Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tesco's staff chickened out.

Let's see... I went for an outing yesterday to see some specialist and the rest are history. Alright. One thing peculiar I had encountered yesterday was something coward and irresponsible act. Yea. I laughed throughout the whole time in the brain of course.

Here are the details:

Venue: Tesco (stationery department)
Time: around 4-5 pm.
With: Mum, Genius Lim and Tesco's staffs.
Case: Mum wants to get some particular product for her office stationery which costs around RM 50++.

We couldn't find it and so we asked for help from the staff. A chinese guy with spectacles and very fair looking. He helped us to search for a while and allowed us to open the box of the product. Almost there, hang on... He couldn't find the particular model of that product and went off to ask for assist from other staffs. 20 minutes later, he still didn't come back. So, we went to the counter nearby of his department. We called him to call the person in charge. Who knew, he ran off and 10 minutes later, he did not came back. Not at all. Yea, he chickened out as we opened the box.
Then, we called another staff. A malay guy this time. Quite young. Thank goodness, he was willing to help us to look high and low. He reassured us that there was such product. We spent 30 minutes there and still couldn't find it. In the end, we gave up and thanked him for helping us.

Conclusion: That chicken Chinese guy ran off to hide after all and not willingly to help us. That's just so irresponsible. I could have complained him to the supervisor or manager for wasting our precious time searching high and low by ourselves. Coward man.

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