Monday, July 27, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

Another great loss of Malaysia's National Treasure. She's surely one of the most creative person that I've ever known. Her first movie that I've watched was 'Sepet', it was fresh and breathtaking. Despite all the reality in the country, she managed to add into the flow in her movies that reflected the country.

I began to know her through her Petronas festive seasons advertisement. All her advertisement are well known for heartbreaking and warm harmonies. Things that we sometimes overlook had been caught well from her and that had changed our perceptions.

Her creativity has made the country proud and realized our loved ones in our life. Read her blog to know her more.

I can't believe that I sms-ed my friends to inform them her death and some of them are not familiar with her. How pathetic I would say. It's another sudden death, 11.25pm, 25/7/2009. I was watching television then. May Yasmin Ahmad Rest In Peace for a better world. Thank you for such great movies and advertisements for us.

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