Friday, July 24, 2009

Paper, Air and Karma

Two papers done. I don't think I rock hardly with any of the papers. Ahhh... Leave it. There are more to come and best to come. Tiring of course with burning all the midnight oil that I hardly have these days. Gosh, it's getting tiring these days even doing nothing is so tiring.

Hardly find fresh air recently. The air is getting hazardous to the lungs and eyes, for once you might be thrilled with the background that looks like misty London. Yet, when the smokey smells get into your nostrils, it's definitely increasing the carbon monoxide intake. Could it be from Indonesia or our irresponsible citizens?

One thing for sure that's looking and inspecting me 24/7 is karma. The law of cause- effect which I truly believe that it will somehow occur anywhere and anytime. When I was younger, a book came out of nowhere had attracted me to read the book. Book of Karma and it was inspiring as many true stories related to Karma is unusual. All in all, think twice before you act. It can happen anytime and anywhere.

I've been a pessimist towards life and now, it's not the way to live. Death always stalk and just be prepare so live life to the fullest. I truly understand the way to live. Go beyond the boundaries.

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