Monday, July 13, 2009

shit procrastination

How to be a Ninja! (this is fucking stupid)

Thanks dad.

Nauseated yet? (To Mario Brothers lovers)

Creative Business Cards Session

Oh wow. Definitely made for dizzy.

The fingers is definitely not one of the parts.

Passionate about printing with blood?

Great idea for birthday present by replacing it with Happy Birthday!

I'm sure that's free hair clips to be given out.

This is gender discrimination

Tooth will be fine once you call the dentist.

The Art of the Dead if you ask me.

2 in 1 for builder enthusiasts

Metallic 'Duffy'


Looks like clothes tag

To call it environmental friendly or not?

For once I thought it was condom's manufacturer

Be sure to have one to add in your Lego Collections

Super Capacity

Alright. Photography.

Few minutes ago, I was reading Bank of International Settlements' history over and over again but the information can't be process at the end. Instead, I choose to jump over here to rot and share something indescribable words for admiration. Enjoy.

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