Thursday, July 16, 2009

Money Vault

I just came back and I felt guilty that dad is the only one staying up waiting for me. Thanks dad. Meanwhile, I was expecting two brothers to bug me for dramas when I'm back. Instead, they went back to bed so early which I'm doubting that they are probably making fun of themselves in the room.

While I was driving, I took off my slippers suddenly and step onto the pedal with my barefoot. That unusual feeling is definitely relieved and comfortable. Why didn't I felt that way for so long? Maybe I already got my vengeance. My friend was right, no use pushing myself to the tip of my boiling point when he's able to play taichi to win. I'm already too exhausted to talk and it will not only bring me benefits but downgrade my status.

Recently, 'Can't get my eyes off you' had been a hit song each time I tune a station. I do not know where it came from but it sounded classic to me. It's definitely a seductive and lustful song yet it brings the relaxing ambiance. Maybe this song had been covered by Carlsberg. A song that can be sing in karaoke madly.

All I am ever asking for is a discipline for me to differentiate my task and my playground. It's so obvious that I'm getting lazier each day and that had disrupt my deadline. I wouldn't want to do things in last minute yet life seems to be getting 'fix' each day. Nik had suggested one 'closer to the nature' plan which is buy Mc Donald's food and have it right in the Hutan Rekreasi. Hmm... Why didn't I think of that? That's awesome. You get to play, run, photo shoot and eat like a child in the Hutan. Life's too short.

Survivor Tocantins, I stopped watching ever since they voted off Brandon and Sierra. That leaves it to people who are totally jackass especially Coach meanwhile Tyson is mean yet I like the way he plays the game.

Anyways, I need to off to bed for lala land.

I will be dreaming of this tonight.

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