Thursday, July 9, 2009

Standby tissues

Last night, I stayed up just to watch MJ's memorial service instead of reading my case studies and listing down interview questions. I can't even laid my eyes off to my reading materials from the Memorial Service. Everyday E! News seems to be my number one source of every juiciest gossips. It's part of my ritual to open that page. Haha...

As each performances pass by, my tears begin to wet my eyes. I've to grab tissues and tissues. It was very down and sad for the audiences, friends and family of MJ. Each of his eulogies by his friends really touches everyone's heart. Despite, all his haters said that the memorial service is brainwashing us. Brainwashing about him being a pedophile. Well, I've no comments on this part but he's one legendary KING.

The most pathetic thing is that his children are now orphans. However, I believe that their grandma will shower them love just like MJ does. Can you believe it, they are brave enough to go on the stage and they have good features on their face. Blanket is so adorable. Paris and Prince I are indeed very good looking.

Oh... John Mayer was there to perform. Yea! Thank you to MJ.

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