Tuesday, March 17, 2009

short day

Last night I went to bed kind of late. I have no idea why am I up till so late that made me feeling so drowsy and dizzy the whole day. My bad. It's obvious to see my dark circles are getting darker and darker. So far, I doubt that I'm not the only one who is dealing with sleeping issues. For those, FBL students, they might experience the same thing too.

I felt kind of lonely today in the campus as Genius Lim went back early while I was stuck in the campus till 7pm. Oh gosh... I drove back and felt lonely. No one to fight the radio with me. Plus, Cutie Lim is on his holidays and make me to want to stay at home. Everyone's at home.

I spent my hours in the library listening to Benjamin Button's soundtrack. Calming and soothing. I felt peace for a while till everyone was in the library that caused me to add up my MP3's volume. Endless repetitions of that songs from that folder and it relaxed my brain cells.

So does he worth till I need to feel pathetic for myself...?

Is Coldplay coming to Malaysia?

Still listening to Benjamin Button's soundtracks.

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