Monday, March 16, 2009

Weather unstable

Recently, the weather seems to be unstable. Rain and shine..rain or shine? It's unpredictable unless you see the dark clouds coming ahead of your way. Besides, my umbrella is always ever ready by my side and I need a new umbrella... Yea... Mum had this cool umbrella that she bought overseas. That costs RM 75.00 for one and mind you, it's a small umbrella. The functions that I find it useful is protection from the UV sun rays (yea, some sort) and the button that opens up the umbrella. Amazing.

It's drizzling around 5pm. Mum insisted us to go for a swim even though it's raining. Hence, she drove all of us to the swimming pool somewhere we are familiar. My wishful moment had came true. Playing under the rain legally from mum.. hoho... It was fun and I had swam with many laps. One thing particular sentimental was when I swam and reached across of the swimming pool (there are kids in the pool too), I can only hear my breathing tempo that was fast. Hmmm... yes, serenity. The rain kept drizzling and the merrier I had in the pool. Hehe...

One fact that I've heard recently was about different of genres will determine how well you do in your studies. It was somewhat true as I've almost read the book about Mozart's songs. The fact that when you listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Bach or maybe classical music, you are indeed going to do well in your exams. Meanwhile, when you listen to the rap songs, you might end up failing your exams. Something true and peculiar. It's everyone's interest with different personality. Oh ya, I've been listening to Benjamin Button's soundtrack. Call me obsessive but that is what I'm my ears are yearning for currently.

Today in class, I couldn't stop blabbing to Nik. Nik and I are movie go-er. I felt so guilty for disturbing her but I bet she was busy concentrating on our homework rather than my blabs. Haha... I kept telling her that I might hold a marathon movie from day till night by myself. The lists of the movie just kept going on and on. Haha... sorry to Nik la for interrupting her. Anyways, my personal task had accomplished and now, I need to study for my mid terms tests. YIKES! It's on the Wednesday and it's bloody statistics that I always failed to understand the functions of it although I love reading statistics on the news.

Then, in the accounting tutorial, I got called by my Indian tutor for 4 freaking times. Almost every week, I'll be called or asked to to answer his questions. I had the most frequent for being called in his class. ISH...

To end my day in campus, I stopped by at the photography exhibition for a while. Just to see and appreciate the contestants' masterpieces. I don't want to comment on their artworks as I have not own the title professionally yet. It's best to keep it silence.

( I go again. You can skip this part.)
He sat far right row today and I'm at the usual left row. Yea, I glimpsed at his presence for a while and back to my lectures. I saw there were girls by his side and I thought again. If he found a girlfriend this time around, I will bless him and I move on. Hmm... how's that?

The old song from N'sync that I've been reminiscing so much.
I'll be good for you.

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