Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Human's self interest

Hate is a very strong word.

Yes, I do believe it.

Same goes for the 'love' word.

Compromise is a responsibility for everyone.

Mean is meant for self- interest.

Happy is to sense sugar, spice and everything nice.

Sad is meant for begging sympathy.

Strong will falter.

Weak will be solid.

Life is short and fragile.

Draw and color your life.

Even if it means to fight for right and fight for dignity.

Ugly pride is to make chapters of life even interesting.

Speak your voice if you think you're right.

Never let one to falter your poise away.

Even if it means to offend their feelings.

Human is all about self- interest.

Love yourself even more.

*P/S: I can't believe I put aside my tutorials away just to keep my eyes open wide. ;)

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