Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of my craziest nights

I just came back home. One of the craziest night I ever had. It was an unintentional for me to go somewhere else outside of my taman. Can I call it as being tricked? Haha.. I was suppose to join Rachel, Susu, Mei Mae and Crystal for dinner but I couldn't make it. Hence, they brought their cravings for ice- cream to my taman. Instead of ice- cream, I brought them to have ABC and still.. they are craving for ice- creams.

Me, Rachel and Susu

Mei Mae and Crystal

Before we head off to have ice- cream in McD (Ayer Keroh's outlet), Rachel and Susu gave and wished me 'Happy Belated and Advance Birthday'. From now on, I'm gonna receive my presents in 2 years once. Haha... the hearts matter the most. They gave me a book about digital photography and MJ's CD!!!! Oh yes! Mei Mae and I had so much to talk about MJ! Haha... everyone got sick of listening.

Ice- cream in the car. I am the driver. Bad act.

Then, all of us headed to McD. Ice- creams for each of us. Then, all the way to bring Susu back home and she gave me a t-shirt from the state, Minnesota. COOL. So, we drop by over her house. Balinese and Spanish style. Awesome. We had a tour of her house, from the porch to her room. Haha... Lots of collections and I love Susu's collections. I've got to admit that I got lost in her taman, Ozana. Rachel, Mei Mae, Crystal and I were panicked of course. It's dark and we can't see anything, not much street lights and the Mamee's owner house is extremely huge so buy less Mamee. The only thing we did was going around the taman and hopefully bump into a tennis court. Luckily, we bumped into the resident of the taman and asking for directions. Thank goodness, it's just a turn away from the security guard house. Then, I think I sped. Wow... the time showed 11.45 pm and surprisingly I'm still out without my parents consent. At least I informed them what time I should be back. Now, I'm worried of my chapters for my upcoming tests.

MJ shall be in the car player. The digital photography shall be flip always. I love the card that has my initials on it. T-shirt that can be shown off. Thanks guys and the awesome night.


Su Yi said...

hahaha yes, its all right to go crazy once in awhile.



T_yEN said...

izt celebrate ur b'day?
anyway..i dunno when is ur b'day...soli...
i'm here to wish u happy b'day..

danielle said...

layen: eh... no lar... my bday past long long time dy. haha... thanks anyway

~rachel~ said...

Ahahaha...you see lar..write until like that people think that "that" day was your bday.. haha... Anyway, you're welcome for the pressies!!!! haha... remember yea, next year no present. haha =P
So how was your test/exam?
Where's MJ's CD now? and oh, I just noticed that your fingers covered the "Michael Jackson King of Pop" on the cover of the CD in your pic.. sigh.. wasted..

danielle said...

haha.. i know. 2 years once.
test was so so. too slow to realize the small mistakes. *drive me crazy each time i think of it, i knew the answers after all*. it's in my mum's car and the dvd player. haha. i covered it for purpose.