Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Deviant Art is really addictive since I do appreciate and enjoying looking at all the geniuses masterpieces. I've seen all the arts in different categories and they are just superb. Urm.. That's because I clicked the Most Popular arts for every hour. It's amazing to see the numbers of viewers or collectors within an hour. It can reach thousands if your masterpiece is really good. Well, for me, I never had enough of collecting them and it keeps on going. The numbers of the collected arts had been increasing rapidly. That's because recently I've been seeing so many beautiful things although it's just an ordinary and simple stuff.

An insect that we don't usually notice can be capture so beautifully.
An old jetty can be portrait so lively.
A usual teenager can be express in many ways.

That's how the photographers do their magic on every piece of their views.
I was happy to find that my masterpieces had been 'fave' (a term that I used in Deviant Art). Besides, the numbers of fave had been rising. Wee... my artworks have been recognized by others although I couldn't compare myself with the Populars. You see, when they are cateogrize under popular, they are really popular. It's because their art is really good. You can't compare the word popular with the society as the virtual world and the real world are totally different. It's obvious and needless for me to explain.

Overall, Deviant Art is addictive for art lovers and I mean it. Currently,, my gallery had been receiving positive remarks and it keeps me going on. Love it till the max. Worth to browse. For guys, there are nude arts inside. Sounds bias huh? But that's the fact! Guys are horny.. all the time??? haha...

Signing off for assignments.

Love, Danielle.

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