Sunday, July 5, 2009

End the day with a cut

Every morning, I've to pick up my strands of long hair that had fell off from the scalp of my head. This had turned from frustration to paranoid. For once, I thought I could have diagnosed with some sort of terminal sickness. Hence, to end this baloney paranoids, I thought of getting myself a haircut.

One, to kill the split ends
Two, to end messy days
Three, to make a change
Four, to end the sleepy look

Before having a new hairstyle, I decided to go browse through all the hair magazines. For my whole life till now, I've never kept my hair long for long run. Yea, long hair is more feminine... So, short hair is boyish isn't it. Well, it's my personal reason for keeping it short.
Here are my choices:

No bangs this time. It's aiding the pimples to have more relatives around the forehead. Instead, I want to keep my fringe long enough to style it. Oh, girls use to think that short hair can't be style. Well, you're wrong. It depends on your creativity. This is my previous attempt on pushing my fringe to the other side.

Today, what we have here before trimming it all off.

After trimming it,

Now, it felt much lighter and bouncier. Easier to handle.

Ernie says : Oh oH