Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to whine

2 bloody papers tomorrow and I couldn't resist to keep whining here. My goodness, I tried to spend the whole day rushing to finish this whole 2 subjects but I couldn't manage it. Seriously lack of time. Then, I have my classmates to enlighten me that the assignments that we have to rush previously was making the whole study chaotic. Alas, I can pin point it to my assignments even though there are my bad. At least, I feel relieve to put the blame on the assignments. So, if I ever score low for those bloody papers... I vent it out on my assignments. It was indeed that I spent most of my time on finishing those assignments and 1 paper that was related to math. I'm not good at math. Initially, I spent more time on that subject and had overlooked the upcoming 2 subjects. Now, I am really feeling to erupt anytime. Luckily, I've got friends to join my eruption. Hoho... So, I need to express my gratitude to them for enlighten me (assignments) and believing in me (still got time)... Finally, I AM DEAD. SO DEAD!

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