Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heavenly Indulging

Three hours of break, tell me what can I do? Coffee time and dessert time? Indeed. 2 girls and 1 guy all out to so call discussion for their assignments. It was a surprise that Nik told me that she's going to bring me to Zen. For weeks, we have been discussing 'The Best Place to Get Real Dessert' and that's Zen. Ooohhh... speechless and there is no words to describe it. Heaven it's all I can say.

First of all, we went to Old Town just to pass the permission letter. From there on, Jason took his breakfast and Nik and I had our very own Hazelnut White Coffee. Hazelnut fragrance is indeed strong enough for you to crave for more.

After our coffee break, we headed to Zen... Desserts and desserts. Their desserts were too beautiful and untouchable for me. Too many to be chose from and I can only pick one... expensive. Hence, Nik ordered Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice cream and I ordered Creme Brule.

Everything seems to be fine. I can't find words to elaborate. Overall, my dessert has smooth texture with crunchy burnt caramel and Nik's apple crumble has strong cinnamon and the apple is indeed crunchy. Wonderful. Let's indulge.

After heavenly indulging, three of us headed back to campus. Yea, another karaoke-ing in the car with songs from any radio station. Three of us were singing crazily, deaf tune and off pitch. Wow... Jason was too shy to take picture with the Audi TT and since we were kind to let him take photo yet he still insist to look and admire only. Too bad.

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