Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching Dusk

Just finished my statistic (mid term) paper today. Hours before to sit the test, I spent my time in the library as usual. But, one thing good and surprise happened today was I have many visitors coming to my table. My friends of course. Even though there were there to stop by for a while. They came by to drop by for troubles, news, surprises, things, chats and so on. (Luckily, I manage to finish my chapters). I skipped my class today... I bet those who are taking statistics did the same thing too. Thanks to SC for accompanying me for minutes. SL was late according to SC. So, didn't manage to say 'Hello' to her. Thanks to Jonathan for smuggling food into the library. Haha...

Last night, I attempted to study my statistics on bed... It failed. Obviously, I went to la la land and I rushed the whole time to finish it. Thanks to Abud for simplifying the 4 chapter notes into 30 minutes lesson. Haha...

Yea, I met quite a numbers of my friends today. Wherever they are... even on the phone.

Is your BFF (best friends forever) the opposite sex of you? Well, a friend of mine found his so called BFF (really?) and it's a girl. He swore it's only BFF. Then, it left me wondering again, does everyone have BFF who are opposite sex of them?

I made Genius Lim to come and have his snacks with me. Waffle. We shared as we paid. Haha... Then, I dropped him off at the library to go on with his studies. So, I wasn't really lonely today. I made him walked with me to the carpark.

I caught dusk yesterday after I came back. I managed to catch the set.

Spot the rainbow

Missing home

The road is dark due to the poor shots

Back from work

Tree and dusk (my favourite so far)


bing hung said...

when two loner meet??

Dani-Elle said...

i thought loner become lovers??? hmmm
now the heng is BFF lar...

bing hung said...

hahaha..BFF BFF..
maybe now really heng lo.