Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost weekend

I had brunch (FYI, breakfast + lunch) with my buddies today. Somewhere under the tree and they called it 'Rong Shu Xia'. Don't ask me but it just happened to be a name of an old Chinese song. (I think so). So, the whole lunch was peaceful and I felt thirsty after eating the noodles. There must be hell lot of MSG inside although the auntie proclaimed that she insisted to stay healthy. *Pfft*.

Again, I have many visitors coming to my table except for my buddies as we were together. Haha... So many gossips today. Wow... there is stupid gossip, recognition gossip, 3 months anniversary gossip and so on. Girls. We even testified that breaking up is the new trend in the uni. Hmm...

I've got only one class to attend today and the morning class was canceled by the lecturer and she had made announcement. Luckily, there was this classmate of mine told me that the class was canceled. Otherwise, I could have been like a fool going to the empty venue with jaw dropping. Haha... So, I've got more time to finish my assignment that I heard rumors said that the due date was yesterday. Apparently, my lecturer was on leave till after my mid term break. So.. *crossing fingers*.

In class, I was feeling zombie again. Half awake half drowsy. I couldn't really paying attention in the class and I can only pay attention on the usage of the finance calculator (that looks high tech but troublesome). 2nd Clr 2nd Quit. Stupid. RM 100++ for a calculator that we need to press it four times just to clear the whole working. Yea, the whole two hour, I was there opening my eyes and mind shutting down. Sleeping like a fish.

Fuck lar... I've two mid terms on Saturday. Frankly speaking, I don't have enough time to finish everything particularly accounting. Damn it! Meanwhile, marketing do have many terms to memorize. YIKES!

I was in static emotion or mood as you can call it. Yet, I was surprised to draw an unexpected results. I did not went jumping around in my mind but just a short surprise and shock. It was a second redemption and maybe it had been God's choice for me to accept the 2nd chance. So, I was grateful but I have to do the dirty and toughest part. However, I doubt that I will only get connected virtually. I need more guidance. Hmm... so I will spent my chance wisely and seize the opportunity.

Hopefully he is able to hand in his assignment tomorrow. Although I planned to hand in tomorrow. But, I couldn't wait to let another stone go. So, I hand in today. Haha... The actual due date was according to our lecture class which was yesterday. Some said that it's ok to hand in on Friday. Nah...

Rachel is in KL already to pursue her studies. I hope I can fulfill my promise to her. *crossing fingers and wishing* I'm also missing Susu. Hardly see her on the line these days. Spring break I guess.

Wee... it's almost the weekend and it's snacking. Snacking for junk foods and I can't wait to go and get my DVDs. Endless movie marathon, I'm coming. I'll just have to bear. Patience.

P/S: Nik's dedication is coming soon.


ssyen said...

good luck in your mid-term.
every goes so tense this
sem's mid term. its tough. lack of time and etc. anyways, all the best yea :)

ssyen said...


Dani-Elle said...

yea, u too. it's really tensing for this semester.

Su Yi said...

hehe! yeaaaa you were right, i didnt have time to go online this week 'cause of my spring break haha!

good luck!