Friday, March 13, 2009

Glad my rainy days had over

Just finished off one assignment and few more to go. Yea, like I've said, things have been going against my way and it's definitely not something sweet that I'll be tasting onwards. Therefore, I'm hoping for a second redemption to redeem back my mistakes. *crossing fingers*. I'll never repeat my stupidity again. Thank goodness, I have some people to help me in the end. Thank you very much and you know who you are.

I was feeling a little bit lethargic yesterday but many good news had came in return. Even though I just wish it was him..Nah. It's my family and friends had colored my day. I smiled while I was walking that draw questions on people if I'm insane. Although I had a bad start in the morning but at the end of the day, I still come back home smiling for gratefulness. Pressure had making me to start feeling a little sick (in physically, I can feel the symptoms) but I'll still finish where I've started.

And I do really need sleep and avoid drinking coffee... haha... caffeine is like drugs.

I simply need relaxation and massage especially my back.

I wonder why I use to see darkness in my sky (It could be my PMS..haha and except for death). Now, the sun has shine and I'm smiling gleefully to my sunshine. It was all my egoistic that had been clouding my sun. I had been depending so much on people to brighten up my day. Now, I realized and I should be the one to take the initiatives and work it out.

The cat and I don't know why I include this pic in the post but great shots.

If only my love can be bloom so beautifully like this.

My love did not bloom but I still move on with my days. I still have to breath, eat, drink, sleep, work and play. So, there is no big sacrificing need to be offer. Maybe he is the wrong person even though I wish he was the right person. However, like they said God wants us to meet few wrong person before we met the right person where we learn to appreciate and love them including friends. So, I'll just have music to accompany me.

But, I'll still grow...

Let the music flow in me...

Was listening to Lovers in Japan and Cemeteries of London- Coldplay

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