basic...

At first, I thought it was gonna be hard and tough. You know, you have to be very extra CAREFUL with all the edges and holes. But, her influence through her teachings... I was 'WOW'. She had all those samples that she had made during her training in Beijing. Oh boy, you would probably awe and gave her compliments. But, her response is those were just basic. Then, you will probably drop your jaw.

She gave us red papers and scissors. Then, she explained and told us her philosophies and stories in the class. While, I was there cutting and listening to her. I did Twin Happiness and a Butterfly. That is what she gave. She even challenged me to do a smaller one and I did it tho is a little bit torn.

Then, I was done...Haha. Very proud of it and probably I will do it for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I put my artwork in my file where I can walk and show off at the same time. Haha...What I've learned from Chinese Paper Cutting is that patience and shift all my stress away cause when one is concentrating, you don't think of anything else but to finish it.

Twin happiness


My butterfly

My butterfly with my own design

This time my Chinese class won't be that boring and formal as she turn the class to be fun. I enjoy her class a lot.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Opportunity Cost

I hate the feeling when you're bound to let go of a thing in order to keep the other thing. It's called the Opportunity Cost.
It hurts when you knew both are important to you and you just got to let go one of them.

Greediness is a sin. (sort of la or is it memang?)
You can't have two at the same time. Is either you work damn real HARD to obtain both of it unless if you're lazy, you've got to let go one of them.
But, it takes time to work it just for to get the both of it.

This is what I learn from my Microeconomics class.


Have you ever have trouble expressing your feelings when you wanted to?
Well, I did. It is hard to keep it downnnn there but somehow you're either just too shy to express it or afraid to be humiliated.

It is hard. Gosh Damn Hard.

Damn, what the hell had happened to me?
I should be concentrating to study not to get involve in any relationships or something like that. To be honest, the feeling of being care by a particular person is a special bonus (can't find the word) when you're outside alone without your family.

It breaks your heart when you see the sign that you're no more longer care by the person that you've been dreaming in your sleep (ok, that did not happen to me, It was just an EXAMPLE).

Therefore, thou shall move on. Its okay to be alone when you see couples. Throw ice- creams to them. I don't know why ice- creams but BOOYAH!!!


Recently, I've made this 'research' through my observations. Well, before I begin, I would like to say sorry if I offended anyone and all these theories are based on my 'observation'. Non-whimsical observation. It is just for some thoughts of the day and questions for your self- awareness.

Topic of the ____ is (drum rolls please) BITCH.
Yes, bitch. Its BIT-CH. Bitch, in my definition, I would say that is a kind of attitude that is very annoying.

Nope, I've not encounter any girls that get on my nerves. Its something I would like to share.

To be honest, I just don't understand why girls said that they hated bitch when they can act like one.

Here are some groups I've made:
  1. Rarely Bitch
  2. Pure Bitch
  3. Realistic Bitch
  4. Dreamy Bitch
  5. Desperate Bitch
  6. He- Bitch ( for guys)
Rarely Bitch is a girl who does bitch but not always. They have their limits. The only thing they started to bitch is when other girls got their tails. On the appearance, she may look she is okay with it but once, the tail got bitten, she can be your worst nightmare. The devil that appear once in a blue moon.

Pure Bitch. This is the girl who bitch around 24/7. This is a very good example of a bitch. She doesn't hide it and she always wear it on everyday.

Realistic Bitch is a female, no matter girl or woman, who hit the barriers that block her ways to her dreams. She will sabotage anything just to get what she wants. On the surface, she might look ambitious but deep down, you just never know what are her plans to crash those walls down.

Dreamy Bitch. She has the dumb blond look. Best example: The movie "Mean Girls", one of them is in the Plastics group, she is the dumb one.

Desperate Bitch. Ahh..yes. This can be seen when one involves in a love triangle relationship. Usually, that girl will be the third party. She will make everyone to play her ways and make everyone spin around her till she gets her man.
Another type is when this particular girl desperately want attention so much that she tries to act as though she is a hot stuff. The wannabes I would say. Dress to kill all the rules. She gets the attention and we all just give her the support and let her be the hot stuff.

He- Bitch. Yes, heard of it before right? Ok, I steal it from Cleo Magazine. This He- Bitch is a male but..he has the bitch attitude like a girl. He has his own ego that made him one. The characteristic that can be found on him is:
  • He gossips like girls do but even worst
  • He thinks he is being sarcastic but he is hurting their feelings
  • He talks as though he owns the world
  • He is a real male bitch
Conclusion: For those who hated bitch, please be aware that you might be the one but you are unaware of it.

Raining Real Cats and Dogs

Yesterday, after hanging out in the library I went back home.

On the way to the car park lot, I see thick black clouds that looks like blanket covering the area. I wasn't happy nor sad due to the weather. I gave no second thoughts.

Then, I drive back home from campus. When I reached the police station (headquarters), the rain started to pour down. At first, it was normal drops and then as it goes on, when I reached Jelutong...Holy Shit...

Something like this but in the car. Get my picture.

It rain so hard that the whole screen is all raindrops and the wiper ONLY. I can't see anything else. I was terrified and kept thinking...of all the time.

It is quite dangerous for me as I couldn't see anything at all. I can only see lights from the cars. Oh my goodness, you never know how hard is it for me to look at the road signs and lanes. I was afraid I might be on the wrong lane.

I kept on driving with the speed of 30-50 kmph. I dare not to drive fast. But, there is this car in front of mine. I think is a Kia car, not only the driver drive it fast, the driver also cut lanes. 'KUDOS'.

When I reached, Batu Berendam (somewhere near the Ho-G restaurant), the condition is still the same. Luckily, this time I can see the traffic light and the rain pour slower. Yet, there is this Singapore's sport car cut lane and speed. I say 'KUDOS' again.

After I reached Pasar Borong, I felt relieved as the rain fall slowly till I reached home.

You've no idea how terrifying am I while the rain is as though pouring white flours on to the window screen..haha..

Somehow, I have a weird affection towards the sound of thunder. I love it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

About me

To define myself, I might exaggerate it and over it, for some people.
Let's start with my formula first

Weird + Emo + Nerdy + Resourceful + Money Minded (at times) = ME

That is how I define myself. All I can say is that it depends on one how they view and define it.
As long as I am comfortable with myself and my beloved people feel comfortable with me, I am fine with it and happy with it.

All I ever want is happy and unforgettable memories till the end of my life living without regrets. Music is the food of my life besides the REAL food la...haha

I guess that's it about me. The rest, I leave it to my posts to let you all to define me.


Aghh...finally. I am here blogging already. Let's see.
Feels better, a lil bit relax and hopefully it could be fun.

Well, I still want to edit my templates but I need help for that..
I need more photos to make it interesting...
I guess that's it and ..yes, I need readers.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving to...HERE

As you guys know, I am shifting my blog from Friendster to Blogspot due to certain reasons. Therefore, to those who have already added my blog's link (Friendster), I would like to say Sorry for the INCONVENIENCE. Please changed my link's address if you have the HEART. Sorry and Thank You once again for all the troubles.

Yours Truly,