Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On second thought

Can you see something there? Amazed?

Civilized people but rubbish acts. Look at the table that is filled with rubbish.

Nothing surprising but just few pictures that people tend to overlook.

I have the urge to change my thoughts, my perceptions and my attitudes. I've finally found someone that's reflected to my attitudes and to be frank, it makes me love and hate at the attitude that I had carved. It seems like at times, I always create awkward vibe and being a stupid stick made me unconscious of the consequences. Anyhow, I don't pretty much give a damn. Sometimes, I'm known for annoyance, quiet, snobbish and characteristics that people can think of, I can be pessimist and optimist but I'm not that self centered.

At times, I question myself,' Do I really own a bad and ill mannered attitudes?', then I found one person who has the same attitude as mine and that person doesn't give a big deal about it. Happiness for oneself is all I need. No more struggling to please people as if they threaten my life. Life's short. It's been times I repeat the same quote but that's just a reminder for myself.

Read books.


love pen said...

Hugs !!! ... GFF can give hugs bah ?

danielle said...

can can. GFF.