Friday, March 13, 2009


It's unsurprising that I entered the wrong class again. Let me put the blame on my headaches. I thought I saw the MMLS posted that 2.30pm till 3.30pm for my tutorial group sessions. Minutes after entering the class, I realized those people in there aren't my classmates. I kept quiet and got shocked. Luckily, I guess there are few people are aware that there are class replacement. Hehe... Still, I sit down there and listen to my tutor. Copying answers, looking everywhere but not laying my eyes on my tutor and looking blankly at all the questions. I sat down quietly till he asked questions on me.. *phew*, luckily, I was paying attention and manage to answer. Haha...

My tutor who is an Indian from India (I judged him by his thick accent), he was stern and looks fierce during the first week till now. However, the class I entered wrongly, he seems different from my group. He became friendly and nice. Wow.... There must be something fishy with my groups. Hmmm....

Before going to class, I sat in the library and a sudden picture flow into my canvas. I thought and thought, what should I do next to amend back the gap that seems to be tearing us apart. Should I make the first step or just let it be? Does he even thinks about it?

Few days ago, YW sent me a video link about mayday! Doomsday in 2012. To be honest, I'm a little bit skeptical till BH sent me a link of the news that claimed in Mayan calendar, the Mayan's calendar stop or maybe ended in the year 2012. Yet, I'm still skeptical. If you people still remember what did Nostradamus prophecy had written. 2000 is the doomsday. Thoughts to ponder.

Agh... having a major serious headache. It is definitely uncomfortable and the pain is killing me!

Here's some videos that is phenomenal except for John Mayer's. Gosh... he looks anorexic in that show. *Heart Pain*

John Mayer with Ellen Degeneres (singing Just Dance in Ellen's 'bathroom')

Here is the real phenomenal videos and cool dances.

The Badger Song (look at the number of viewers). Easy lyrics. STUPID!

This is the Daft Punk- Around the World song version. Really astonishing.

DAVID ELSEWHERE!!! He has the body of ipod!!! COOL!

Junior (from France) have utterly flexible body!!! Really cool break dance!

Baby Breakdance and I suggest he should get a helmet.

Ghost video

This one is really shocking and scary. Finish watching it as you can see it real clear.

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