Monday, March 23, 2009


Rainbow goddess

I've been seeing rainbows lately, rain or shine, they still appear in front of my eyes. Hallucinating.. I hope not. It's amazing that how 7 colors can turn into white color and how the spectrum can spread 7 colors.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Indigo


I have to say sorry to Jonathan that I failed but I was okay. I failed not to miss him and I was right. Whenever a girl is out with a bunch of friends that consist of gender mixtures, she will always think about her love. Yea, just like me, minus the love. I'm not obsess but just curious with how well is he doing. You know what, just kill my brains or stab him to death. Haha... I'm right as I still care about other people that cares for me. I'll put them in my heart.. (metaphor). So what if he doesn't care about me already... is not as though the world is going to end. There are people out there who cares for me and I'll not let them down. *Don't mark my words, mark it when I've achieve it* But for the mean time, I'll just care for him as I got nothing else to do. lmao.


bing hung said...

oh man
i like this
"I'll just care for him as I got nothing else to do"

Dani-Elle said...

well, u know me...