Monday, March 23, 2009


It was a failure last night for attempting to watch movie at home. I slept on the couch when the movie was running halfway. Guess, I was too tired huh? So, I continued today. Few days ago, I bought myself a collection of Brad Pitt's movie as I want the Benjamin Button's movie in the collection. Besides, there aren't any much varieties inside that shop.

So, I officially start my movie marathon today. My first (finish everything) movie was Babel. Yup, this movie had been nominated in many prestigious film festivals and awards. Unfortunately, there didn't won much of any titles or awards. Weird.

It's a good movie with untold endings as in, they leave the audiences with a space of imagination for ending. *pfft*. So much for the endings where you don't get to see happy endings like the Disney's movies. The chronological of this movie slides in smoothly although they have 4 stories inside which are related. Yet, they still slide in smoothly where you're still back on the track.

Babel involves 4 stories whom are related to one another. From America to the Middle East to the Asia. Read Wiki.

I found out that there are gruelling eerie scenes and it was shocking that the DVD version did not censored it. I might be the spoiler but I'm here to warn anyone of you who is tempting to watch the movie.
  1. In Morroco, there was this little boy, around 9-10, was masturbating himself in their 'fields'. He even peeped a girl naked whom is a adopted sister to him. That girl also stripped naked to allow the boy to peep.
  2. In Mexico, a guy holding the chicken's neck, shaking it and pulling it's neck off. Then, he let that headless chicken run around for the kids to play with it. He pull off the head right in front of many kids. There are 2 American kids, they found it shocking and terrified. Look at their shocking faces.
  3. In Japan, the deaf mute girl who was rebelious and desperately seeking for sex. She took of her underwear and showed her pussy to the guys. She even got naked and grabbed the detective's hand to hold her breast which indicates that she wants sex. It's worth for her to win the Best Supporting Actress. She portrayed the deaf mute teenage girl really well.
  4. It was shocking to see that the polices in Morroco are acting inhuman. They had misused their power to assault the poor citizens in order to track down the culprits. They do anything just to get the informations. Allegedly attack the poor citizens as though they do not have their human rights.
That's the scenes I can recalled back so far.

Surprisingly, the girl who acted in the Benjamin Button as Daisy around 7, was also in Babel. Her name is Ellen Fanning.

Overall, great movie but I'm still unsure how much the Rotten Tomatos rate it.

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