Monday, March 23, 2009

yam pictures

My camwhore before I stay awake

So much for the mid term break... There are many tasks to be accomplished which leads me to no time for myself. Apart from watching DVDs that I've recently insert in my plan but I still hardly can find time...
Like they use to say, taste the sweetness after all the bitterness. *rolling eyes and crossing fingers*.

Yea, I went to Tangkak again to see grandma and grandpa. Apparently, both of them are in the old house. Grandpa is able to walk properly while grandma has rashes on her arms. We gave her the remedies, hopefully she's getting better.
The old house's neighbour (grandpa's brother's house) is under renovation. The whole family replace the wooden house to brick house. Hmmm....

Few hours ago, I was reading my high school juniors' blogs (same age as Genius Lim). That generation is totally different than my generation. I guess their parents' pockets are filled with many cash. Their living lifestyle seems to be spending excessively on luxury items. You think of them and you could name them. They sounded as though they were from the 'Mean Girls' popular bitch. Haha... You might be feeling envy of their luxury living but when you come to think about it... those acts might ruin yourself in the future. Ok.. unless they have their dads' pockets filled with stinking cash. I'm glad that I wasn't raised that way they do.

So, I had cutting-yam-into-pieces lesson as mum wants to cook yam rice for dinner. Haha... No aroma like that stinging onions but the stain that the yam left on the knife was milky. What a wonder. You can say I'm dreadfully bored or mad but I took pictures with it. As you can see, there are varities of shape and size in it and hopefully that mum doesn't complain. Eh, what do you expect, I hardly sharpen my knife skills anymore... In other terms, LAZY.

I had mandarin oranges for lunch just now. New diet eh.. haha... Mum wants me to finish the whole box of it. So, I left no choice but to gulp down those oranges. It's been 2 years, I've stopped eating oranges continuously like how I use to swallow dokong and langsat. Well, I was kinda picky with the oranges. Eventually, as the quality that all the oranges in the market had degraded, I stopped eating. Now, I'm waiting for durian season... Grandpa's house. Wee...


Su Yi said...

OMG!! i made yam rice last nite too! ate it with bak kut teh!!! why so chun wan? hahahahah :)

Dani-Elle said...

haha... eps or esp???
mine was just plain yam rice with petai sambal. hoho