Friday, July 10, 2009

Make it Mine

Few days ago, as usual, I was fighting over radio channel with my brother in the car. When he switched it to Lite FM, I was stunned for a moment. The light and catchy rhythm had caught my ears' attention and the body was grooving around the rhythm. That wonderful song was made by Jason Mraz. Apparently, his first single of 'I'm yours' ain't that fun. It's kind of slow. However, this second song released from him is cool. "Make it Mine". It sounded from jazz to road trip song. Love it.

Imagine yourself jumping happily with this song around the serene landscape. Blowing bubbles like a small child. Let me help you to get the picture right. Maybe I'm over indulge with this song but I recommend it to those who like it catchy. Not too boring. There are excitements in the song... it goes high and silent.

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