Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatever it is

Do you know what I just realized these days?

I'm getting slacking so much that I've delayed all my tasks so much till the very end. Plus, till this very end of this week, everything will turn out bad or even worst compare to lucky last week. 'Sigh'. Things had been going bad lately and I could not blame anyone as it happened coincidentally. Anyways, please bless me and I'm suspecting that I'm diagnosed with some disorder lately, anxiety disorder, I think, perhaps just a slight one.

Another thing that pisses me off (at times), people always telling me not to curse especially guys. Well, I've to repeat my philosophy again, this is 21st century, you don't get punished or killed because of cursing and swearing. Guys do swear much more 'awesome' than me and yet they tell me to be even demure. Screw you people. Don't tick me off and girls have their rights to say what they want. I wouldn't be surprise.

I need to say sorry to anyone if I ever insulted or hurt anyone's feelings today. From the bottom of my heart, unless you didn't catch or hear what I said.

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