Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuddling cats

Today's lecture venue is extremely cold. Cold enough for me to shiver and I headed to the concourse for a warmer heat. While trying to soak myself under the sun rays, the wind acted as a complementary for me. Cool.

Anyways, I found a table and sat down to continue understanding my graphs and effects for macroeconomics. I stroke my hair as the wind kept blowing then I saw two cats under the security guard's table that was located opposite of the table that I'm using.

Two cats cuddling to each other while sleeping. How adorable. I wanted to get a closer shot but I was afraid that I might woke those cats and 'puff' there goes my Kodak moment.

Anyways, my blog has been tallied with numbers of visitors that visited my blog, yet I wonder who are my loyal readers and visitors? They don't leave comments nor chats. The only loyal readers that I know is only countable with my fingers.

My McD-ing in Hutan Rekreasi was a failure.


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