Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music that makes you dumb or wise

I had read this current survey that shocked my thoughts. I've to say thank goodness that my favourite artists did not changed my intelligent quotient, IQ. Superb. It can be quite shocking to found out that statistic and then you go pondering if it's true...Haha... You'll also be surprised that it could either indicates you are gonna fail for exam or pass the exam. Somehow, I would like to stress that it might not be true as this statistic was taken in the USA. Genes from different region is totally distinctive. You can already judge by the leaders of the world. lmao. I guess you people know how to read this graph.

Making things easier in case you're lost:

Beethoven has the smartest students
Fall Out Boy has the dumbest students
That is how you view the range.

Every colors of stairs indicate different genres.

Easier: Musicthatmakesyoudumb (link)

Thank goodness, John Mayer top for the genre and so John Legend. *Heart*
What do you think?

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