Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simple thoughts

Twitter, the new 'follow' site that's becoming a trend. Even E! News had their very own Twitter. Now, I couldn't believe I'm owning it too. Well, if it's isn't for John Mayer, I wouldn't have registered myself. Be sure to follow me if you have one. Always with open arms.

Today, my brain seems to be malfunction. I can't think and do things in order, I screwed up my mum's stew pork, I went two rounds at the roundabout, I was attacked by my brain freeze. Hence, the negative self esteem seems to be harsh on myself. The following of the hours, I buried myself into my deep deep thoughts again that traced back to my dreams and realistic. Again, the world still move.

Oh wow, today I received such news about unethical and improper ways to achieve their very own selfish goals. My guesses was true. All the highest committees did so much of acting till I suspected that they actually took up acting class. On the contrary, their poor and pathetic faces did not manage to buy my sympathy. I don't give one fucking damn on their faces. They can cheat, exaggerate and lie but please don't get on my nerves. Little did I know, there's a spy disguising themselves under the name of 'friends'. Cheap tactics. You don't deserved anyone's respect at all. NONE.

I'm wishing and praying that Nik is coping well with her pains. I'll be the Wonder Woman for her.

I wish and hope my hallucination and illusion are all just another guilty pleasure for myself.

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