Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Let's all embrace the Earth Hour.. that's what the media says to the public. It's like a new trend or fashion that everyone is suddenly so enthusiastic about the Mother Nature. As usual, Malaysians are unaware of all these saving the environment or nature.. what you call, whimsical issues. They think it is lebih.

Suddenly, the whole world announced, 'Let's all celebrate Earth Hour'. It all started in Australia few years ago and this year the media had spread the loving and caring event throughout the whole world. Kudos to the Australian where they had successfully reduced the carbon within an hour.

But, what I can't stand is the hypocrisy in Malaysia. I can see people had their personal message to support the Earth Hour. Off the lights just for an hour. Everywhere I can see it. It just make me laugh pathetically for them. Yea lar, the high official government had been spending on their inhumanity luxuries. Wearing clothes that are made out of animals' skin. Eating delicacies that was cooked from an extinct animals. Yet, they are urging us to save the mother nature. Haha.. right. Saving the mother nature for their unnecessary necessities.

No usual habits of fulfilling the 3Rs (recycle, reduce and reuse) and suddenly, they want to celebrate the Earth Hour. Wasting water, papers, plastics, excessively using the air conditioned unnecessary and so on. Yet, these people have the guts to go around with the Earth Hour fever. You can see how these people use up the natural resources and contamination everywhere.

I despise the hypocrites. Although, I wouldn't dare to claim that I'm an extreme environmentalist but I had tried my best to recycle, reuse and reduce the consumption of natural resources. Papers, water and plastics.

I still encourage all the residents around the world to turn off the lights.

Happy Earth Hour!

hope that after Earth Hour, all the hypocrites are able to wake up and realize.
By the way, Fly fm had playing acoustic songs. So, the original songs that were played into acoustic songs show that the singer is also embracing the Earth Hour.

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