Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last tribute

I love this picture the best. His song 'Remember the Time'. He looks as if he's saying GoodBye.

Wednesday 1am (Malaysian Time) shall be his last tribute and celebration from family, friends and fans around the world.

I'm not the only one talk endlessly about MJ in class... I've got companions to share my thoughts and news with them. So, tonight will be another hot news for tomorrow. When will I get over it? That's the question. I will get over it once he's Rest In Peace. Everybody agree that he's a genius. Truly genius. He creates and composes his songs, choreographs his very own moves and setting styles.

I've got plans for it and I hope that I can make it come true. To ease his work. Like I've said... he leave us too soon. If you've watched the final rehearsal for his London's concert, he had turned it something new and exciting. This is what we want.

Rest In Peace

P/S: Wishing that Nik is fine and getting well soon.

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