Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The feeling of freshness right after I woke up is superb. The whole morning and noon, I'm feeling good and I think it could've been the weather that makes me feel revive. It sounded as if I've been dead for so long. :)

The whole day, I wished the freshness could last longer and happen everyday. Unfortunately, second lecture class had made me going cuckoo. Of all the seats, we had actually sat right down below the speaker and had drowned my brain. That moment had decreased my mood and all of the sudden, I'm feeling exhausted. EXHAUSTED. All I ever did in the campus was sitting, laughing, chit- chatting and walking. Believe me, there were little amount of energy that I had actually used up.

Today, I actually saw some guy wore a Portugal football jersey. Woohoo! That's rare.

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